Highwang's Streams

This is where I stream my bullshit.
Schedule’s usually Mon-Wed, Fri & Sat @ 8pm PST

##What gets streamed?
Whatever tickles my fancy. Most of the week is dedicated to full playthroughs of a game. Weekends are usually one-off things like the fucking Putt-Putt series of games, D&D, or whatever game I’m addicted to.

The content can be manipulated. Buy me a game and I’ll promptly try it out live. Recommend/Buy me a good game and I’ll probably play it to completion. Bad games tend to get love too, just look at Alone in the Dark 2008.

##A Disclaimer
My co-commentators and I have been on the net a long time. Some of us 15+ years, old internet. This can leads to us saying rude and abrasive shit. We try to be civil in general, but once in a blue moon something will slip through the cracks. You have been warned.

Twitch highlights. If the stream is really good like with Condemned or Wild Arms 3 I’ll make an effort to push it to Youtube, but most streams will be highlighted.

I’m also really bad at keeping up with archives. Just yell at me on twitter or in stream if a stream is in danger of being lost due to shelf-life.

Its all on the twitch page, along with co-host/tech/donation info.