Somewhat obtrusive "You are using the testing theme" notice


This is something I’ve only had happen recently, but right below the title bar is a line of blue text that says “You are using the testing theme” like so:

And it stays there when I scroll down:


It’s there in the mobile app, too:

I’ve been using the test theme since the “Display OP” feature was put there, but I’ve only started seeing the test today. So, I have to ask: is that supposed to happen?


Yeah, it’s a tad over the top, sorry about that! This was something I whipped up a few days ago, just as I was merging the changes of the testing themes to the main theme.

I’ve gone and reduced the size and opacity of the text in the testing branch, but it’s here to stay in there, just because I want to be sure that you’re aware that you’re running a theme that might break in various places while I’m working on it.


Thanks a lot! It’s looking a lot better, I think!