Let's Play Mouse Guard: a Six Feats Under campaign



Six Feats Under is an actual play podcast and we’ve just begun our latest long-term campaign:

(original art by Ash)

Two patrols of mice venture forth to guard the territories. They are Mouse Guard, heroes in name and deed. Were it not for the guard, mouse society could never exist. Under our brave paws, we will keep everymouse safe, from all manner of harm. No matter what.

Mouse Guard is an RPG by Luke Crane and David Petersen based on Luke Crane’s Burning Wheel system and David Petersen’s Mouse Guard series of comic books. It follows the Guard, wandering heroes who make a medieval society of mice possible by mastering the wilderness between settlements. Our campaign will follow seven mice, beginning in the year 1148. So let’s meet them:


“Anyone can be a hero if they put their whole heart into it.”
Lily’s a tenderpaw, a fresh recruit to the Mouse Guard, ready and excited to take on the world. Nothing can stop her, just you watch! Lily’s a hero! Currently, she is assigned to the Weasel Patrol.
“Take action, against all odds.”
Lily is played by Eliza.

“Everyone can achieve bigger and better things, if they really believe!”
Tander’s a new tenderpaw, who just joined the Mouse Guard seeking adventure and fame. He wants to be brave, he wants to be known, he wants to be something bigger and cooler than a boatcrafter! Currently, he is assigned to the Moose Patrol.
“I will always find the perfect way out of any situation!”
Tander is played by Drakkel.

“There is always a peaceful solution.”
Sable is an experienced patrol guard, and her highest priority is the safety of her companions. Sable always strives to look for peaceful solutions to problems without resorting to violence, and believes every life is important. Currently, she is assigned to the Weasel Patrol.
“I will always put myself between my patrolmates and danger.”
Sable is played by Arden.

“No mouse shall go hungry while any mouse grows fat.”
Marx is an extremely dedicated patrol guard, ready and willing to sacrifice everything for the good of the common mouse. There will be no mouse left behind. Currently, he is assigned to the Weasel Patrol.
“I must always help the hungry and injured.”
Marx is played by Gnome.

“All mice benefit from a greater understanding of the world.”
Isolde is a learned mouse and prefers the solitary life. Serving the Guard is a challenge for her, but with her help they can overcome even greater challenges. Currently, she is assigned to the Moose Patrol.
“Understand that merely beginning a conventional fight is already a failure.”
Isolde is played by Poor Weather.

“The sweat we pour now prevents blood spilled later.”
Francisca is an old patrol leader, experienced and certain. She has been with the guard for over a decade, and she knows caution is the way forward. Currently, she is assigned to the Moose Patrol.
“Never dive into danger without a path out.”
Francisca is played by Riley.

“Friendship is more important than fear.”
Years ago, Zeke’s hometown of Brownhollow was massacred by a barred owl that had sworn vengeance on Zeke’s father. Survivors of the attack are now stalked by the owl for the rest of their lives. Zeke joined the Mouse Guard to keep moving, for fear he might bring the Owl’s Curse upon another city. Currently, he is assigned to the Moose Patrol.
“I must not let it happen again.”
Zeke is played by Devious Vaccuum.

Feats Q&A 3: What’s the Mouse Guarding, Grant? Grant and Ikks talk about the plans and goals for the upcoming Mouse Guard campaign, and take listener questions
Episode 0: Character Creation The Mouse Guard crew works together to make seven Guardmice

Spring 1148
Episode 1: North Patrol Proceeds Francesca, Marx, and Tander get their first mission: to escort a large convoy of grain to an unoccupied hollow that will become home to a new settlement. Complications ensue.
Episode 2: South Patrol Sets Out Zeke, Isolde, Sable, and Lily are instructed to lay a portion of the Scent Barrier that keeps large predators out of the territories. But first, they have to straighten out a snagged supply chain and contend with the wilderness on the way.
Episode 3: North Patrol Charts The Course With Wildseed’s foundations laid, the North patrol escorts a cartographer back to her home.
Spring 4 - South Patrol Prepares Arriving in Sprucetuck, the south patrol prepares for the long journey ahead. The creatures they find in Sprucetuck have other ideas.
Spring 5 - North Patrol Pits It Together North Patrol sails to Calogero, surveys the threat, and constructs a plan.
Spring 6 - South Patrol Checks Their Weapons Zeke, Sable, and Isolde find who stole their check tags, as Lily tries to get access to the storage vault without them.
Spring 7 - North Patrol’s Crustacean Conflict CRAB FIGHT !!!
Spring 8 - South Patrol Lays The Scent Barrier The only obstacle between South Patrol and their goal is the journey itself. They will not be deterred
Episode 09: Mouse Guard Spring 9 - Spring’s End The rest of the Spring is described by North patrol, South patrol, and the weasels’ perspective.

Summer 1148
Episode 10: West Patrol Delivers the Mail Zeke, Isolde, Sable, and Lily are given four sacks of mail to deliver to settlements to the west. Then, a bird!
Episode 11 - East Patrol’s summer Vacation Tander, Francisca, and Marx travel to Shorestone to meet a large caravan of settlers headed to Wildseed.
Episode 12 - West Patrol’s Strong Hearts West patrol delivers their first mail bag as Zeke’s past threatens to tear the group apart.
Episode 13 - East Patrol Plans Ahead The best laid plans of mice are tested as Marx butts heads with reality, and with a prominent member of the caravan.
Episode 14 - West Patrol Investigates Crimes West Patrol’s conflict gets interrupted when a murder suspect’s friend demands their help.
Episode 15 - East Patrol Has Three Days Back in Shorestone, the party takes an impossible logistics problem head-on
Episode 16 - West Patrol Finds Forbidden Love The murder investigation twists and turns as the clock ticks down
Episode 17 - East Patrol’s Rocky Roads Rough terrain and a bandit ambush provide the caravan’s first challenges.
Episode 18 - West Patrol and the Spider Grove Woodstuff’s Grove is an isolated settlement, and home of Patrolmouse Marx. West Patrol learns about their comrade from the mayor he wronged.
Episode 19 - East Patrol Weathers the Storm As the caravan picks up the pieces from their disaster, a sudden thunderstorm threatens to make things even worse.
Episode 20 - West Patrol Robs the Mayor Zeke gets a catch phrase, and Lily makes a friend
Episode 21 - Tander’s Big Day As the caravan pulls in to Ironwood for a break, Tander does a lot of errands.
Episode 22 - West Patrol Sneaks Away Lily makes a new best friend, as her companions find mice from their past
Episode 23 - East Patrol Wanders Wildseed It’s move-in day for the caravan, but is this town big enough for all of them?
Episode 24 - West Patrol Finds Family Our western wanderers find their misplaced letter may be the key to a great mystery
Episode 25 - East Patrol Witnesses Wildseed Our action-minded mice meet their greatest challenge yet: political science
Episode 26 - Summer’s End West patrol chases their conspiracy, East patrol seeks adventure, Rampaul gains a new vice

Fall 1148
Episode 27 - Moose Patrol Assembles A great beast threatens a frontier outpost, and Francesca hastily assembles a team to meet it.
Episode 28 - Weasel Patrol Joins the Crowd Marx and Lily are tasked with learning all they can about the weasels’ talent recruitment in the Territories. Sable’s infiltration method is certainly unexpected.
Episode 29 - Moose Patrol Starts a Fire After drawing up a plan to send the moose back where it came from, enacting it is another matter
Episode 30 - Weasel Patrol Ignores a Feast The “happy family” is introduced to their new lives in the weasel tunnels
Episode 31 - Moose Patrol Eats a Berry The victorious mice investigate the purported powers of a local seer
Episode 32 - Weasel Patrol Goes Undercover As they settle into new lives, the patrol learns what is up with this project
Episode 33 - Moose Patrol Experiments with Grass Is the Wolf Juice getting out beyond Wolfepointe? What might happen if it did?
Episode 34 - Weasel Patrol Can’t Go Back To learn more, the mice must risk being discovered. They won’t all make it out.
Episode 35 - Moose Patrol Pursues the Juice The sacred fruit is tracked to Port Sumac. Where is it going from there?
Episode 36 - Weasel Patrol Runs Home Sable and Lily have to report back to Lockhaven, or else Marx sacrificed himself for nothing.
Episode 37 - Moose Patrol Blows this Case Wide Open The smuggler gets collared in a dramatic chase, but there are other links in the chain to take care of.
Episode 38 - Marx alone RIP
Episode 39 - Moose Patrol SInks Sloan The pipeline west is cut off, and the patrol each takes a moment to themselves as the days grow short.

Winter 1148
Episode 40 - Memorial Winter begins with a funeral for a friend.
Episode 41 - Reflection The mice develop their skills and write their reports; and celebrate the holiday.
Episode 42 - Promotion Tander and Zeke receive promotions, while Lily does not. Lots of mice have opinions to share about that.

Year 2
Mouse Guard - 1148 Gweondolyn’s record of the year that was, written and archived for posterity.
Character Creation: Ivy “Granny” Waxwort

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Aha, I have recordings to listen to again. Poor Weather never fails to amuse me.


Francisca has been a real joy to play as a muscle mouse, and I love the giant axe in her hands.


Oh heavens, another Six Feats Under adventure!


The character creation and wordbuilding in part 0 were really cool so I’ve been excited for Mouse Guard since that went up. I can’t believe I forgot Chris, though. I didn’t forget about the massive dunking, but I had to go back to listen for his name.


Echoing those saying they’ve been excited about this one for a while. The characters and world of every 6FU game have always felt really natural and fun, so I’m sure this’ll be no exception. Looking forward to more!


This is the first Six Feats Under I have listened to, and it’s great so far.
If the wheat is to scale with the rest of the world, are the mice basically planting and then cutting down a forest each year?
As for the Cheese Paradox mentioned in the pre-episode, I think Redwall (which you are probably sick of hearing about) said they used dandelion milk, whether that makes any sense.


I hope so.

Maybe they just ferment mouse milk?


This is 6FU’s first foray into interacting with an existing setting. The Mouse Territories don’t have nearly the wealth of material or recognition as Middle-Earth, or a Galaxy Far, Far Away; but I like to engage with its pre-existing elements. This is the first in a series of posts about just that.

Meet Saxon. When Riley wanted a rival in the guard to be Francesca’s enemy, I thought he would be a perfect foil. The first two books of the comic series follow his patrol through the fall and winter of 1152. Yes, that does mean we’re creating a prequel through play, which will certainly be a subject of another post later.

Saxon is stubborn and quick to fight. He’s provided as a pre-generated character in the rulebook with the belief “The best solution is always found at the point of my sword” and the instinct “Always draw my sword at the first sign of trouble”. His hot temper and his incredible Fighter stat are why I thought he would bump heads with Francesca in a fun way. There is another side to him, as a subplot in Winter 1152 follows him revealing his secret love.

This is Sadie. Of the characters followed in the main series, she’s the youngest that can show up in our story so I fudged things a little bit to make her the newest fully-fledged Guardmouse (well, tied with the rest of her graduating class that is). She’s independent, and kind of a loner, and is assigned solo missions patrolling remote outposts. She really only showed up in the beginning of this episode because I like her character a lot.

She’s also a playable pre-gen in the RPG with the belief “A guardmouse needs to be able to think with her head and act with her heart” and the instinct “Never delay when on a mission” She prefers fighting with small knives and a sling because they double as much more useful tools in the wilderness than a sword. Years after our campaign, she’ll throw one of those knives into an owl’s eye, half-blinding it.

Kenzie and Rand got namedropped in this session, but I’ll hold off on profiling them until they become significant to our story; which may never happen. This is a campaign about our seven mice and the NPCs they decide are important.


I was so excited after the character creation episode that I used my university’s inter library loan to request the first two Mouse Guard books. And then I listened to episode 0 again


I can’t wait until the curse of the owl shows its weird, fully rotational head.


When they finally find the magic football to fight the Owl, can we call that encounter the Superb Owl?


This being my first foray into a 6FU podcast, I really wanna say how amazing the music is and how interesting the Mouse Guard mechanics are in terms of progression and goal accomplishments. I eagerly look forward to the next episode

(also I’m gonna start binging on the comics because that is adorable)


Yeah, Thylacinus is a really good musician and I’m glad they’re on for this campaign too.


Oh great! A chance to get in at the beginning!


I have only listened to the character creation episode so far because I am behind on podcast but I am glad that there is a thread here so I can keep up to date with all the cool 6 feets under art. The mice all look so cute in the opening here and I can’t wait to see where the adventure goes.


Oh I didn’t even see this one come out I cant wait to start listening to it



Spring 2 - The South Patrol Sets Out

The South Patrol is given their first mission! Meet the excitable Lily, the motherly Sable, the lonely Zeke, and the anxious Isolde. What should be a simple mission to restore the Scent Barrier ends up more difficult than expected, as our heroes have few supplies to work with and need to go get more. And things go even worse when they run into a fearsome beast along the way…


Workmouse, Mouse Valuable Player, Moustincts and Beliefs, Embmousiment…