Username Changes?

Maybe someone’s already asked this, I had a glance but didn’t see - is there any way for users to change their names on this forum? Is that unlocked at another membership tier that I haven’t gotten to yet?

I thought about it and I’d rather ditch this old handle from the goon days.

As long as it’s been 3 days since you registered there should be an option in your user preferences to change your username.

Click on the pencil icon and you should be able to change your username.

Uh … that icon doesn’t appear for me. I can change my email, av, background, all the rest, but not the name. Doesn’t seem to be a browser issue either, Chrome and Firefox both have it.

Oop, you’re right. I was reading the settings wrongs. Users have the ability to change their usernames UP TO 3 days after registration.

Right then. In that case for now let me know what you want your username changed to and I’ll take care of it. If we get more username change requests in the future I’ll discuss altering the name-change period with the other mods.

I’d like to be changed to just JD, if that’s alright. Thanks for the fix!

Usernames need to be at least 3 characters.


Ah, you’ve already changed it. This’ll do just fine, thanks a ton!

Since I last came to the forum I have changed my name (this is now a dead name to me) could a mod change it to “Becky Scott Fairley” to match my name elsewhere.

Updated! Let us know if you’re happy with the new format of your username, or if you’d like it updated in the future.

If anyone else wants to change their username and has a particular preference on the formatting, please note the following requirements:

  • There’s a 3 character minimum on your new username
  • The user can consist of any combination of the below characters:
    • Alphabet (lowercase and UPPERCASE)
    • Numerals (0 to 9)
    • Dashes -
    • Underscores _