The regular night mode theme vanished

I dunno where it went but it defaulted me back to the bright white theme

The testing one is here, still, so I can use that in the meantime but uhhh where’d it go

There is also no longer a default theme (attempting to save with Default selected doesn’t work; it reverts to the last selected theme), so the only way to not be blinded while still preferring a white theme (Day Mode is way too bright to me and makes it harder to see where things are due to border differences) is Default Theme Testing. But then I’m stuck with “You are using the testing theme” in the upper left.

I also noticed this, and would like to note that the day mode looks weird and “off” compared to normal.

The themes should be back now! Seems that the latest update to Discourse lost the main site themes, but not our testing themes nor the code necessary to recreate it.

As a result, it was quite easy to recreate the themes, so you should be able to select them from your user preferences.

Sorry for the inconvenience!