My capture card broke, reccomend me some hardware!


Hey gang. My capture card, an AverMedia PCIe HD DVR that I purchased in like, 2011, finally broke, the right audio channel died. I’ve played around with the setup by reconfiguring reseating and rebooting, and eliminated the cables, the HDMI splitter, and the consoles, leaving the card as the culprit.

I haven’t looked at capture hardware in like 6 years. I have no idea what’s good and what isn’t.

What I’m looking for is an internal PCIe card with as little delay as possible (the one I have is no worse than playing on an LCD TV), I often use my capture card in lieu of a TV because it’s eaier to be on discord and play a game at the same time. OBS compatible is a must but I imagine it’s pretty hard to find a card that isn’t compatible these days.

If you have used a card like this, throw me the info, along with any pros or cons you know about from experience.

What you got, p’zone?

EDIT: Moved to tech support because I forgot that there was a subforum for that.


I’m way more familiar with external cards then internal cards, unfortunately. I’m fairly confident that you’re right about OBS compatability though, any modern card worth it’s salt should work with that.


Avermedia has the Live Gamer HD, HD Lite, and HD 2 (most recent).

Elgato has the HD60 Pro and the 4k60 Pro.

And Blackmagic have the Intensity Pro 4K, if you want to connect analog sources without using an upscaler.


The Livegamer HD 2 looks pretty promising. It’s not too expensive so I’m probably gonna go with that one (partially because my avermedia center configuration is already done and its just hotswap the card)


OK after a few days of having this here’s my hot takes:

  1. It’s a good capture card, looks great and works in OBS… every other time I open OBS. Not sure what the hell’s up with that but it alternates between working & a black screen.
  2. AverMedia ReCentral 3 is so bad that I have never once gotten it to open


I could be wrong, but I think slowbeef had this issue or one like it at one point in time, he may have a solution for you.


I recall that he used to screen capture ReCentral for streaming and played games off of that, but needed to up the CPU priority to reduce latency. And sometimes it’d just fail and require a restart. I haven’t seen that happen as of late though.


It just crashes every time I open it



I’ve found my external Capture also does this with OBS every now and then. I don’t have a solution though. Whenever this happens I just re-setup my capture and OBS. It normally works then but don’t know what the issue in the first place was.


Im just using Streamlabs OBS I can control everything on Streamlabs while streaming, I have Elgato Hd60 pro but it doesn’t work well with Ryzen chip sets