I’m DocPhoenix, and I’m playing through every Mario game with my co-commentator CompuNic.
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Streams every Tuesday and Saturday at 6PM ET.

Now, when I say “every Mario game”, I’m not just talking about games where you play as Mario. I mean every game staring any character from the broader Mario series universe. That means every Donkey Kong, Yoshi, and Wario game, all the Mario Parties, all the sports games, etc. - it’s about 400 games in total last I counted.

We’re going in approximate release order, and currently I’m working through mostly different versions of the early arcade games on the few dozen different consoles and PCs that all came around in the 80s.

We’re also keeping a list of every job Mario’s had along the way, which he apparently keeps getting fired from. Here’s Mario’s career path as of the latest stream:

  1. Carpenter - Donkey Kong (Arcade)
  2. Animal Tamer - Donkey Kong Jr. (Arcade)
  3. Bottle Factory assembly line worker - Mario Bros. (Game & Watch) [with Luigi]
  4. Cement Factory assembly line worker - Mario’s Cement Factory (Game & Watch)
  5. Plumber - Mario Bros. (Arcade) [with Luigi]
  6. Infantry Grenadier - Mario’s Bombs Away (Game & Watch)
  7. Demolitions - Vs. Wrecking Crew (Arcade) [with Luigi]

We’ve got a long journey ahead of us, and I hope some of you can enjoy watching me suffer through many terrible ports of Donkey Kong along the way to actually good games.