Current Known Issues, Workarounds, and Suggestions

Discourse is great forums software! But even it has its issues. This is a thread for currently known problems (and sometimes their workarounds) as well as suggestions to make the site better.

##Issues That Have Workarounds

  • Hide Details
    Currently the “hide details” option sometimes won’t hide text and images properly.
workaround for the "hide details" bug

When hiding an image or text behind “hide details”, make sure there is at least one full line of space between the hide details code and the text before it.

This will not work:


This, however, will work:



  • [sub] and [sup] tags don’t work, but <sub> and <sup> tags do.
  • If your image isn’t adding [spoiler] tags properly, try downloading it to your computer, then dragging and dropping it into your post instead of linking to it.
  • If the “build poll” option isn’t working properly, try switching to a different type of poll then switching back. That will usually fix it.

##General Problems and Complaints

  • Avatars too small
  • No ability to save multiple drafts
  • Pagination option OR ability for users to control the amount of posts/text+bbcode that preloads on their browser
  • Add “Post last edited” text to always display next to/below the edit icon
  • Original poster username/avatar should show up next to each thread in the thread list
  • Dismiss new and dismiss unread buttons only work globally. There is no option to perform these actions by-category
  • Embedded YouTube videos sometimes autoplay themselves when a thread automatically refreshes
  • If a video(s) is(are) paused or finished playing and one scrolls down (or up?) the page enough to load new posts the aforementioned video(s) will start playing automatically
  • Make muted poster’s posts hidden
  • Phones that cannot log into Discourse: Lumia 640, Internet Explorer. running Lumia Denim. Windows Phone 8.1
  • Phones that cannot load Discourse: iPhone 6 plus, iOS ver. 10.2.1
    - Site needs an SSL certificate
    - Site colors currently too eyeball-melting. Make at least 30% less melty.
    - Separation line between posts too difficult to see
    - Disable link tracking.
    - Difficult to differentiate between read and unread threads


  • A subforum for tabletop gaming
  • A proper night mode
  • The ability to only be notified when the OP posts an update/the ability to mark certain posts as “updates”
  • The ability to hide embedded images until clicked on (for mobile users with data limits)
  • Users should be able to set their own primary group
  • The ability to hide avatars (and replace them with text?)
  • An LP Zone Twitch Community
    - An official Discord server
    - Change the colors of various “confirm” buttons so they don’t look like they’re “greyed-out” aka unavailable