An Evil Herbivore Streams


I stream every Sunday at 5pm Eastern over at my Twitch page. More on the way.


Hi! I’m Katheryn. Me and my buddies do streams every week and hang out.


Currently I do a weekly stream of Mass Effect. We’re playing through the entire series, but we’re currently on the first game. I’m joined every week by my friend Deathspeak and occasionally by other friends of mine.

I’m working on pulling together a couple more regular streams, but scheduling is still up in the air, so I’ll update when it’s more settled.

Mass Effect streams happen every Sunday at 5pm Eastern time. I’ve got 2 other regular streams in the works, but I haven’t been able to nail down a time for them. I’ll update this thread when I have more info.

All of my streams are done live over at my Twitch page.
Recordings can be found on that same Twitch page or over on my YouTube channel.
Stream cancellations or delays are announced on my my Twitter.

My rules are pretty simple, just don’t be a creep and don’t be an asshole. Also, if one of us on stream or one of the mods in chat tells you something, listen to them. We’re pretty laid back, so just don’t go overboard and you’ll do fine.

Stream would normally be today but it is being cancelled!! We will be continuing our space opera adventures next Sunday, or sooner if schedules line up!

After an impromptu 2-week hiatus, we’re finally back with Mass Effect in just under 45 minutes from now.
Come check it out.