Demonetization: What to do when videos are demonetized BEFORE they are uploaded?


So, I just noticed that my videos are automatically demonetized even before they are done uploading to the site. I decided to check on it after my last video was uploaded and immediately demonetized, even though there was literally nothing offensive in it (unless mentioning Markiplier and wanting to get back into Let’s Plays is demonetization worthy).


This must have happened because for a while I was doing streams on politically sensitive stuff. Now I find it understandable that YouTube might not want ads on some of my videos on politics. I won’t object to that.

But this, how do I deal with this? I know that on today’s YouTube platform, the first day is when the vast majority of the views come in. But the manual review process takes waaaaaaaaaay longer than a single day for me (I have videos that have been waiting on the manual review for literally months). Is there anything I can do other than asking for a manual review though?

For the record, my channel doesn’t have 10,000 views yet so I know I won’t get a single penny from YouTube even if this gets solved. But it’s still very frustrating.


That could just be the language choice for the title, or something in the tags. I’m pretty sure the algorithms don’t even take the video content into account.


There is no way that they are taking video content into account. After all, how can they know what video content is BEFORE it is done uploading to the site?

As for the tags, unless “gameplay”, “Let’s Play” and “Skyrim” (and variations of that) get you demonetized then I have no idea what’s going on there.

Which leaves the title but… am I not allowed to make fun of myself? Also “stupid” and “idiot” are really mild “”“curse”"" words, not even censored on TV…


I always have “gameplay” and “lets play” as tags in my videos and they don’t get demonetized. I guess it could be “skyrim” if ubisoft is against those being monetized.


Let’s flip the chessboard around - how many of your videos have NOT been demonetized automatically? Maybe your entire channel’s just been blacklisted from the ad rolls.


That’s actually what I’m worried about since as far as I can remember, none of them have NOT been demonetized automatically.

Eventually I plan on trying to upload a video that there is no way should be demonetized (10 second video of nothing but black, title “test”, description “test”, tags are just “test”) to see if this could be the case. Haven’t gotten around to it yet though.


That’s a good way to check to see if it’s just your account. If it is then the best thing to try is to see if you make a new account and do the same thing. You could maybe dispute it to youtube or google? But I haven’t heard good things about trying to get in touch with either of them.