OHPW - Business May Die [Fire Pro Wrestling World]



Mina%20Headshot%202 Well that sucked, it’s what I get for only cheating at a 60% level. And the Scottsman didn’t even blow up when I lit him up! Man I need to find someone else to beat up to cheer me up now.
Mina%20Headshot%202 Oh well, till next time 당신 안녕을 사랑!


Angus: Man whit a nicht eh. Man i never had this hard fought a match since the gorbals rammy of 2016. I beat the mighty flamander! how awesome is that

-sips some true bru-

Susan I see a great career in yuir future hen continue to brutalise anyone stupid to get in yuir way and if ye need someone tae dae the brutalising then feel free tae caw me i like a good rammy.

Noo as fir ye firestar I need to explode a schmuck called Schicklgrubers car ye in hen…i’ll show ye how explosive tru bru mixed wie hellfire is


OHPW - Week 4: DARE DESU KA!!?

Whew, we have our first Hellweight Champion. PublicOpinion drew a nice sketch of them. Have a look!

The entire bracket looks like this now, for those who care


This week we’ll have our first show after the IHW Championship Tournament
It will, of course, take place in the usual place at the usual time

The Match Card is down below, featuring some people we know, some new faces and the beginning of the Vacant Open Challenge.

#1 Jabroni Royale Deathmatch
DivineCoffeeBinge (“c”) vs. N-T Punk

#2 Battle Royal
Anna May vs. Boob Marley vs. Palpatine vs. Weeb Weaver vs. Harley Havik

#3 Singles Match
Grace Thoruson vs. Harmony Gray

#4 Tag Team Landmine Deathmatch
Lawful Good vs. Wizards Not Allowed

#5 Bunny Championship :3
Hobo One Kevodki vs. Mr. Shakedown ©

Some yet to be determined fool vs. Vacant

#7 Underworld Darkweight Championship
Black vs. Pantha ©


Going live now and starting in 15 minutes https://www.twitch.tv/iggy_igsen

Here’s the match card again:
#1 DivineCoffeeBinge © vs. N-T Punk for the Jabroni Royale
#2 Anna May vs. Boob Marley vs. Palpatine vs. Weeb Weaver vs. Harley Havik
#3 Grace Thoruson vs. Harmony Gray
#4 Lawful Good vs. Wizards Not Allowed
#5 Hobo One Kevodki vs. Mr. Shakedown © for the Bunny Title :3
#7 Black vs. Pantha © for the Darkweight Title


OHPW - Week 5: Gimmick Infringement (Twitch VOD)

Match 1: https://clips.twitch.tv/DarlingCheerfulMomTF2John
Match 7: https://clips.twitch.tv/IgnorantKindZebraBrainSlug
Match 7 (Spoiler): https://clips.twitch.tv/SparklyClearDugongVoteNay


It’s time once more to wrassle!
We will do so at the usual time in the usual place

We’ll have the promised Fallout Boys vs. Wizards Not Allowed match for the honor of HazMatts attire, the singles Debut of Harley Havik against newcomer Kayu Zakisaka, Mr. Shakedown faces his biggest challenge yet with Undeddie Guerrero. Can Shakedown resist catching and holding a chair within view of the ref? The Vacant Open Challenge continues and finally Kelsey Slaughter defends the Seven Deadly Pins Title.

I started gathering Highlight matches they don’t have their own videos yet but you can still check them out. Eventually I’ll make upload a video for heach highlighted match.

Here’s the match card.

#1 Jabroni Royale Deathmatch
DivineCoffeeBinge © vs. Boob Marley

#2 Singles Match
Harley Havik vs. Kayu Zakisaka

#3 Tag Team Match
Fallout Boys vs. Wizards Not Allowed

#4 Singles Match
Firestar vs. Palpatine

#5 Bunny Championship :3
Undeddie Guerrero vs. Mr. Shakedown ©

One unlucky fool vs. Vacant

#7 Seven Deadly Pins
Nawt a Robutt vs. Cocademon vs. King Skeleton vs. Great Maharaja vs. Fomore vs. Angus vs. IGgy IGsen vs. Kelsey Slaughter ©


Mina%20Headshot%202 헬로 풋 내기, it’s Mina again! I’m back after two weeks of drinking and low blowing with my new friend Angus. Turns out Hell’s not that really on fire like the stories said but I’ve done my best to fix that.
Mina%20Headshot%202 Anyway, Angus asked me to come meet him at the arena tonight. I thought we were going to knock back some more brews and boneheads but apparently he just wants me to meet some creepy old man he works with. That’s fine by me, I love low blowing new people!
Mina%20Headshot%202 Wish me luck! 당신 안녕을 사랑