Stream Schedule Depository (+ Imminent Stream Advertising)

Hey, it’s the…

This thread is for…

  • Posting the schedules for the streams you do! (Those will be added to this OP in a list that will link to your post! You can post the schedules in regular ol’ text form or make 'em a flashy cool image if you want them to be eye-catching, whatever!)
  • Just random stream announcements if you wanna remind people, or if you’re doing one off-schedule!
  • Maybe other stuff, I don’t know! We’ll see how the thread forms :slight_smile:

ADMIN NOTE: This post is now a wiki! That means now anyone can edit this post and add their schedules! This means there’s some new ground rules:

  • Only add or in any way mess with your own links to your own schedule. Altering or deleting other people schedules will get you punished.
  • If you’re sure someone else has messed with or deleted your link maliciously, report them.

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Example of a post in this thread (but also it’s true):

I’m doing a Draw Stream at 3pm EST (that’s in about 1.25 hours)! :writing_hand::hamburger::wave:

I’m going live in a few moments and streaming Jalopy

EDIT: stream done.

Going to be playing the U and U+ battle for the FFT event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper in about 10 minutes at 4p EST. Hope to see you there!

We mastered the Ultimate but missed mastering the U+ by one medal because of some mistiming on reapplying my mitigation will master off stream with the same team.

Streaming the Mega Drive/Genesis ROM Pit:

EDIT: Stream done!

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I’ve been playing Dark Souls blind! I recently beat the Capra Demon and now I’m going… well I don’t quite know yet but I’m going somewhere.

Starts at 7 PM EST, 15 minutes from now.

EDIT: I killed a dragon that was like 75% mouth.

Not sure if non-game streams are kosher but I’m about to stream myself continuing a cross-stitch project over at my youtube channel! Its a fun, chill experience where you can watch me make things, hang out, and listen to music!

Streaming a Hidden Object game I worked on Sea of Lies - Burning Coast

Playing with another gamedev friend and we’ll be talking about the game, its development and past regrets I have. We’re near the end of the game, so this is the final session.

It’s 3:20am and I have a bit of Mad Max to finish up, so I’m gonna stream it. Come for the road rage, stay for the road kill!

I’m going to be streaming some Yakuza 0 in a minute right over here. It’s early in the morning here so it’s just me.

Stream’s over.

Streaming Street Fighter V casual matches with Dectilon and SixTwoSixFour:

Edit: Finished Dark Souls II Stream! Beat Last Giant, Dragonrider and Flexile Sentry.

  • Mad Max
  • Valkyria Chronicles
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

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I’m streaming a little late today at 4:30p and also have a few different things I feel like streaming so I shall leave it to you! The People! We’ll be here in about 45 minutes. 5min Warning!

Never leave your ass open to enemy tank fire.

Goin live with some Chrono Trigger in about five minutes! Come hang out! :3:


Streaming Digimon World: Next Order in a bit

Come and talk about the superiority of Digimon compared to Pokemon and other trash franchises.

Streaming Dark Souls in about 5 minutes. Big Rick Dick will not be denied his quest.

EDIT: Blighttown sucks.

I’m about to stream some FF5. I’ve never beat the game, so I’m trying to do that before this year’s fiesta.

About to stream a “race” of Neo Turf Masters

Gonna stream some La-Mulana. Been years since I played, so I’m curious to see how well I’ll do.