Foreigner LPs

So here’s the deal. I wanna get into making LPs, but I already know that I’ll have a huge accent because of being from a foreign country where English isn’t a main language.
Do you guys give those LPs a chance or is it something that turns you away? I’m just generally curious because I do try to hide it as good as I can.

As long as you are comfortable speaking English you should give it a shot. As long as your accent doesn’t make it impossible to understand you I think everyone here won’t mind. I also get that reservation. I’m German (based on your name I’d guess you are from a German-speaking country too) and years ago when I started I was really worried about my accent and the thing is, even though I don’t have much of one there was still exactly one (1) person who once complained about my accent making it hard to understand (with everyone else jumping in to say they anderstand fine and can’t even tell where I’m from based on my slight accent)

tl;dr: Do it.

As long as I can understand the LPer, their native language or accent doesn’t really bother me. Post it.

Part of the joy of watching many Let’s Plays is the diversity of experiences. Languages and accents are naturally going to be part of that. Heck, I’ve had some fun watching videos actually in Japanese, with my pathetic understanding of the language, because there are things that can be understood even without the words.

Can only speak on personal preference. I don’t see why there would be any issue. To add onto Nidoking, its always nice to hear or read some German even though my competency with the language could be considered nearly non-existent.