🍔 VoidStreams! 🍔

Hey, it’s your buddy Voidburger! I stream things here on Twitch!

image by @FlareShardTS on Twitter! I haven’t gotten to use it til now, yay!


*** NO SCHEDULE RIGHT NOW. My schedule is in flux at the moment, as I’m currently in training at a new job, so I’m not sure what days I’m gonna be officially working yet! Please follow my Twitter for stream announcements! ***

All the stream VODs usually go up in 1-2 days in shorter, more watchable chunks (except the Drawstreams) on my Youtube channel, unless I’m especially busy that week! Also, here’s my Patreon (since I mentioned it a few times here, I figured I might as well link it.)

Anyway, hope to seeya on da streams~! :hamburger::wave:

(Maybe I will spruce up this OP a bit more later, dunno!)


:0 I’ve been upgraded to a “sometimes!”

These streams are always fun to watch and I highly recommend them

These streams are always very good, and sometimes genuinely life changing.


I know I’ve said it before but thank you so much for always getting the VoDs up on youtube so fast. I can’t make most of the streams because of my work hours but I always catch the uploads later.


Now you can switch to Harvest Moon.

(also thank you for the streams they’re lovely and great)

[quote=“Voidburger, post:1, topic:1088, full:true”]my Patreon peeps are getting half-tired of Stardew, lol.
Go back to Recettear! :wink:

Love your streams! Been watching for a good while now. I can never make the weekday streams but I always catch Sundays! And thanks for getting the VODs up so quickly.

One of my favorite stream moments was the great slime revolt in Slime Rancher :joy:

And I loved your Banjo Kazooie playthrough with @ChipCheezum! Brought back so many memories. (Also y’all are just plain cute together.)

Keep it up!


Basically never make streams because of my work hours, but Voidburger is one of my favorite streamers to queue up when I want something chill to listen/watch while I work on crochet.

Yeah I play voidburger archives in the background while I play Monster Hunter, haha. It’s like a really pleasant podcast about whatever topic Void and guests fall onto.