Kuuribro Streams

Heyo! Just a headsup that I do 1.8 streams a week (on average), one on Mondays at 5pm PST 8pm EST, and one on Saturday Mornings around 8am EST, or whenever I wake up and remember to. All can be seen on either my Twitch channel OR Youtube channel (I use restream.io to hit both.)


Right now I’m doing Read Only Memories (great game, everybody should check it out) on Saturday Mornings, have for the past few weeks and I’m gonna keep going until it’s done.

The Monday one though is always put up for a vote on my twitter @kuurion the week before the stream - I just posted the new poll for this week today. https://twitter.com/Kuurion/status/829759294014943232

This past monday I did Sonic and Knuckles with @ReplayTyHeretic and it was a colossal failure in terms of actually playing and beating the game - but it was great in terms of conversation and talking about stuff. I try to have co-comms on that I can have interesting talks with.

Paper Mario Finale stream is live now! Plus, if you missed the Freedom Bundle or couldn’t afford it, we’ll be giving away a bunch of stuff from that as well as the night goes on.

Going in against Super Mario Bros 2 tonight. Maybe I’ll manage to get to the end and knock another game off my backloggery! https://www.twitch.tv/kuuribro