Is the nice share achievement bugged?


There is no way my threads are this nice.

OK so I guess I have to explain things better. I keep getting the Nice Share Achievement for our Ryuutama LP (and yay, that’s good, because it’s good and I rule.) But I just wanna make sure it’s okay.


I’ve had a look at the badge and how it’s supposed to work, and I think I might have a clue as to why you’re getting these badges so often.

The Nice Share badge is granted when you share a link, and it gets clicked on by 25 outside visitors.

A link in this case refers to a particular post, or the topic itself on our forum, and these links have a little extra code, like whenever you copy the link from the timestamp in the top right corner of the post, like so:

Looking at the second post you made on the topic, you have a lot of links to posts throughout your thread, and when a visitor clicks on them, the forum registers that click as coming from a link you shared. What I think is happening is that some 25 outside visitors have clicked on links to particular posts in the thread, and that’s why you’re getting so many of those Nice Share badges.

The way the badge works also might explain the timing of these badges coming in now: because the badge only takes into account visitors outside the site, it would take more time for that counter to tick up (since the majority of people in the thread would be users of our site).

So, no need to be alarmed, and I hope that answers your concerns!


Oh thank goodness. I’m not, farming clicks those are just links to journal entries of the players. But now I feel bad! Hahaha ^^

I’m glad it’s working.