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LP Request Thread

Maybe there is a game you want to see LP-ed but you don't have the time / equipment to make one yourself. Have no fear, Just put down a game you want to see get the LP treatment and hope someone decides to pick it up. N…

36 April 9, 2019
The Let's Play Recommendation Thread

This is a thread where people can recommend LPs that they think are particularly fantastic, or maybe a hidden gem that they think deserves more attention. When you recommend an LP make sure to include a description of wh…

17 April 18, 2017
The Big Guide of Guides: Learn how to Make Let's Plays Here

This is a big megapost containing all the links to the various guides on let's play creation that have been made on this site! All of these should be considered important reading for new let's players. New guides will be…

2 February 9, 2017
Look for feedback on first LP 1 August 26, 2019
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God of War 3 and/or Ascension 100% LP Recommendation 1 March 14, 2018
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