New Streams, Guaranteed Fresh

What is this
Goodguy and I are streaming whatever catches our interest at the time with me at my channel and my pal at his channel, sometimes it’s showing games we like and the other hasn’t seen, other times we play tra-fun stuff to relax on the weekdays. Weekends are usually ‘bigger’ games that I want to show goodguy and maybe the Internet?? These games tend to be RPGs, but can also be other things.

When do the streams happen
Goodguy3 and I stream with a rough schedule of 2:30 PM PST/5:30 EST on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and 11 AM PST/2 PM EST on weekends, we usually go for around 2 hours on weekdays and 3-4 hours, depending, on the weekends, with Goodguy on Saturday and myself on Sunday, we have no real schedule as to who does what when on the weekdays, usually, so please forgive me for not providing a stricter schedule than this! We also both have Twitter accounts where we announce streams, I am a very boring person and basically only post when I stream, but Goodguy might retweet cute animals doing cute things occasionally! Ardryn Goodguy3

Are you archiving these
I am exporting my streams to my YouTube, both in whole and sometimes in smaller chunks! Goodguy doesn’t believe in YouTube, but I will probably start bugging him to become an exporter of stream.