Turn off emails only for watched topics?


I don’t want to get an email every time someone replies to a thread I’m watching. But, on the unsubscribe page the email notification links to, the only options are to stop watching the thread or to turn off ALL emails from the site. I’m looking in the preferences for a more granular option to turn off email notifications for watched topics but to still allow any other emails the site might send me – basically, I want the notifications for watched topics to appear on the site without turning off any other emails. Is there a way to do this?


Been researching this for a while and no, I don’t think Discourse allows for that level of granularity. Sorry!

But, as a potential workaround: are you manually switching topics to “Watching”, and are those the topics you’re getting emails for? Because a possible solution here is switching topics to “Tracking” instead. “Watching” topics is for when you basically want to turn those topics into a mailing list and receive notifications for everything in them - whereas “Tracking” just lets you know you were reading that topic on the site and you only get emails if someone mentions/replies to you.


That might be what I want? I’m not sure. I want to log in to the site and be able to quickly jump to whatever is new in a thread that I think is interesting, whether or not I have replied to it being a key thing.


Yup, setting a topic to “Tracking” will keep your place in the thread if you replied in it or not. Topics will automatically be set to “Tracking” if you’ve been in that topic for more than 4 minutes by default, and you can change that time in your settings.

Hope that helps!

edit: Forgot to mention that you can quickly see what topics you’re tracking have new posts in them in the “Unread” category: https://www.lp.zone/unread

edit2: Just remembered that you can also manually bookmark posts to save your place in a thread as well!


Yeah - I tried bookmarking originally but it seemed weird because I had to manually add a new bookmark to the end of the thread and then delete the older, now redundant bookmark…maybe tracking is what I want and I just misunderstood the explanatory text. I’ll try that next.

I like the visual look of this forum but a lot of the actual UI is a bit strange in my opinion…trying my best, though.