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I recently escaped from the slow internet zone and have, as a result, got into streaming! I typically do this at some place called twitch. I’ve been kinda down recently so doing this regularly has kinda helped me with that.

But what about the video games?

For the first little while, I streamed just sort of whatever, but recently I’ve taken to streaming games in my ever-growing backlog, trying to clear them off one at a time. For example, a couple of Fridays ago, I started streaming Final Fantasy V because I haven’t ever beat it and want to participate in this year’s Four Job Fiesta. I intend to use streaming as a way to finally commit to the games I’ve purchased instead of letting them slip by unfinished, and if people want to be on for the ride, I’m cool with that.

When do you go about this?

I have been on the following schedule for the last month or so.

Fridays at 8PM Eastern Time, typically going until 11 or 12 PM, but sometimes longer
Saturdays at 8PM Eastern Time, typically going until 11 or 12 PM. I don’t go over as often on Saturdays

Occasionally, I will also stream on Thursdays at 9 AM Eastern Time until around 11 AM.

Aw beans, I missed it!

I understand that I stream on some busy nights, so you might watch somebody else. Thankfully, I love you regardless, and because of that, I’ve got a youtube playlist with a bunch of my past streams exported to it. I usually export any stream I do, so if you missed one, it’ll usually be there the next day.

Solo or Co-Op?

Most often, I’ll get a couple of friendos in on a call and we’ll do some talking over video games, but for some games, I go solo. I’m not averse to the idea of having new people on now and again, so if you’ve got some insight into what I’m playing, maybe hit me up!

Anything else?

Pretty much the only rules I try to enforce in my streams are to not spoil anything and not be a jerk. So far I haven’t had to do anything about either of those rules so ideally it’d just stay that way, but y’know, if you gotta, you gotta.

I hope you’ll come watch every now and again, I try my best to engage with the chat and keep things fun, so if I can entertain you with some video games, that’s fantastic!


For the foreseeable future, these two games are the games I will be focusing on:

Fridays: Final Fantasy V
Saturdays: Resident Evil VII

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Since I have finished Resident Evil VII, I’m switching Saturdays to Yakuza 0 and Pathfinder on alternating weeks. Today will be Pathfinder, and next week will be Yakuza 0.

I haven’t posted in this thread in a while, but I’m about to do an extra long stream of Prey in just a moment. I’m quite a ways into the game, so there may be spoilers.