Custom emojis 🐍

Here are our current custom emojis:

:tw: :tw:
:nsfw: :nsfw:
:spoiler: :spoiler:
:yaybob: :yaybob:
:ocelot: :ocelot:
:silenthill: :silenthill:
:meat: :meat:
:staredog: :staredog:
:3: :3:
:siren: :siren:
:glitchcrab: :glitchcrab:
:toot: :toot:
:swoon: :swoon:
:dogee: :dogee:
:dogeep: :dogeep:
:iiam: :iiam:
:allears: :allears:
:wiggle: :wiggle:
:gonk: :gonk:
:psyduck: :psyduck:
:illuminati: :illuminati:
:chuckle: :chuckle: (thanks DarkSysL!)
:menace: :menace:
:catee: :catee:
:coffeelings: :coffeelings:

Suggest new emojis in this thread or create some yourself and we’ll see about implementing them.

#Suggested Emojis

These are all the emoji concepts that have been requested but don’t have art yet. If you’d like to fulfill one of these requests just post in the thread with your art and which request you’re fulfilling. Otherwise if requests go unfulfilled for a while we’ll commission art from a professional artist.

  • a gun
  • Jojo
  • cat
  • crying eagle
  • skateboarding cat
  • a shushing emoji
  • sweatdrop
  • excited
  • overexcited
  • sympathy
  • what
  • words words words
  • various levels of staring
  • dance
  • stylish
  • coffee
  • chuckle
  • smiling cloud
  • shaking fist angrily
  • applause
  • educational
  • rimshot
  • science!
  • sad acceptance

Is there a size limit on them? Both file size and dimensions

Technically there are no limits but let’s not make 300x1000 emojis.

well okay maybe that’d be great

Can :tw: be a different color? At a glance when it’s scrolling it’s easy to mistake for :nws:

Now that you mention it you’re totally right - hey @dijondujour can this be done?

Can do, coming right up

I gotta ask for this boy

I don’t know who made it, unfortunately. :’(

Alright, new trigger warning emoji in red :tw:

My old MGS3 let’s play spawned an emoji for Ocelot’s hand gesture and I really want it here:

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@Voidburger :silenthill:
@ChipCheezum :ocelot:

I have gifd a meat (sprite from metal slug)

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omg these emojis are both of us in a nutshell aren’t they oh jeeze (Thanks, Dijon! Love dat PumpoBanjo :3 )

This post reminds me: Can we get an emoji for the :3 face? I’m surprised it didn’t come with the default emojis. Very low priority though, I guess, lol. No biggie.

@BellaDante :meat:

Do we have an emoji for spoiler warnings? I think a similar style as the TW and NWS warnings, as a scrolling sign, would be good, so those would always be recognised by users as something important to take note of for whatever reason.

You mean something in addition to the spoiler tags?

If that’s the case @dijondujour I think a tag with the same style as the :nws: and :tw: tags would work, but with white text?

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. I may just go ahead and whip one up cause it shouldn’t take too long.

I’m not sure if it’s kosher given how it’s a random SA emoticon, but…

I need staredog. I love it so


Your wish is my :staredog: :staredog:

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