How do you guys advertise your LP?


I’m just curious how do you guys get the word out and build an audience for your LPs? Do you just upload to youtube and hope someone stumbles upon it in a search? Post on social media or other message boards?


My husband and I use here as one platform, we also use twitter, and just post on youtube. We are also trying to expand into using Twitch to expand our audience base. I’m sure others have better advice then this but those are the platforms we use. Also have our own discord channel and interact with other discords and groups to promote ourselves to others. Just being active in different media groups helps I think.


I post them here and on SA. That’s basically it. I’ll also let people know on Twitter and on Discords where you are allowed to. So basically: I don’t.


I usually don’t? Twitter and here I guess.


Okay cool thanks for answering guys! I only advertise on here and my social media accounts myself :slight_smile:


If it’s a small indie game, it wouldn’t hurt to see if they have some kind of community hub like steam/gog forums, discord, subreddit, etc. and see if they’re cool with you dropping a link to your LP. I did it once and that managed to impress the devs enough that they did a little advertising for me.