LP Setbacks


Hey. So something really discouraging just happened, and I kind of wanted to get some opinions over here.

See, I was recording a level for my Sly Cooper LP, and I hit the reset button on my system because something went wrong with the recording and I wanted to go back to where I was beforehand. But I accidentally did that during a transition where the game was trying to save, so it wound up glitching and wiping my save data.

I know that quite a few of you here have been LPing for a while, so I’m guessing that some of you have dealt with unfortunate circumstances like this before. So I was just wondering, how do you deal with it when something like this happens in one of your LPs? Do you try to get the game state to exactly where it was before you lost data, or do you just play to the point where you were and not care about whether it’s exactly the same as it was?

I kind of want to try to get everything back exactly how it was, but I want to hear some outside opinions first.


I know I personally wouldn’t put a lot of effort into getting the gamestate back perfectly, but I don’t really do the SA style total show-off lp. I’m sure people would be understanding if you just explain the situation if things don’t line up perfectly. I’m not very familiar with Sly Cooper, is it like a collect-a-thon game where you would have to put in a lot of extra effort to clear the levels again?


It’s something of a collect-a-thon. It’s a platformer where you collect coins, extra lives, clues to unlock safes that grant new abilities, and keys at the end of each level. I had unlocked 5 out of the 7 available safes I had reached so far, so I have to go back and gain all of that back because it let me unlock abilities that I had at the latest point in the LP that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

And yeah, I’m going to explain what happened at the start of the next video, because I feel like the delay should be explained.


What I usually do is note what I had in the previous update, mostly stuff with a number or marking attached to it like clues, lives, moves, etc. Figure out which are important and which are not; so like lives don’t matter really no one is gonna call you out for having the wrong number of lives or coins for that matter. And replay everything to the point where all the important stuff lines up with the last update. (And if I can’t be bothered to, sometimes I’ll use a little movie magic to cover up my goofs.)

Granted, I mostly LP games that I know well enough that I can, if need be, play all the way through in about one sitting, so my perspective on the matter might be little bias.