LP Request Thread

Maybe there is a game you want to see LP-ed but you don’t have the time / equipment to make one yourself. Have no fear, Just put down a game you want to see get the LP treatment and hope someone decides to pick it up.

Note: I’d make sure to check if someone hasn’t already made a LP of said game and also try to make sure that suggestion the hasn’t already been made.

Edit: I should establish some rules.

  • If a LP suggestion has been picked up, please modify your post to reflect this.

  • If a series has more than three games in it, please be more specific on which game you want to see.

  • Please delete the post once the LP is complete

I’ll be taking suggestions for more rules

I’d like to see an LP of Silent Hill 3, it’s the best one in the series and it doesn’t get enough praise.
Also The Witcher, it’s a really good game

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I’d really like to see True Crime Streets of LA. Something tells me it didn’t age well, making it prime for goofing.

Please LP Overcooked. If someone doesn’t LP Overcooked I’m gonna have to LP Overcooked.

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I own this game, and my partner and I loved it. If I can convince her to jump on a microphone, we could probably give it a go. :slight_smile:

e: If someone else can do it today, go ahead! I’m about to start a run of night shifts at work, so it’d be a week from now at the soonest and I bet someone else is funnier and less nasal-sounding than me.

My Suggestion for a thread title: I’ve lost all my friends and am getting divorced thanks to this game: Overcooked VLP
Or: Let’s Play Overcooked: Gordon Ramsay simulator go!

This is in the works, getting ready to record soon! Probably not going to be posting it for at least a month or so, though. I want to have all the game recorded and have a good backlog this time, so I can have a decent update schedule! Too many of my LPs have taken over a year to post because I record AND edit at the same time… which is dumb, so I’m changing that process. lol

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Hah! This is a reasonably good description of our last playthrough. :V

An Untitled Story is a nice, free metroidvania that I think needs more credit and exposure.


I could use another good cooking game LP like Mico’s Cooking Mama LP. Something like that. Except maybe with desserts and stuff?

Have you seen Cook, Serve, Delicious? It’s actually a super good game.

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Yeah, I played it for a bit, and I tell there’s good game design in there, but…
CSD is just too grindy for my tastes.
I would play the co-op with a friend though. (If I had any. [single tear rolls down jaded expression] jk, i’m just playin)

I looooove Overcooked. Me and Chip 100%'d it in two days (should have recorded it, whoops.) Cook Serve Delicious is also friggin great, in an even more stressful, panicky way. But yeah, it’s a little grindy, annoyingly.

I’d love to see anything kings field :smiley:

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How did you gold star that fucking ice level?!
You should have recorded it. Your relationship is strong, you survived Overcooked!

We were both decidedly determined to wreck Overcooked. Maybe I can convince @ChipCheezum to do a quick LP with me…


I had played only partway into it before, but Resonance of Fate for the 360 is some thing I’ve been trying to find anew LP of forever. It’s definitely a jrpg but the combat and weapon customization is definitely unique.

Assuming I never get around to an LP myself, Heroines Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok is a pretty fun Adventure/RPG game that is available for free from Steam. It’s a game I feel could use more love.

Also if someone does want to LP this and wants a co-commentator I’d be willing to do that.

i would love to do a Resonance of Fate LP just to show it off, but man that games kinda long…

On an aside I would love to see just what the hell Steel Batallion is, but that LP is extremely unlikely considering that controller.