The Let's Play Recommendation Thread

This is a thread where people can recommend LPs that they think are particularly fantastic, or maybe a hidden gem that they think deserves more attention. When you recommend an LP make sure to include a description of what the LP is and why you think its so great!

There are only a few rules:

  • Try to limit your recommendations to on-site LPs. There’s already a great thread for talking about off-site LPs.
  • This isn’t a place just for advertising your LPs If someone is looking for a certain type of LP and yours fits the bill, you can point them towards it. Just don’t treat this thread like an RSS feed.
  • Don’t get weird and combative about people’s suggestions. Not every LP is for everyone, and that’s okay. If you feel you have legitimate concerns about the quality of someone’s LP you can take it to that LP’s thread.

I’ll start off with a recommendation of this LP of Labyrinth: The Computer Game. “You remind me of the babe!” - Let’s Play Labyrinth: The Computer Game

It’s a good LP of this weird, old, mostly-unknown tie-in game of the movie of the same name. The game does some pretty neat things (the reveal they do with the text-adventure intro is a really cool idea) and does a few things to differentiate itself from the movie. It’s not a great game, some parts are downright janky, but it is a cool little thing that should be experienced. The LPers have a great chemistry and are good at showing off the game, too.

The LP is easy to get into as well. Short and sweet and already on its second of three videos.


Oh, you already deleted it, but yeah I’ll clarify anyway that this thread is meant for on-site LPs.

I’m on mobile so I should probably wait on this, but for real: what is the problem with recommending your own LPs or ones you’ve been on if you feel they fit the criteria that someone is asking for and can provide substance in the recommendation to back it up?

I understand curbing aggressive self-promotion, yet can the rule not be “don’t recommend your own LPs apropos of nothing”? I’d want to recommend nine-gear crow’s Ace Combat LPs because they’re incredibly thorough and entertaining, but I co-commentated in a couple of videos, so now I have to hope someone else recommends them who wasn’t one of the many guests he’s had on.

Is it really necessary to be that strict about the rule, or are we just verbatim copying the old SA rules?

I agree with the sentiment that LPs with frequently rotating co-commentators should probably be exempt from the “Don’t recommend stuff you worked on” rule, since those pull from a wide pool of people who probably have good suggestions/discourse for why you should watch this thing they thought was cool enough to actively devote their time to.

Also everybody go watch the Darkened Skye LP, it’s dope and Fiendly’s good at showing off the game and avoiding letting the sloggy gameplay get sloggy.

I really like the Tokyo Mirage Sessions LP @artix is doing, a great mix of video and SS lp with great info on the background and origins of the Fire Emblem characters used in the game. Also captures the atmosphere really well while minimizing on the grinding

As someone who only got 2-3 hours into that game, I’m really looking forward to seeing them handle the rest of it!

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@Tolvo’s Rainbow Six Siege LP has been really awesome. She’s been really comprehensive so far, and has been real good about explaining what makes the operatives unique and how they fit into a team composition. Plus, she highlited the SUPER FUCKING WEIRD AND DISTRESSING single player content, which I didn’t even know was a thing.

As someone who has been super interested in the game but has been without the rig/funds to play it, it’s been invaluable.


The rule is intended to curb excessive self-promotion, and to discourage people from turning the thread into an RSS feed of their own let’s plays. The last thing we want is for this to become the Let’s Play Subreddit.

And I considered whether co-commentators should be able to recommend LPs they’re in didn’t think there’d be a need for it because it’s another grey area to worry about and presumably any LP wouldn’t have so many co-commentators that there wouldn’t still be plenty of fans who could recommend it.

If people feel this strongly about it, though, I’ll relax the rules. These guidelines are here for the users’ benefit too, and they can be amended if they’re not working out.

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Was hoping a thread like this would pop up. I’ve been immensely enjoying the Salt and Sanctuary LP that’s been steadily rolling out two updates a week so far. The game’s a 2D Metroidvania that follows the Dark Souls formula to a fault, which means there’s a lot to see but only one or two actually viable approaches for first-time players. Lotus has been making sure to collect and demonstrate every option available while playing skillfully enough that things don’t get bogged down while they’re using objectively weaker items, so there’s a ton of variety on display and it remains consistently entertaining.

Alright I love screen shot lets plays and I’m currently following two one by the user @BabsScriven is making this screenshot lets play (since i already viewed it that link might auto scroll you sorry.) his knowledge of the books really helps the Lp out I feel

The second by user @Jenner is a game called “to the moon” the plot hasn’t really gotten that far yet but I enjoy the writing and style the game has going for it so far. you can find that one here:


If you like screen shot LPs, you should check out @morsrattus’ Phoenix Wright LP. The LP Turnabout: A Documentary on Japanifornian Law with Phoenix Wright
It’s already incredibly far along, and as someone who really liked the old LP of it that never finished I’m looking forward to seeing how it ends.


Wow, thanks! I was worried about not having a big audience here since it didn’t get many comments.

Hopefully when I get to AA2, we’ll see more comments, since it won’t begin with a giant-ass content dump. I intend to move over here entirely from SA rather than mirroring it on SA, after all.


Wehehe, seeing Callahan recommended makes this girl all wiggly. It’s a game I’ve always really loved that almost nobody has heard of, so I’m glad people are liking the thread. As for my own recommendations…

The previously mentioned To The Moon and Ace Attorney LPs are both really great. (I’m especially glad that Japanifornia continues to be the Ace Attorney community’s name for the setting after all these years).

Other than those, @jordanhass is doing something pretty unique that I really like! With Work in Progress, he’s leading the thread as we all work together to create our own game in Tabletop Simulator. It’s going pretty well so far, I think!


Bumping this tragically underused thread with a recommendation for the LP of Freedom Planet, the surprisingly good Sega Genesis throwback with the terrible storyline! The commentators are ridiclously good at the game and appropriately critical of its glaring flaws, while still praising its merits and generally being funny. Perhaps the single best ongoing LP.

And if you’re in the mood for more quality indie throwback games played improbably well, Combat Lobster has been providing just that for years! He’s got threads for Luckslinger and the most recent Momodora archived on this very site, and my personal favorite Volgarr the Viking, which is technically offsite but Lobster ain’t and this thread needs content so this should be fine!


And in terms of his current projects, his LP of Brave Fencer Musashi has been wonderfully entertaining both in letting the game speak for itself and providing fun and insightful commentary when it feels appropriate. Seriously, it’s been a really fun ride so far and I can’t wait to see where it goes next.


A few ones that I’ve gotten really into lately have been this fantastic Persona 3 FES screenshot LP by @Lotus. Does a great job incorporating a lot of the P3P stuff as well

I’ve also been getting really into this great subtitled INSIDE LP by @Montecristo, it might be because I passed on that game cause I never could find 3-4 free hours in a row, but they are doing a wonderful job of being informative and funny

Also being at the start of the newest 6FU campaign where they all play some good mice with @Ironicus & Co is a treat

all of these threads are worth checking out IMO