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:rotating_light: Welcome to the LP Calzone - Eat (read) me (1)

Thanks for stopping by! Before you do anything else give this thread a full read-through to make sure you’re up to speed with how this forum (pizza) rolls. Our Mission Statement We created this forum so that let’s play…

The LP Zone Moneythread: Grunty's Finance Fun! (3)

Welcome to the Moneythread! Financial transparency is very important to us, so we created this thread to keep you updated on all the going-ons in the P’Zone Purse. Here you can learn all you’ve ever wanted to know about …

Discord Get! (We have a Discord now!) (2)

[image] You asked for it, and now it's here! The LP Zone officially has a Discord! Now with these many exciting features: Plenty of channels for text and voice! Ooh! A chat robot with tons of…

Current Known Issues, Workarounds, and Suggestions (3)

Discourse is great forums software! But even it has its issues. This is a thread for currently known problems (and sometimes their workarounds) as well as suggestions to make the site better. Issues That Have Workaroun…

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