Programming: How I forgot to play games in order to make my own

Oh Hello

I have been streaming off and on for the last 7 years, give or take a year. I have also done a few LPs that are horrible but you can watch them anyways on my website. Lately I havn’t been playing many videos games and instead have started to make my own. You can watch me on

When do I stream?

Well I’ve been trying to stream every day, normally around 2-4 hours, besides Saturday and Sunday. I’m trying to start at 3pm EST on weekdays. If you want to watch the best thing to do would be follow me on twitter @vifs or join my discord server.

What am I doing?

Well basically I’m making a roguelike-like game. Think FTL mixed with some Oregon Trail, but with pirates! If you are completely lost as to what I’m doing while stream. I try to write up a dev blog post every time after I stream to explain some of the things I did. So maybe you can learn something too! You can read these on my blog, I blog about other things too so you can filter the tags by code or something.

What if you miss a stream?

Don’t worry I’ve been uploading them to my youtube channel. I even have made a playlist for it all too.

Chat things

I don’t really have any rules in chat. Pretty much anything goes in there, and I only timeout/bad people who are just raiding or doing anything else annoying. I’m pretty open to letting anyone say anything on my channel. Another thing is I have a chat bot I create myself, it sometimes says some really awful stuff, so be warned of that.

Can I play your game?

Every so often I’m going to be putting out public builds, so yes! For right now you can play the eariliest version, that is honestly pretty barebones, you can download it on my website. You just need to unpack the .zip file and run the exe. If you have issues with running an exe from the internet, I can’t blame you.


So I have a Patreon going for my video game I am making. I figured Patreon over Kickstarter would be an interesting idea because of it’s month to month payment thing. I can have tighter feedback loop between myself and people who like my game idea. I post my dev blogs on there as well, so you can follow it if you want to see me ramble about programming stuff. I don’t like the idea of putting content behind a paywall, but if you do 5 dollars or more you can get access to a monthly build of my game, so you can play along while I develop.

Alright so I figured I’d stream some normal video games as well. I’ve been mostly streaming Heroes of the Storm, well besides programming, but I might do other things every now and then. I’ll keep doing programming streams in the morning, but look out for game streams later in the day, or on the weekend.

I’m streaming right now, I’m mostly going to be setting some things up so I can put out build at the start of next month. There is another point of today’s stream though, I want to answer questions. So why don’t you pop in, ask questions about anything?