Crafts and trucks and capitalism, oh my! - Fae Streams!

Its me, I do the streaming thing! I generally do this on youtube on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!

Recently, Mondays has been Recettear since I wanted to play a game from beginning to end on stream, Wednesdays is craftstream where we relax together, chill out with some music and craft something (usually crochet or cross stitch) and Fridays is currently “let’s learn controllers” time, where my friend poorlywrittennovel helps me learn dual stick controllers with Katamari Damacy!

Schedule is generally 8pm GMT (that’s 3pm EST) on Mondays, anywhere between 3-5pm GMT (10am-noon EST) on Wednesdays and 9:30pm GMT Fridays (that’s 4:30EST!) but don’t worry if you miss something, I record everything and put it up on youtube not long after!


Pssst, might be good to drop a link to your channel

Whoops! Edited it into the first post, but yes you can find my streams at and I usually post on twitter before I’m about to go live too since youtube is kinda bad at notifying people!

Ahh, the joys of AnimeTruckStream. Fae is also a fine craftsperson; I promise those streams are a good time!