I Personally Have A Hard Time Getting Into Screenshot LPs


Hey everyone. I am new to the let’s play community, but I have been interested in the idea of let’s plays for years, to the point that I have been making my own sporadically since 2010. However, that has almost exclusively been in the realm of video LPs. I just cannot get into screenshoot LPs for some reason. I am not sure if it is because I tend to view video gaming, as well, a video-based medium, or maybe it’s because I tend to watch LPs in the background as I do other tasks, I’m not sure. Does anyone else have a similar issue?



I generally have a hard time getting into screenshot LPs, there are only a handful that I’ve ever made it through.

For me I think the major reason is either:

  1. I find the LP when it’s been completed/has a substantial amount of content already, which can be very intimidating and difficult to just sit down and read through.
  2. I find the LP when it’s in its early days. I get through the content it has quite quickly but then simply forget to come back to it.

Like you I prefer to watch/listen to LPs while doing something else, so when reading an LP will require all of my attention it can also be a bit off-putting.
I used to spend hours just reading through wikis and stuff but nowadays I find I lose interest too quickly when large blocks of text are just laid out in front of me.



Oh, I love reading about video games and the like, but I think you do have a point. Whereas I can reasonably read other ones in bite-sized pieces, for SSLPs it’s hard for me to exactly know where to cut off because many of them are RPGs with no easy cut-off point.