OHPW - Business May Die [Fire Pro Wrestling World]

Going live and starting OHPW, our wrestling federation, in about 15 minutes https://www.twitch.tv/iggy_igsen

Here’s today’s matches:
#1 Dicky P vs. Grace Thoruson
#2 Arcade Legend ASS vs. Flash Hammer
#3 Vacation Skeleton vs. Blaze Rider
#4 Caveman Connection vs. Real Beer Float
#5 Suzan Blades vs. Rick Wreckage
#6 Freddie Hope vs. Isabel Ibarra
#7 Cock Thunder vs. Angus McMutton

Week 117:Angus Must Die - (Twitch VOD)

Week 118: VACANT Must Die - (Twitch VOD)

Going live and starting OHPW, our wrestling federation, in about 15 minutes https://www.twitch.tv/iggy_igsen

Here’s today’s matches:
#1 Great Maharaja vs. Grace Thoruson
#2 Not Your God vs. Midas Minoson
#3 Koji Kojinaka vs. Guzma
#4 Criminal Sanity vs. Team Skull
#5 Kayu Zakisaka vs. Freddie Hope
#6 Fomore vs. Pantha
#7 Caveman Connection vs. Kelsey and Maya © for the Legion Tag Titles

Week 119: Kelsey and Maya Must Die - (Twitch VOD)

regular time, regular place. Everybody dies!

#1 Seven Deadly Pins
Seven deadly pins, Seven falls to win, Seven paths to hell, And your trip begins
??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. VACANT ©

#2 Tag Team Match
What’s the clown’s deal?
Steve Dirt and Family Man vs. Wizards Not Allowed

#3 Singles Match
I’ll take any excuse to see Palpy eat shit!
Palpatine vs. Pig Destroyer

#4 Four Way (First Fall)
Oof. I accidentally booked Dash. I’m trying to remove it, I’m sorry!
Vacation Skeleton (x) vs. Suzan Blades vs. Arcade Legend ASS vs. Dashosphere

#5 Singles Match
Freddie continues his proud tradition of not fighting NYG. But Isabel wants a go after their last meeting.
Isabel Ibarra vs. Not Your God

#6 Legion Tag Championships
I hope this does not take almost an hour.
Criminal Sanity vs. Kelsey and Maya

#7 Underworld Darkweight Championship
Neither of these are strangers to being on the bottom. But they both overcame that.
Kayu Zakisaka vs. Angus McMutton ©

#8 Infernal Hellweight Championship
So they meet again, but on different sides of the challenger/defender dynamic
Fomore vs. Harmony Gray ©


Week 121: Six-Six-Sixer - (Twitch VOD)

Week 122: Dawn of a New Menace - (Twitch VOD)

Going live and starting OHPW, our wrestling federation, in about 15 minutes https://www.twitch.tv/iggy_igsen

Here’s today’s matches:
#1 Great Maharaja vs. Dicky P
#2 Harley Havik vs. Flash Hammer
#3 Fallout Boys vs. The Union
#4 Grace Thoruson vs. Undeddie Guerrero
#5 Florida Man vs. Ricc 2 Thicc
#6 Dash Rendar vs. Suzan Blades
#7 Bone Idol vs. Angus McMutton

Week 123: Kid - (Twitch VOD)

Week 124: Lest Jimmy Standing III

This Saturday we’re gonna have us a big show! Check out the card.

#1 J.O.B. Tournament FINAL
Man, what a prestigious tournament. Can’t believe Dicky P actually won matches somehow.
Dicky P vs. Flash Hammer

#2 Seven Deadly Pins
Seven deadly pins… seven ways to win. You know the rest.
Plumeria vs. A Mimic vs. Black vs. Manic Misanthrope vs. Arcade Legend ASS vs. Blaze Rider vs. Nawt A Robutt vs. Muscle Wizard

#3 Singles Match
Isabel Ibarra vs. Midas Minoson

#4 Singles Match
No metter how we dice it, shenanigans are abound.
Vacation Skeleton (x) vs. Sexton Blud

#5 Singles Match
Grace Thoruson is challenged by an outsider. She received a note that simply read “Let’s go to Suplex City, bitch! Time to die!”.

#6 Legion Tag Championships
Can The Union join The Fun Gang in the winnning title matches via DQ club?
The Union vs. Steve Dirt and Family Man

#7 Underworld Darkweight Championship - Lest Jimmy Standing Match
The letter V is on the line and Angus is pissed… but so far he could not put a dent into VACANT.
VACANT vs. Angus McMutton ©

#8 J.O.B. Capital L Palate Cleanser Over the Top Rope Clusterfuck
All seven people who lost in the J.O.B. Tournament

#9 Infernal Hellweight Championship
Although his place here is well earned at this point… I hope Dash eats shit.
Dash Rendar vs. Fomore ©


All right, last week I did not stream because I was tired as fuck watching CM Punk return the day before.
So this week I’ll do two shows! One on Friday, the other on Saturday. We’ve done this before so there’s no need to be confused. Weeks is just what we call episodes and also the flow of time is convoluted so y’know. That’s just what we get.

In any case, first you get the match card I already posted last week, which we’ll see play out on friday and the one that would normally be this week and… in fact is this week. On Saturday.

Heads-up that these links take you to the corresponding show on the twitch schedule, so nothing fancy here. But they do in fact tell you when exactly the show will happen in your local time zone.

Week 125: Long Live Satan - (Twitch VOD)

Week 126: Thousand Matches - (Twitch VOD)

Well, 1000th match in the opener. Pretty impressive number.

It came up during the stream so here’s some more milestone kinda matches

69th match was Undeddie Guerrero vs. Kayu Zakisaka. Undeddie defeated Kayu in 17:37 via Pinfall. It got a 94% rating and happened on 16th March 2019

100th match was a Tag Team Match between The Dash Rendars (regular and Fat) and the Team Skull Grunts, which the Dashes won in 21:48 and got a 88% rating. Naturally this happened on 20th April 2019. Or 4/20 if you insist on writing your dates like a buffoon.

316th Match was Hellranger Flamander vs. Harley Havik. Flamander beat Harley in 10:58, which got a 91.71% rating on 12th October 2019

420th Match was a tag title match between 1 1/2 Dragons and the Team Skull Grunts, which the Grunts won in 20:50 via Pinfall. It got a 92% rating and took place on 18th January 2020

The 500th match was the Semi Finals of the Hellfire Tournament 2020 - Harmony Gray vs. Hellranger Flamander. Flamander defeated Harmony in 10:38 and moved on to face Grace (who would win) The match got a 83% Rating and it took place on 21st March 2020

Our 619th match was a First Fall Battle Royal between Maya, Palpy Koji and Danny V5. Maya submitted Koji in that match, which lasted for 15:51 and got an 82% rating on 11th July 2020

The 666th match was Harley Havik vs. Koji Kojinaka. Harley beat Koji in 21:58 via Submission. It got a 97% rating. It was almost exactly a year ago on 22nd August 2020

Week 127: Devacate - (Twitch VOD)

PPV Time! And I got a name for it… too bad it’s so hard to read, what does it say? Okay okay, I wrote it out both above and below in a normal font. But even if I didn’t what it’s called isn’t important, what’s important are the matches. Check out the card below.

#1 Seven Deadly Pins
Attack and Dethrone the Deadliest Pinner
Dicky P vs. Bone Idol vs. Pine Appel vs. Vacation Skeleton vs. Midas Minoson vs. Suman vs. Great Maharaja vs. Black ©

#2 Singles Match
's time for some garbage wrestling.
Steve Dirt vs. Pig Destroyer

#3 Singles Match
Lightning is about to find out that despite her new appearance, Harmony hits as hard as ever.
Harmony Gray vs. Cock Lightning

#4 Singles Match
They seemed to have fun last week but Agnes was buzzkill. Let’s just let em fight it out.
Sgt. Sprinklez vs. Cock Thunder

#5 Texas Deathmatch
Suplex Goddess didn’t take Grace DQing herself well. Now it’s time for a match where you not only gotta lose, you gotta die.
Grace Thoruson vs. Suplex Goddess of Destruction, Motherfuckers!

#6 Three-Way
Man, I hope somoene finally makes Sexton bleed again. Maybe chairshots and headbutts will do the trick.
EGO vs. Sexton Blud (x) vs. Plumeria

#7 Underworld Darkweight Championship
Harley fought hard for this. But she’ll have to fight just as hard to keep it.
Lea Lionheart vs. Harley Havik ©

#8 Legion Tag Titles
I’d be hyped for a lenghty Fun Gang reign, but these Cavemen are not to joked with.
Caveman Connection vs. The Fun Gang ©

#9 Infernal Hellweight Championship
Isabel’s first big chance. But Fomore is ever eager to prove themself.
Isabel Ibarra vs. Fomore ©

Week 128: NIGHTMARE FICTION - (Twitch VOD)

Week 129: Cosplay is Fun
Saturday, same time as always. And shocking the entire world, we even got some matches lined up. Check em out.

#1 Singles Match
that’ll teach ya to run into the corner and fall over, kid! j/k do carry on
Dicky P vs. Vacation Skeleton

#2 Tag Team Match
Both teams have a tag title reign that’s 6 defenses long and we’re giving this away for free.
Team Skull Grunts vs. Maya and Kelsey

#3 Singles Match
I didn’t consider this when booking but we good the old airborne vs. grounded dynamic going.
Kayu Zakisaka vs. Austin Ramon

#4 Singles Match
Pokemon is an Anime. Just saying.
Anna May vs. Sexton Blud (x)

#5 Four-Way (Elimination)
Wow, this match is kinda loaded! What’s up with that? No, really, I don’t know.
Harmony Gray vs. Ricc 2 Thicc vs. Freddie Hope vs. Muscle Wizard

#6 Singles Match
Go ASS! Face the blaze of Justice!
Arcade Legend ASS vs. Blaze Rider

#7 Darkweight Championship
In this match… someone’s gonna bleed. Wonder who.
Steve Dirt vs. Lea Lionheart ©