Question of "Does this technically count as an LP?"


Hello, I have an upcoming project that I’m not sure if it counts as a “Let’s Play” or a “Stream” .

I do a series of streams called “Ranking of Shmups” were I take a look at various shoot 'em ups and rank them on a large list.

I’m planning on expanding that to a bit broader new project and was wondering if I can consider it an LP or not because I do tend to play through games.

Here is my most recent episode

What I’ll be doing differently is doing a bit more editing and adding segments at the beginning or end explaining trivia I miss or other details so it won’t just be a stream dump. I’m also going to be toning down some of the more streamy elements like probably not having my notifications go off or things like that.

So even though they are technically streams, I would be editing them down to be less streamy and a bit more akin to a casual LP that is a bit more organized.

When I start my new project (which is just an evolution of the video I just posted), should I do it in the Streams section or the Let’s Play section?



I would say post the edited videos in a thread in #letsplays, and then you can include a link in the OP to the streams and post in #streams when you’re going live each week/whenever.