🚨 Welcome to the LP Calzone - Eat (read) me

Thanks for stopping by! Before you do anything else give this thread a full read-through to make sure you’re up to speed with how this forum (pizza) rolls.

Our Mission Statement

We created this forum so that let’s play creators could have a place to connect and interact with their fans without worrying about SEO and clickthrough ratios. If you’re looking for a place to obsess over what tags to give your video so you’ll show up in the recommended videos sidebar, or are thinking that this is a place to increase your “brand”, this probably isn’t the site for you. However, if you’re looking for a fun, chill place to hang out with friends and fans and learn to improve the quality of your let’s plays, this is where you want to be. Welcome to the Let’s Play Zone. Come on, let’s play!

General Rules

  1. Read all the rules - including ones for each subforum, which are: Let’s Play Rules, Completed Let’s Plays Rules, Stream Forum Rules, General Game Discussion Rules, Let’s Tech Support Rules, Fortress of Feedback Rules, and Creative Forum Rules. Each is pinned to their corresponding subforum (called ‘Categories’ here) so you can’t miss them.
  2. Be polite to each other. We don’t mean curse words, we mean derogatory, bigoted, racist-sexist-ableist-homophobic-transphobic (and anything else we missed) slurs, and direct insults meant to hurt people. Respect each other’s pronouns. We’re here to have fun with each other, not at each others’ expense. We reserve the right to decide what crosses the line.
  3. Absolutely no doxxing. Do not give out any other person’s private information on this forum whatsoever. Doing so will result in an immediate IP ban. Be smart about sharing your own personal info. Any posts that are a clear security risk to anyone (e.g. home address) will be deleted.
  4. Don’t make fun of trigger warnings or safe spaces. Don’t use the term “SJW” as a pejorative.
  5. Clearly mark links to any material that could be considered pornographic as being Not Safe For Work. Same goes for placing proper trigger warnings before any links or discussions involving gore, sexual violence, etc.
  6. That being said: use discretion when linking NSFW material. If it is pertinent to the discussion, fine, but if you’re just posting pornography for pornography’s sake you probably will be punished.
  7. No linking to ROMS or other pirated material. It hurts indie developers and gives bigger companies a reason to crack down on us.
  8. The Discourse trust system is in place. Find out more about it here: https://meta.discourse.org/t/what-do-user-trust-levels-do/4924 If you abuse this trust to suspend or ban people you personally don’t like or anything similar to this, you’ll be banned immediately.
  9. Put things in the right place. Don’t start a topic in the wrong category. Don’t cross-post the same thing in multiple topics. Don’t post no-content replies. Don’t divert a topic by changing it midstream. Don’t sign your posts — every post has your profile information attached to it. Rather than posting “+1” or “Agreed”, use the Like button. Rather than taking an existing topic in a radically different direction, use Reply as a Linked Topic. Don’t spam.
  10. No bringing in offsite drama. Just don’t.
  11. If you see a post that violates any of these rules or the rules of any subforum, flag it. Just don’t abuse the flag system. It’s annoying.
  12. Punishment will depend on the circumstances. Honest mistakes are allowed but frowned upon. When in doubt, lurk.

Also take some time to read our FAQ. Now, as the FAQ says, this forum is powered by generous Patreon donations. Want to donate and get special rewards? Donate here! Now that’s all fine and good, but where’s that money going?

Where we are now

Your money will keep the LP Zone ad-free as long as we clear our basic hosting costs. These costs are for:

  • The “lp.zone” domain
  • The “letsplay.zone” domain
  • Hosting with unlimited views, 80GB storage
  • Future Discourse updates and improvements

Our regular upkeep total:
$600 per year/$50 per month (Including 25% tax)

Now that all makes sense, right? Right, but what if we make more money than we’re spending? Where does that revenue go?

Our Roadmap

It’s hard to say exactly what the future holds, but we’ve got our eyes set on a few key features that will need funding. Here’s what we intend to use excess LP Zone funds for:

  • More customized badges/emojis
  • DDoS Protecton
  • Site beautification with custom CSS
  • Forum modifications to add customized features
  • Extended storage for hosting image files posted on LP Zone
  • Sponsored content like podcasts and commissioned Let’s Plays

So! The LP Zone staff and I hope you have a great time here. Our first few months will be our trial period, and if this thing’s a hit I can see some very awesome stuff on the horizon. :sunrise:

A personal note from the Let’s Play Zone staff.

Welcome, we’re glad you decided to join the forum! We hope you have a great time, and want to remind everyone that the community shapes itself much more than the mods and admins do. That means if you want to keep this a fun, friendly place for all our users, we’ll need your help! Discourage bad behavior. Flag rule-breaking posts for moderation. Together, we can do this!