:siren: Testing a new feature! Displaying the thread OP

Hey y’all! We’re currently testing out a frequently-requested feature that displays who posted a thread on the thread list. This’ll replace the section that shows who posted most recently.

To help us test this out go to your profile preferences -> interface -> theme and then select either “Default Theme Testing” or “Night Mode Testing” and save changes.

Let us know in the thread how it looks, if you have any glitches or issues, and what you think of it overall! Thank you!

I changed the setting to Default Theme Testing and saved, but nothing appears any different for me.

Seems to be working as intended for me. Scrolled down a bunch on latest and didn’t spot any glitches yet.

It’s workin for me too. Maybe you need to CTRL+F5 refresh to clear your cache or something.

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Immediate observations are positive. Will continue to observe.

I like it so far. While it’s cool to see recent posters, I find it far more important to see the one who started the thread.

Ah, I see it now. I thought it was something in the thread itself. Looks good.

Working fine for me so far.

Will you be making it so that the OP’s avatar gets the little aura around it when they’re the most recent poster in the thread?

Didn’t the starter of the thread get displayed before?

The first avatar was the op, the three in the middle were frequent posters, the last one was the latest poster.

It’s nice to see the name and everything, but I’d also like to see the most recent poster in addition to that, if that’s possible.

I’m using the Night Mode Test style on a PC running Opera and it looks fine for me once I reloaded the page! Will continue to read/post and see if things change at any point.

Looks good in Firefox

I like it being more clear who started the thread, though I’d also appreciate being able to see the latest poster.

Other thoughts:

  • The alternating post backgrounds is a little extreme to me, possibly due to the lines between posts emphasising them. Or because they don’t stretch across the entire width of the page.
  • The larger avatar size is nice, but they feel a little too close to the post text, like it’s all cramped together when it seems like it could be spaced out more. Maybe too large in proportion to the current size of the poster’s name?

Hey everyone,

Thanks for the feedback! To address some specific points made so far:

  • The way in which participants were listed in the thread list did show who started the thread, but some users found it less useful than simply displaying a name.
  • Displaying the aura around OP’s avatar when they’re the most recent poster is possible, but it might get visually busy, since I agree that the list should display the latest poster in the thread, so it might be redundant when putting the OP and Activity column side by side.
  • The positioning of user avatars might feel cramped as a result of the avatar flair being a little too close to the text. It should be pretty easy to fix that up.

I’ll be making some changes to the testing theme over the next couple of days, and I’ll update this post when it’s done!

Edit: The thread list now shows the original and most recent posters side by side. Whitespace has been increased on the side facing the avatar so they’re not so tightly bunched together.

Just gonna say that I have no objections with the larger avatar size.

Was this just changed so it also shows latest poster besides original poster? I just noticed the change a few minutes ago, looks very nice.