Spacing between two images used as links


In my beyond two souls LP here, I have been using side-by-side images to denote two different versions of each update video, but for some reason, they all have a space in between them like this:

when previously they didn’t. I looked into the DOM and found that in the “a” tag, a span was being inserted (though hidden) to track the number of time the links had been clicked. Unfortunately, it seems that a small space is inserted into the html (highlighted below), and that is causing the image separation.

As of now, it isn’t affecting the latest update images here, just all of the others retroactively. Is this something I can fix through updating the previous posts, or is this a site issue?


A recent update to Discourse caused this particular issue to show up. You’re likely to run into this on links throughout all the posts you see, including the post you made just now, marked in red:

This seems to be the result of an issue raised on the Discourse forums about copying links and the link click tracking number. The code was changed so a space separates links and the tracking numbers.

As it stands, we can’t do anything to quickly rectify the issue, but we’re looking into it and should hopefully come to a solution.


I noticed that the latest Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 update doesn’t have this issue as the span for the clicks badge isn’t present in those posts. Perhaps using the HTML anchor tag directly (< a > without spaces appears to work on this forum) fixes the issue, with the likely downside of not tracking clicks.


It appears to have it now. The span doesn’t appear until someone clicks on the first image. It technically exists after the second image as well, but it doesn’t affect the spacing.


Oops, didn’t notice the prior update where that already happened. Never mind.


^ just confirmed the tracker applies to < a > anchors as well as this forum’s markup form of it.