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You know what’s even better than playing a game alone? Playing a game with a friend.

Sometimes you just can’t carry a video by your own, whether it’s due to shyness or just not having anything to say. In any case, sometimes you just want to make an LP with more than just yourself. That’s what this thread is for, if you’re making an LP and want a co-commentator, and don’t already have anyone lined up, just make a post here and ask for some assistance! Or, should you want to commentate but you don’t want to go through the effort of making a whole LP, then send out a notice that you’re available! Just don’t be dicks about it. That would be rude.

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"Make a Let's Play friend"

Hi, I’m Joe and I’m very available.

I’m a chill guy with a decent mic and better manners. I currently work an 8-4, mon-fri job and my time zone is UTC.

Feel free to add me on Discord: Great Joe#8595



Hello folks. I am eternally unemployed. As a result I have a lot of availability. I use Discord and am familiar with Audacity, OBS and XSplit. I’m fairly quick on the uptake about anything and can improvise commentary decently. I am particularly fond of informative efforts and like to focus on asking questions, observations and implications. As a note, I am a trans woman, so I’d appreciate being referred to as a lady.

I have co-commented on some of The StrawHatNO!'s videos (Hero of Leaf Valley, Super Bomberman 2) and one of Dr. Kill’s Let’s Break Majora’s Mask videos. I have also provided footage and extensive text commentary for Thornbrain’s Survival Kid’s LP. I am willing to go fairly far to help out if it’s within my skillset to do so.

Send me a message on here if you’d like to speak with me about participation and I will likely provide my Discord information.



But seriously, I’m around. I don’t have much experience in the commentary front for let’s plays, but i do have plenty of experience with podcasting and set-up. I have Discord, Yeti and Audacity on the standby (and backup obs).

I’m usually busy during the day, but anytime after 6-7pm pst works for me. Let me know what kind of games you need me for, and I’ll try to make sure to ask questions about the game and not just state the obvious.

I’m still used to Skype, so give me a PM for that, and if you want to be on discord - Jordan#6770.

I’m lonely and need friends.


Hey everyone I’ve always wanted to throw my hat into the co-op commentary game. I’ve got all the free time in the world so scheduling shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

I’ve got a decent mic and I’m a very friendly person and can crack some good jokes.

I’ve got Discord (Penvellyn#1685) so feel free to add me and we can discuss it more there and see if we click as a team.


Hello all, I am currently unemployed with a lot of time on my hands so if you need another person to blather on about a video game I am usually available! I too have Discord (Joe#9053, whoops) so feel free to add and/or message me if you need a buddy!


I’m not the best equipped, tech or experience-wise, but I’m unemployed with longterm insomnia so I’m always available pretty much if you need a co-commentator.


I guess I’ll try this again now that my spine isn’t constantly giving me grief. Speaking of, I’m on disability so I’m available whenever! Hurray! :toot:

I’m nonbinary (she or they is fine) with a voice that honestly sounds like a ship’s computer… It’s a side effect of speech therapy and previously working at a job that required a lot of PA use.

I’ve guested in a few LPs and streams, and dry humor and random trivia are my forte. PM me for Discord info/thoughts on what games you wanna do.


This sounds like a lot of fun! I’ve got a cheap mic and loads of free time so feel free to send me a message.


Hello, I’m mateo360. I am more available during weekdays early in the day as I have a mostly night and weekend schedule. I am usually available in discord but I still have skype active as well.


Hi, I’m here a lot. Should probably not so much but, if you want someone with my voice and stuff for your thing. Then I’m your down dude for the doing.

I hope you don’t need my Resume with references.

I’m usually available in the late afternoon to night, but don’t want to bug my roommates past 2am on weekdays. I’m usually free on weekends, all day, all night. Feel free to message me, and we’ll see if we can work something out.


##live co-comm. (~2 years ago) (btw, I’m the dude)

##solo post comm. (~2 years ago)


Hey, I’m ScurvyKip and I am totally down to commentate on (nearly) whatever game you want! I identify as nonbinary/androgynous, so he/she/they are all fine by me. As long as you pick one and stick with it. Anyway, I’m on GMT -5, and my free days are generally Wed-Fri, and most other nights as well. I will try to remember to edit this post if/when my availability changes.

Add me on Discord: ScurvyKip#4851


Yeah stage fright has been the biggest obstacle to me doing streams/LP’S. If I have someone to talk to I’m usually fine though. I don’t have any plans for an LP at the moment but I’d be very willing to join someone elses. (I have both Discord & Skype accounts)


Hello people. I’m available for lping and/or commentating. I’m pretty available as long as I’m not in school. I have Skype: thevidgeogamer, and Discord: thevidgeogamer#3107. I look forward to friends to commentate with. Btw I’m a shy guy so if I seem quiet at first it may just take a little bit.


I might as well throw my name in here as well on the off chance that someone wants to pick me up as a co-commentator sometime!

Qualities that may improve or worsen my recruitability as a co-commentator:

  • Puns
  • I have a Scottish accent (people like Scottish accents, right?)
  • A tendency to lapse into the Doric dialect (Remember that big blonde dude in Brave who talked in unintelligible gibberish? That’s Doric. Not kidding, that is legit a dialect)
  • Despite being from the UK, my sleep schedule is fucked six ways from Sunday, so I’m up late most nights.
  • I’m unemployed and on disability, so “most nights” generally means “All nights”.
  • I have a sense of comedic timing, if I see a potential setup for a joke I’ll leap on it.
  • I’m autistic, so there may be some communication problems here and there, but generally talking into a mic is a lot easier than talking face-to-face. Regardless there may be some stammering and pausing to collect my thoughts, so keep that in mind.
  • Puns.

Examples of stuff I’ve done in the past:

Solo live commentary:

Co-commentator on post-commentary video by Phenwah:

I’m available on Discord but for privacy’s sake (I’m a bit wary of who I add, for a variety of reasons) I’d prefer to communicate that privately if you have a project you’d like me to co-commentate!



Hey, would anybody be keen on joining me for a stream of La-Mulana? PMs if so, cheers!


I’m a jeans man first and foremost. Also, I try to make LPs sometimes.

This is from my first attempt at playing Yakuza 4 with my friend. I had to scrap it for reasons beyond either of our control, but we’re both getting back into things. I’d like the chance to get better at these things, so I’d be happy to talk over your whip-only NG+ run of Dark Souls.

I work second shift most weekdays, leaving me free most mornings/early afternoons, central time. Sundays are usually my day devoted to getting LP stuff done and the easiest to get a hold of me. My recording setup is pretty standard: Blue Snowball and Audacity.

I’m pretty well-versed in a lot of genres, except country and rap fighting and racing games. Single player action/adventure is my main gig, but I’ve also got a taste for the more strategic/role-playing stuff. I’ve got an elaborate CK2 file that I come back to every now and then. JRPGs also used to be my jam, back when I had the time to actually play through all of them.

If you think Majora’s Mask wasn’t the best N64 game, I’m swiping left. Discord name is Loser_SA


Lately I’ve started streaming on Tuesdays at arounds 6/7PM PST for about 4-6 hours. I’m not so great at solo commentary so having someone else to speak with would be pleasant. if anyone is interested, please send me a PM. Discord is the requisite communication medium.

Edit: Position currently filled.