OHPW - Business May Die [Fire Pro Wrestling World]

Most recent PPV: Week 144: YEAR OF THE BEAST 2021 (PPV) (Showdown 2 Finals)
Most recent show: Week 143: Victory (Showdown Tournament 2 - Final Round)

Match Cards are usually announced on Wednesdays, check the most recent posts for exact info.
In the meantime Watch our Best Bouts here or go here for the ones that aren’t separate videos yet.
And don’t worry about missing episodes. This is wrestling. You can’t watch it all! Just hop in whenever.

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“Devil Mark” Logo by PublicOpinion

We’re at it again which means it’s time for WRESTLING! And you people will tell me what characters to make (or make some yourself). This time we will use Fire Pro Wrestling World for the PC and our promotion is OHPW, which for now stands for “Old Hell Pro Wrestling”. Despite being called “old” it’s the new promotion in hell. But think of it more as Satan’s cool clubhouse Hell rather than Sin and Punishment Hell full of monsters, demons or evil and edgy shit (though, there’s probably skulls, I know there’s skeletons).

What we are doing is called a Wrestling E-Fed. It’s a wrestling promotion that uses a video game as its base and there are storylines and everything. It’s streamed on Twitch once a week and of course is also archived on Youtube and will probably be viewable as a VOD on Twitch too. Throughout the show you will be able to bet fake currency generated out of thin air on fights.

In this case Wrestlers will for the most part be provided by you, the audience… Original creations, while encouraged, are not a necessity.

If you are already familiar with my previous E-Fed, LPFWA, which had multiple seasons, they are set in the same “Universe” and a non-specified time (I mean, we’re in hell, which is always and never and it’s a cool place too) so you can bring over your old people if you want but newcomers to the whole shebang need not worry. This is a new promotion with a new “Legacy” recognizing someone from an old show is probably more akin to having heard of Shinsuke Nakamura before he came to the WWE than continuing the rich and detailed lore of the fictional wrestling world.

Ah yes, the most important part: The part where you are able to submit a character to the show. You can either give me instructions to make a character or, if you have Fire Pro Wrestling World on Steam you can make one yourself and just hand me a workshop link. In both cases you are making your submission through the Character Submission Form (If you want to submit your own please ONLY make the appearance and touch nothing else).
If you want you can also check this Collection of OHPW Talent on the steam workshop.

Multiple submissions are allowed but I will only do second, third, and so on… submissions after everybody else has been served.

The links below will take you to a post for each show featuring a video link, match results and some other stuff such as gifs or clips or whatever else comes up. This makes it easier to catch up in case you miss one.
If you want to hop straight to the videos here’s A YouTube Playlist and a Twitch Collection

Week 1: Business May Die
Week 2: Turning Heel
Week 3: Illegal Chairs
Week 4: DARE DESU KA!!? (PPV)

Week 5: Gimmick Infringement
Week 6: I’ve Exploded Before
Week 7: Bad Vacation

Week 9: Traitor
Week 10: Freaking Wizards
Week 11: Death to Capitalism

Week 13: Jabroni Soldier
Week 14: Supreme
Week 15: Go-Home Skeleton
Week 16: skeleton wars (PPV)

Week 17: It Breaks
Week 18: Inventing Circles
Week 19: Seeing Triple

Week 21: I’m Not Evil (Showdown Tournament A1)
Week 22: Cheering for the Heels (Showdown Tournament B1)
Week 23: Booking It (Showdown Tournament A2)
Week 24: NO SHOW (Showdown Tournament B2) (PPV)

Week 25: Elimination (Showdown Tournament A3)
Week 26: I’ll Be Back (Showdown Tournament B3)
Week 27: Contenders (Showdown Tournament A4)
Week 28: LEST JIMMY STANDIN (Showdown Tournament B4) (PPV)

Week 29: The Letter G (Showdown Tournament A Final)
Week 30: Squash??? (Showdown Tournament B Final)
Week 31: Penultimate Showdown
Week 32: ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN (Showdown Final) (PPV)

Week 33: Fair and Square
Week 34: Hungry Devil

Week 37: Dawn (Feat. Hell’s Gate #1)
Week 38: Day (Feat. Hell’s Gate #2)
Week 39: Dusk (Feat. Hell’s Gate #3)

Week 41: Yeah I Had
Week 42: The Answer
Week 43: Wrestling Logic

Week 45: I Quit!
Week 46: Thanks for Coming
Week 47: Enter the Fiddy Zone

OHPW - Year One

Week 49: New Year’s Bash
Week 50: Unionize!
Week 51: Settle the Score

Week 53: Exceed
Week 54: Ramp Spot
Week 55: No Talent

Week 57: Road to Hellfire I (Hellfire Tournament Round 1)
Week 58: Road to Hellfire II (Hellfire Tournament Round 1)
Week 59: Road to Hellfire III (Hellfire Tournament Round 2)
Week 60: HELLFIRE (PPV) (Hellfire Tournament Conclusion)

Week 61: Carte Blanche
Week 62: Antagonize Me
Week 63: Death to Capitalism II
Week 64: AT DOOM’S GATE 64 (PPV)

Week 65: Way of the Warrior
Week 66: Six
Week 67: Draft
Week 68: skeleton wars 2 (PPV) (History of the Bunny Title)

Week 69: Number
Week 70: List of Misdeeds
Week 71: To the Slaughter
Week 72: FUCK THE POLICE (PPV) (Black Lives Matter Charity Drive)

Week 73: Nice Guy
Week 74: Promise of a Lifetime
Week 75: Broken

Week 77: Lucky
Week 78: Thanks for not killing me
Week 79: NOW book me, coward!

Week 81: Send in the Clowns
Week 82: Hangin’ and Slammin’
Week 83: Did I Forget Something?
Week 84: oops, i forgot dash vs. vacation skeleton, too bad! (PPV)

Week 85: Passing the Torch
Week 86: Danger Spider Returns
Week 87: Dreams Come True

Week 89: Judgement Dawn II 637 Days, 29 to go
Week 90: Judgement Day II 644 Days, 22 to go
Week 91: Judgement Dusk II 651 Days, 15 to go
Week 92: JUDGEMENT NIGHT II: 666 Midnight Calling (PPV)

Week 93: Morning After
Week 94: Stay At Home And Watch Wrestling
Week 95: Five to go.
Week 96: YEAR OF THE BEAST 2020 (PPV)

OHPW - Year Two

Week 97: Three
Week 98: Two
Week 99: One
Week 100: Pink Skull Gin (PPV)

Week 101: Road to Hellfire I (Hellfire 2021 - Round 1-A)
Week 102: Road to Hellfire II (Hellfire 2021 - Round 1-B)
Week 103: Road to Hellfire III (Hellfire 2021 - Round 2)
Week 104: HELLFIRE 2021 (PPV) (Hellfire 2021 - Finals)

Week 105: Let’s Explode Again
Week 106: Die
Week 107: BOOM BOOM
Week 108: AT DOOM’S GATE -Solid- (PPV)

Week 109: Pizza is Justice
Week 110: I skipped a week
Week 111: 1

Week 113: Submission Masters
Week 114: No Skeletons Again
Week 115: A Bone to Pick (No Skeletons)
Week 116: skeleton wars 3 (PPV)

Week 117: Angus Must Die
Week 118: VACANT Must Die
Week 119: Kelsey and Maya Must Die

Week 121: Six-Six-Sixer
Week 122: Dawn of a New Menace
Week 123: Kid

Week 125: Long Live Satan
Week 126: Thousand Matches
Week 127: Devacate

Week 129: Cosplay is Fun
Week 130: Unshackled
Week 131: The Animes Strike Back?

Week 133: Return of Ref
Week 134: JD3
Week 135: Judgement Dusk III
Week 137: FIGHT! (Showdown Tournament 2 - Round 2)
Week 138: Knockdown (Showdown Tournament 2 - Round 2)
Week 139: With An Armbar! (Showdown Tournament 2 - Round 3)
Week 140: REMAIN VIOLENT (PPV) (Showdown Tournament 2 - Round 4)

Week 141: Elimination (Showdown Tournament 2 - Round 5)
Week 142: Last Chance (Showdown Tournament 2- Round 6)
Week 143: Victory (Showdown Tournament 2 - Final Round)
Week 144: YEAR OF THE BEAST 2021 (PPV) (Showdown 2 Finals)

Our first Hellweight Champion by PublicOpinion

Doc Mutant, Grace Thoruson, Harmony Gray and Nawt a Robutt playing together by PublicOpinion

Maya Northwind’s debut by phallen1

Mina causing technical difficulties by PublicOpinion

Maya vs. Angus by phallen1

Never count the FOB out… by PublicOpinion

Rubbing salt in the wounds by PublicOpinion

Maya with her Gorefest Prize posted by phallen1 drawn by Lumineko

Fomore Had… a good merch design by PublicOpinion

oRa Club fo-fo-fo-fo-fo-for Life! by PublicOpinion

Harmony Gray’s got a shot at the Hellweight Title! by PublicOpinion

A different side of Kayu Zakisaka by PublicOpinion

Harmony Gray vs. Suzan Blades by PublicOpinion

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No wrestling promotion is complete without titles to fight over. So naturally we will have a few of those.
If you want to see who held each title and who’s the current champion visit the mirror of the huge-ass spreadsheet and select the Championship History tab.

The OHPW Infernal Hellweight Title

The main Championship of our league. It is only defended once a month and is the ultimate prize. Challengers are chosen more carefully. A match for the OHPW Infernal Hellweight Title will always headline the show it’s on. While Satan also acts as referee in some other matches he insists on officiating all IHW Title matches personally.

The OHPW Underworld Darkweight Title

The secondary Title of OHPW still a badge of honor but it’s no Infernal Hellweight Title. Defenses are more frequent and not as big of a deal. Maybe some day someone will elevate it.

The Bunny Championship :3

The Cosmic Bunnies have blessed/cursed OHPW as well :3
This title is defended at every single show and as such people who believe that the sheer number of defenses makes a title more prestigious believe this is the most prestigious title of all times. Fans of bunnies think the same and who can blame them? Regardless of that, the title has been fought over in some of the best matches ever.

The OHPW Legion Duo Titles

The tag-team titles of OHPW. Teams of two face off to earn these two straps. Depending on the number and size of teams a set of Legion Trios titles may be introduced at a later time.

Seven Deadly Pins Championship

This title is defended in 8-Person Battle Royals in which chaos reigns supreme and seven eliminations must occur before a winner can be announced. For regular shows this is a standard battle royal. For the bigger ones it’s a timed entrance one in which the champ and one challenger start out before the ring fills up.

The Jabroni Royale
This is not a physical title but more of a dubious honor. The opening match of every show is a barbed wire deathmatch with a 15 minute explosion countdown. Whoever loses this match becomes the Jabroni Royale. The Jabroni has the “championship” disadvantage as when the match comes to a draw due to the ring exploding the Jabroni stays the Jabroni.

Is… Is this a roleplay? What is going on in this thread, I read the OP but I do not understand.
People in the thread are encouraged to act in-character between shows. Gives them something to do and makes for some fun reads too. General rule is it’s not canon until proven otherwise. Or it’s canon until proven otherwise? I don’t even know anymore. Just have fun!

Wait what? I thought Fire Pro Wrestling World didn’t have a story creator.
That is true, we won’t be able to use a story creator this time… AGAIN. Instead the stories will be told in short faux visual novel segments made in RenPy. Wrestling is an anime anyway, we’re merely bringing it to its logical conclusion here. While this format is a step back in some ways (lack of 3D animation) it lifts quite a few of the arbitrary restrictions the garbage Story Creator last seen in WWE 2k14 had. Aside from that it’s basically the same but in 2D and even more anime.

Ah, so you have a lot of “Lore” from the old LPFWA thing. Do I really have to catch up on the happenings of three seasons of a show?
No. While I try to keep everything internally consistent knowing anything about LPFWA is not required. The only reason I made up a convoluted reason to have them both set in the same “Universe” is so people can bring back their old characters without erasing their accomplishments and developments if they so desire.

All right, so how fake is this fake wrestling. Are the outcomes predetermined?
No they are not. The matches will be streamed live and are played by AIs that I cannot control. Story segments will be prepared ahead of time for obvious reasons but either won’t rely on outcomes or there may be multiple versions prepared.

Do I have to be a Let’s Player to join?
Of course not. It’s open to everybody. Even your ganddad Hank who has never heard of internet forums before…

I have no idea what wrestling even is, I only know John Cena and Hulk Hogan but Hulk Hogan is racist so I try to forget about him am I still allowed to join this?
Of course you are. If you follow this you’ll naturally come across us smarks* using lingo and having understanding of concepts that you might have never heard about but we’re always willing to help because we know our cool kidz clubhouse is not exactly the most prestigious. I will also include a bit of a glossary with a few common terms.

Smark - short for "Smart Mark*": Somebody who is familiar with some of the inner workings of The Business***
A mark is somebody not interested in the behind the scenes workings of pro wrestling because everybody knows it’s all a work** by now and… that’s a lot of Asterisks, just go to the glossary if you want to know more, really.

Wrestling is full of terminology that people who are privy to it just throw around like candy and a lot of it comes from carny speak. But, of course, there’s a first time for everyone to hear the word “Kayfabe”. And no, no one will look weird at you for not knowing any of what’s below. There’s probably some I forgot, and some that I may not even know.

Kayfabe: The act of maintaining the illusion that wrestling is real. These days it’s more of a “Suspend your disbelief” kind of thing because everybody is in on wrestling not being a “real” competition. But in the old days kayfabe went as far as people pretending to not be injured from a freaking plane crash because they could not acknowledge being on the same plane as the heels while they were a face.
Face: Also babyface. A “good guy” wrestler. In general terms the crowd is supposed to cheer for them and want them to win.
Heel: The counterpart to the face. The “bad guy” wrestler. The desired reaction for them is to be boo’d. In the age of the internet there is a difference between being legit hated for being a horrible person and good character work that gets the crowd behind, or in this case, against them and want to see the heel get their comeuppance.
Tweener: Somebody who is neither clearly face nor clearly heel. Can also often ping pong between slightly face and slightly heel to accomodate whatever is needed at the time.
Turn: a Face- or Heelturn is what happens when a performer changes their alignment. In pro wrestling the booking often adheres to a Face vs. Heel dynamic
Face vs. Heel Match-up: In an ideal world this gives the crowd a definitive hero and villain. But many promotions still force a minor face- or heelturn (such as one face saying something bad about the legendary father of the other or whatever) to avoid face vs. face and heel vs. heel to accomodate for a forced Face vs. Heel matchup. In extreme cases this can lead to becoming The Big Show. It’s okay, you can just pretend it’s a sport and sometimes the people who fight each other for reasons other than personal issues. Maybe just competitive spirit, I dunno. And don’t get me wrong, heel vs. face matches are very effective. But maybe don’t force them and damage the character of whoever has to turn in the process.
The Big Show: The Big Show is a wrestler with the dubious honor of probably having had the most numerous turns in the history of the business. Even the man himself acknowledged it on multiple occasions stating that he’s had more turns than Nascar in a shoot interview.
Jobber: A wrestler whose role, or rather job, it is to lose to other people to make them look good. They can be comedy wrestlers, like Toru Yano, or endearing underdogs like Cheeseburger. Who’s also a below normal sized man in a business of huge people.While these two are examples of Jobbers that make a successful effort to be entertaining on their own despite the outcomes to most of their matches being a foregone conclusion the role of Jobber also often falls to rookies or are still learning the ropes and try to make a name for themselves. A jobber who usually wins against lower card wrestlers (such as other jobbers) but loses to wrestlers higher on the food chain is considered a Jobber to the Stars. A synonym for jobber is “Jabroni”.
Mark: A mark is somebody not interested in or unaware of the behind the scenes workings of pro wrestling because everybody knows it’s all a work by now and and I think you’d be hard pressed to find somebody in this day and age that does not see pro wrestling as stunt theater. Sometimes used as a form of endearment towards somebody (i.e. “I’m a huge mark for Bret Hart”). Mark is also the real first name of The Undertaker.
Smark - short for “Smart Mark”: Somebody who is familiar with some of the inner workings of The Business.
The Business: The wrestling business. The main objective is to kill it.
Killing the Business: Kenny Omega Wrestling a nine-year old or Kota Ibushi wrestling an invisible person. Jim Cornette would turn around in his grave if he were dead but right now he’s just feeling an intensely annoying itch every time somebody does comedy wrestling. Essentially the phrase “Killing the Business” is mainly used as a joke but there’s old timers like the aforementioned Jim Cornette who have unironically used it because they felt certain things, such as the aforementioned Omega and Ibushi stories damaged the integrity of the wrestling business somehow. Fans, whether they prefer a very grounded style or matches that take the piss generally agree that shit like this doesn’t kill The Business.
Work: Following a predetermined sequence of events to build a storyline. When your favorite wrestlers engage in twitter banter about how they are totally better than the other guy that’s usually a work. It’s also called “Bad at Twitter”
Shoot: The opposite of a work. When somebody deviates from the script intentionally it’s a shoot. This can be done for multiple reasons such as a wrestler wanting to put over their own character or being dissatisfied with the creative direction or just straight up hating your kayfabe opponent so much in real life that you want to actually fight them for real. In old times it was usually made sure that a bit star such as a champion could hold their own in a shoot fight in case of somebody trying to shoot on them. In modern times this specific occurrence is rarer but it still happens. The most infamous shoot in pro-wrestling history is probably the Montreal Screwjob. Just look it up, really. There’s so much to be said and so many different viewpoints that it’s impossible to fully explain it in just a few words. Also when somebody gets drunk on twitter and has a meltdown. That’s also a shoot. Also Bad at Twitter.
Worked Shoot: A work that is supposed to appear like a shoot. Usually to add a sense of reality to a storyline. The crowd often sees through it these days, especially when performers (or writers) are prone to overusing worked shoots. When two wrestlers have a slapfight on twitter it is often a worked shoot: Also: Bad at Twitter.
Screwjob: A specific kind of shoot. It’s basically when the promoter shoots on his own talent by changing the outcome to a match without at least one participant’s (usually the supposed winner) knowledge
Botch: What it says on the tin. It’s when a move is performed incorrectly or other mistakes occur. Even misspeaking in a promo can be considered a botch. Botches can be both harmless and dangerous to the point of being lethal. For instance, Rey Mysterio Jr. accidentally caused the death of Perro Aguayo Jr. by performing one of his signature sequences he does all the time. On a less grim note: Broke Lesnar once broke his own neck from a Botched Shooting Star Press. He recovered and is still wrestling for WWE sporadically as of right now. On a much lighter note: You might be familiar with Botchamania a video series that highlights botches from wrestling promotions all around the world.
Worked Botch: Much like working a shoot it’s also possible to pretend that an accidental going off script that we usually call a botch is actually a work. There’s so many layers to everything that for any given thing that happens you’ll have people both arguing that it’s a work and that it isn’t. It’s best not to pay those any mind, really.
Spot: A key pre-planned moment in a match. Can be a singular move, a sequence of moves, a character driven event and so many things… The parts between spots are largely improvised. A match doesn’t actually need spots but they sure can make things exciting.
High Spot A particularly dangerous looking (or legit dangerous) move. Often flashy. Sometimes people fly.
Gimmick: A character or persona that is being portrayed. In their careers wrestlers will usually go through multiple gimmicks.Often they’ll go through a couple shitty ones, like an evil dentist or Fake Diesel until they become Kane and have a character for life until they go into politics. It’s not unheard of that wrestlers portray multiple characters at the same time. For instance Jeff Cobb goes by his own name in most promotions but in Lucha Underground he’s The Monster, Matanza Cueto.
Getting Over/Being Over: Getting over their character/gimmick is the main goal of every wrestler. Both in-right work as well as promos and general character work are factors that play into this. Other things are important as well. Just having a good face for a character, for instance, can do wonders. It’s why Minoru Suzuki is massively over as a sadistic heel anywhere he goes (but is by all accounts the polar opposite of that in real life.)
Pop: A positive crowd reaction expressed through loud often sudden cheering. Usually when a certain move is performed or a surprise appearance is made. As you can imagine, the more over somebody is the stronger the reaction. And after all if wrestling gets no reaction it failed.
Heat: Usually refers to a negative crowd reaction such as boos or jeers. When Tomaso Ciampa entered the ring for his first NXT Takeover Match against crowd favorite Johnny Gargano without music with only a chorus of boos and “Fuck you Ciampa” chants to accompany him and he soaked it all in, that was the stuff of legends and the result of months of build-up. On the other hand heat can also refer to friction between two performers or any two or more individuals, really.
Promo: When you give a pro wrestler a microphone and let them talk. Specifically this is called “cutting a promo”. Also sometimes called a “mistake”. But that’s a joke usually it’s not all that bad it’s a great way to establish aspects of one’s character or relationships to other wrestlers. The main purpose is to build interest in a match or Angle (which usually features matches). And sometimes magic happens
Angle: A wrestling storyline. It’s okay to also just call it a storyline, though.

Fire Pro Wrestling World is a bit more accessible then the 2K Games are. That being said it is still kind of a confusing system and so if anyone has any questions about it and IGgy isn’t around I am available for questioning as well.

The first show will be next week on Saturday at the earliest, but probably the week after. The initial setup always takes a bit.

The first new batch of characters is in:

Dash Rendar (Blind Sally)

(Made by me)
You didn’t specify whether you wanted me to make regular Dash or washed-up and overweight Dash. So I made them both (it’s just a minor edit) and threw in the Final Episode attire of both LPFWA seasons he was on because he always ends up in his underwear.


(Made by me)
Here she is. I took a few liberties with the move set. I still remember what her Finisher, the Espresso Shot, was beofore (A corner Shiranui) so I made it that. I also gave her a Blue Thunder Bomb, A Top Rope Elbow (though, that is her least flippy top rope maneuver) and then there’s a move that is called Ultimate Hold that looks physics defying and may be an Izuna Drop or something similar. Though, let me know if you want me to change it to how you requested it in the form. Also: That’s the NJPW Lion Mark on her chest. If you don’t look to hard it looks a little bit like a Starbucks logo.

Mr. Shakedown (Voltic Surge)

(Made by Deathmaster780)
Unfortunately there’s no Fedora in this game and the selection of hats is rather limited (It’s a couple bandanas mostly and a baseball cap.

The Great Maharaja (cybernetic caveman)

(Made by PublicOpinion)
Not really sure I have to say anything about this one. It’s apparently a bear with a T-shirt that looks like the bare chest of a human… I’ll take it.

These are all the finished ones so far! If you spy yours in there and have any questions or want me to change things just let me know. There’s still a few that are unfinished or that we haven’t started on yet but this goes faster than I thought it would. (And Sally, still waiting on whether you want Dash Classic or Out of shape Dash.)

First show will most likely be next week on Saturday. More info incoming once we have the first match card set up.

In no particular order. You can download most of them here and the ones you can’t will be added eventually.

Okay, people, it’s time for our first show. It will be this saturday at 23:00 GMT+1. Click that last link and the page handily will convert that to your local time zone.

I’ve uploaded more pics of the Roster, like the ones from earlier but now there’s more here. And I’m still not done with all the submissions, there’s more characters to come.

Below is the match card for our inaugural show!

#1 Jabroni Royale Deathmatch (Ref: Guy Skull)
Dash Rendar vs. IGgy

#2 Three-Way (First Fall) (Ref: Guy Skull)
Princess Slaughter vs. Vacation Skeleton vs. The Ego

#3 Landmine Deathmatch (Ref: Guy Skull)
Lemuel Post vs. Fomore

#4 Singles Match (Ref: Guy Skull)
King Skeleton vs. DivineCoffeeBinge

#5 Bunny Championship :3 (Ref: Majestic Goat-Man)
Palpatine vs. Rosette

#6 Tag Team Match (Ref: Guy Skull)
Pine Appel & Cheese Pietzza vs. HazMatt & Rick Wreckage

#7 Seven Deadly Pins Championship (Ref: Mama Bear)
Suzan Blades vs. Boob Marley vs. Grace Thoruson vs. Undeddie Guerrero vs. The Great Maharaja vs. N-T Punk vs. Harmony Gray vs. Mr. Shakedown

I knew you’d appreciate that. If DCB loses all the time again it’s not on purpose, by the way.

You say that as though Palpy ever wore pants, though he’s getting confident to show more and more leg. (Technically it’s about the same length as his last LPFWA incarnation, but due to the squatting stance I gave him it looks like he hasn’t got any robe at all.)

Going live with OHPW now. The show will begin in 15 minutes.

OHPW - Week 1: Business May Die (Twitch VOD)

And three clips, all of them from the second match!

And one from King Skeleton vs. DCB

According to the game’s algorithm this show had an average 90.43% Match Rating.

The below is a post from my former Patreon which is no longer in use. I’ve appended it to the corresponding update post to preserve it.

It’s been about a month in the making but we finally launched OHPW for good. And it was a fun show too.

I made a ton of wrestlers but also got plenty of help from Deathmaster780 and PublicOpinion who both made some characters of their own and helped me work through the submissions. Of course there were some other people who submitted their own characters as well.

I have 78 hours logged into Fire Pro Wrestling world now. Before I started on this it was closer to 20. A lot of work went into creating character’s appearances and movesets but even more time was taken up by watching matches to make tweaks to the CPU logic to make sure everything works as intended. And I didn’t get done with everyone yet and even the one’s i ended up being satisfied with will likely be tweaked more over time as more matches happen and I notice peculiarities.

I also actually comissioned an artist (PublicOpinion) to make a logo for OHPW. It was a very smooth and quick process and the NJPW style Devil Mark you’ve been seeing is the result.

I hope OHPW will go for a long time. I just have to get used to live editing again. Haven’t done this since LPFWA Season 2.

Okay, it is time again! The next show will be on on Saturday, at the usual time.

We will crown a Darkweight champion, determine a No. 1 Contender for the Legion Titles and, most importantly, the tournament for the Infernal Hellweight Championship begins. The brackets are as follows:

This week we will do all the first round matches for group 1, next week it’ll be the first round for group 2 and in a big show after that we will have the remaining seven tournament matches as well as all regular title matches.

But first, here’s this week’s match card:

#1 Jabroni Royale Deathmatch
IGgy IGsen (‘c’) vs. Palpatine

#2 IHC Tournament Group 1 - Round 1
Firestar vs. Harmony Gray

#3 IHC Tournament Group 1 - Round 1
Grace Thoruson vs. Angus McMutton

#4 No. 1 Contender Match for the Legion Titles
Fallout Boys vs. Lemuel & Inspector Jane

#5 Bunny Championship :3
Anna May vs. Canada “Rosette” Alderman ©

#6 IHC Tournament Group 1 - Round 1
Weeb Weaver vs. Fomore

#7 IHC Tournament Group 1 - Round 1
Hellranger Flamander vs. DivineCoffeeBinge

#8 Underworld Darkweight Championship
Super Samio vs. The Cocademon

Going live now and starting in 15 minutes https://www.twitch.tv/iggy_igsen

Here’s the match card again:
#1 IGgy IGsen vs. Palpatine for the Jabroni Royale
#2 Firestar vs. Harmony Gray
#3 Grace Thoruson vs. Angus McMutton
#4 Fallout Boys vs. Lemuel Post & Inspector Jane
#5 Anna May vs. Canada “Rosette” Alderman for the Bunny Title :3
#6 Weeb Weaver vs. Fomore
#7 Hellranger Flamander vs. DivineCoffeeBinge
#8 Super Samio vs. The Cocademon for the Darkweight Title

OHPW - Week #2: Turning Heel

Reversals: https://clips.twitch.tv/RealOpenDolphinTebowing
Super Samio going on Vacation: https://clips.twitch.tv/PlayfulHumbleBobaAMPEnergyCherry

The average match rating was 89.88 %
The average Game Time from Bell to Bell was: 16:12

So, after this show the state of the tournament is as follows:

By this point I’m sure you know the drill.
The show will be at the usual time, in the usual place]

Our tournament for the Hellweight Title rages on, this time the first round of the second group will take place. This is the bracket as of right now:

Additionally, we’ll determine our first Tag champions.

The match card is as follows:

#1 Jabroni Royale Deathmatch
IGgy IGsen (‘c’) vs. DivineCoffeeBinge

#2 IHC Tournament Group 2 - Round 1
King Skeleton vs. Dash Rendar

#3 IHC Tournament Group 2 - Round 1
Vacation Skeleton vs. Suzan Blades

#4 Three-Way (First Fall)
Nawt A Robutt vs. Pantha vs. Manic Misanthropic

#5 Bunny Championship :3
Mr. Shakedown vs. Rosette ©

#6 IHC Tournament Group 2 - Round 1
Undeddie Guerrero vs. Great Maharaja

#7 IHC Tournament Group 2 - Round 1
Black vs. Boob Marley

#8 OHPW Legion Tag Titles
Lawful Good vs. Pineapple Pizza

Going live now and starting in 15 minutes https://www.twitch.tv/iggy_igsen

Here’s the match card again:
#1 IGgy IGsen ('c) vs. DivineCoffeeBinge for the Jabroni Royale
#2 King Skeleton vs. Dash Rendar
#3 Vacation Skeleton vs. Suzan Blades
#4 Nawt A Robutt vs. Pantha vs. Manic Misanthropic
#5 Mr. Shakedown vs. Rosette © for the Bun :3
#6 Undeddie Guerrero vs. Great Maharaja
#7 Black vs. Boob Marley
#8 Lawful Good vs. Pineapple Pizza for the Legion Tag Titles

Suzan%20Headshot%202 Do you know the Power of SOULS? Because I do! Every time I slay an opponent I feel the rush of victory and I know what it’s like to be the best. Vacation Skeleton, you put up a good fight but now it’s time to go back to your lawn chair for I’ve got a Tournament to win.

Suzan%20Headshot%202 Dash Render, I don’t like a single thing about you. You look like one of those posers who wanders into the Motorcycle Bar every now and again. I’ll deal with you the same way I deal with them and trust me, you can’t Outrun this Knight.

Suzan%20Headshot%202 So you’d best put up the best goddamned fight you can because nothing is getting in between me and that Hellweight Title and all the SOULS that will be coming for it!

Mina%20Headshot%202 Hey Scotsman, how big of an explosion will there be if I set your Tru Bru on fire?

OHPW - Week #3: Illegal Chairs

DIVE! (Match 2): https://clips.twitch.tv/CautiousSnappyEmuKappaRoss
Bonk (Match 4): https://clips.twitch.tv/GracefulCorrectGoshawkCoolStoryBro
WTF (Match 6 Outcome spoiler): https://www.twitch.tv/videos/374288785
The chest has been sunk (Match 7 Outcome spoiler): https://clips.twitch.tv/FunnyMotionlessTaroKreygasm

The average match rating for this show is: 89.75%
The average match duration for this show is: 19:11 Kayfabe Minutes

And here we have the state of the tournament:

Next week we’ll have a PPV or well, PPV stands for Pay Per View but the show will be free of course. It’s just a kind of bigger once in a month kind of show. We’ll finish the tournament and have every title be defended. After that the show will resume as what may or may not be accurately described as “normal”

the following promo is translated for your reading pleasure

ANGUS: Tru bru is indeed poweful enough to blow a hole in the moon if set on fire. But Firestar maybe you should swig it yersel…its the only way you are gettin past me next saturday. As fer ye flamander if ye win i am gonna gub ye so hard yuir stupid mask explodes fir whit ye did to yon dcb lassie. Fomore…err i huv nae beef wie ye beat flamander and let huv a good auld fashoned danny brook.

Mina%20Headshot%202 Wicked Bro! Then we’re going to burn this place down! 당신 안녕을 사랑!

Hello again everybody. It’s time for our first major event. We’ll come together in the usual place, at the usual time and crown our first ever Infernal Hellweight Champion as we wrap up our Hellweight Tournament. Who will it be? On top of that all our titles will be defended on the show. The Legion Titles, the Bunny Title :3, the Darkweight Title, the Seven Deadly Pins Title and even the Jabroni Royale

The tournament right now:

#1 Jabroni Royale Deathmatch
DivineCoffeeBinge (‘c’) vs. The Great Maharaja

#2 Seven Deadly Pins
Hobo One Kevodki vs. Harley Havic vs. Manic Misanthrope vs. Weeb Weaver vs. The Ego vs. Super Samio vs. Kelsey Slaughter vs. Undeddie Guerrero ©

#3 IHC Tournament Round 2 - Group 1
Firestar vs. Angus McMutton

#4 IHC Tournament Round 2 - Group 2
Dash Rendar vs. Suzan Blade

#5 IHC Tournament Round 2 - Group 1
Fomore vs. Flamander

#6 IHC Tournament Round 2 - Group 2
Undeddie Guerrero vs. Black

#7 OHPW Legion Duo Championships
The Fun Gang vs. Pineapple Pizza ©

#8 IHC Tournament Semi-Final - Group 1
Winner of Match 3 vs. Winner of Match 5

#9 IHC Tournament Semi-Final - Group 2
Winner of Match 4 vs. Winner of Match 6

#10 Bunny Championship :3
N-T Punk vs. Mr. Shakedown ©

#11 OHPW Underworld Darkweight Title
Pantha vs. The Cocademon ©

#12 Infernal Hellweight Championship
Winner of Match 8 vs. Winner of Match 9

Going live now and starting in 15 minutes https://www.twitch.tv/iggy_igsen

Here’s the match card again:
#1 DCB © vs. Great Maharaja for the Jabroni Royale
#2 Hobo vs. Harley vs. Manic vs. Weeb vs. Ego vs. Samio vs. Kelsey vs. Undeddie © for 7 Deadly Pins
#3 Firestar vs. Angus McMutton
#4 Dash Rendar vs. Suzan Blade
#5 Fomore vs. Flamander
#6 Undeddie Guerrero vs. Black
#7 The Fun Gang vs. Pineapple Pizza © for the Legion Titles
#8 Winner of 3 vs. Winner of 5
#9 Winner of 4 vs. Winner of 6
#10 N-T Punk vs. Mr. Shakedown © for the Bunny Title :3
#11 Pantha vs. Cocademon © for the Darkweight Title
#12 Winner of 8 vs. Winner of 9 for the Hellweight Title