Moony's Adventures in Mediorcrity

Hi! I’m Moony and I’m bustin’ down the door into this whole streaming business. Right now I’m working with a pretty bad computer, so my streams are limited to untaxing content, but there’s still a whole lot of good shit in there! Probably. I’m still figuring this shit out lmao.

I stream Tuesdays and Fridays at 1pm PST/GMT-8 (9pm UST). My streams are really chill and low energy hangouts, with a lot of chat interaction and such. Come hang out with us, you probably won’t regret it I hope!
Currently playing: Chrono Trigger, completely blind!


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(my offline image needs to be updated still, oops)

Pupdate: Added a link to my Chrono Trigger VOD yt playlist for all to enjoy =w=