Soundproofing 🔊


Hey gang! I’ve recently moved and the reverb in my apartment is VERY noticeable in audio recordings, does anyone know anything about putting up soundproofing foam? Specifically, where to put it to minimize room reverb? I got 24 square feet and a can of this Scotch spray adhesive that says its “repositionable” so I’m hoping it won’t damage the walls.

I dunno if this strictly speaking counts as tech support but I feel like it’s pretty close?


I am very much not a professional, but this was my method when I was installing my stuff.

First, I sat in the spots i knew people would be sitting during any given record session. Then I made some sort of loud noise, like a clap or a quick shout, listening carefully for the echo and where it was coming from. I ended up putting most of it on the walls around my tv stand, a sizeable patch around my desk, and a line at the very top of the wall immediately behind where we sit.