Bearpigman and Pullahoko's Good Guy Streams for Cool People


Bearpigman here, casual LP/Streamer dude and good twitter poster extraordinaire.
I stream twice a week with my equally talented good guy buddy Pullahoko.
Sometimes on My Channel, sometimes on His Channel

What do you guys stream?

Something old, something new, something b-err I mean. Pretty much everything. We have an affinity for PS1 and Game Boy-era stuff, but also love a good jackbox and occasional overwatch. I’ve also begun speedrunning RE7 so I’ll probably start streaming runs of those more often.

We also do a fair amount of charity streaming, which we’ll give notification of on our twitters pages!

When do you stream?

Tuesday and Thursday at 9pm EST. It’s a toss up between which channel we’ll be on, but if it’s on one the other will be hosting, so you’ll be able to tell. We welcome all, come swing by

Do you upload your stuff anywhere?

Yup, I got all my stuff on my youtube channel, and Pullahoko’s been getting his up on his youtube channel

We hope to see you there!


I can confirm that these are quality streams. Especially the Game Boy streams.


Cool streams & nonsense fiestas that somehow benefit charity many times over- this is the good stuff! 5/5 Screaming Alex Joneses


I’m a regular in their streams. I can say they’re great streamers and deserve the support.

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Hi yes “Bearpigman” is it? Hi, I’m from the infowars comments section. Quick Q, but I recently watch one of your streams and I need to know how much of a cuck you actually are. Please reply here or on any infowars article, I can be found at “CrookedKilliaryforjail2016”.

(( FYI, I stream with BPM on the reg, so this is all in good fun))

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Finally back on a somewhat regular basis of uploading Stream highlights. First up is the NES Classic Stream (click for playlist) we did last week:

Part 1: Punch Out
Part 2: Double Dragon/Gradius
(more to come as they’re uploaded)

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27 days and you’ve yet to answer my question, how dare Bearpiglizardperson.

super cuck

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oh. okay then. um, thanks for you time.

So we’re going for some LttP randomizer runs to bring hype for zelda at

So here are some links to stuff we’ve been doing

Zelda: ALttP Randomizer- RNDM’s Random Adventure:

Gal*Gun Double Peace: Welcome to Anime Hell:

Breath of the Wildboyz: Switch Lickers:

We’ll be set to finish Zelda randomizer on Thursday!

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