Let's Play Every Mario Party and Not Get A Divorce [Current - Mario Party 6]

And yes I do mean every single one. That does not include the DS or 3DS games. We’ll be focusing on the main games. 1 thru 10. Now then, everyone knows what these games are known for. The original for messing up peoples palms, so much so that Nintendo made a glove to send to people who played the game. But it’s known more for destroying relationships. Truly, this series has become known as the Monopoly of video games. And rightfully so. I know I’ve caused many fights, and gotten unnecessarily angry at people while playing it. So what better than a married couple to play all of them?

For anyone who doesn’t know what Mario Party is, it’s a series of party games for 1 to 4 players. Everyone picks a beloved Mario character and takes turns walking around a board to collect coins and stars. The winner is the one with the most stars after a set amount of turns. But of course, it’s not always easy. Bowser is trying to stop you, and there are plenty of ways to screw over the other players. After every turn, you play mini-games and really it’s just a lot of fun. Of course, the latter entries have kind of changed and I haven’t met a lot of people who have really liked them. But we’ll get to that later.

We have completed an LP of Mario Party Advance which is you can find here.

The Let’s Play

Me and my wife, Callifornia2, will be playing each and every board in each Mario Party. We will also show off any bonus stuff the games hold. We each have our own favourite entry and would like to know which games are your favourites. I would like for this thread to stay as civil as possible.

We will be playing with an easy and a hard computer so this could really go either way for us. We switched the hard CPU to normal because Mario Party 2 was destroying us inside. Also. Mini-game explanations will be turned off and speed will be put up to maximum. Updates will be once twice week. Each main update will be half of a board so plan on this going on for quite a while. I will be keeping track of the number of coins and total stars each of us get and those standings will be at the bottom of this post. If anyone would like to keep track of more detailed stats I am more than happy to include them as well.

Also try your hand at wining some stars! After part 1 airs, and you have 10 turns to see how things are going, take a guess on who will win. You can include your reasoning as well. If you’re right you’ll get a nice shiny new power star. Guessers and stars will be bellow just underneath the standings. HAVE FUN!

Let’s Get the Party on the Way

DK’s Jungle Adventure Part 1 Part 2
Mario’s Rainbow Castle Part 1 Part 2
Peach’s Birthday Cake Part 1 Part 2
Yoshi’s Tropical Island Part 1 Part 2
Wario’s Battle Canyon Part 1 Part 2
Minigame Stadium The Whole Board
Luigi’s Engine Room Part 1 Part 2
Bowser’s Magma Mountain Part 1 Part 2
Mini Game Island What We Could Do
Eternal Star Part 1 Part 2 & Credits

The Standings
Michael: 26 Stars | 574 Coins
Calli: 17 Stars | 424 Coins
Easy CPU: 12 Star | 331 Coins
Hard CPU: 11 Stars | 510 Coins
Shywulf -

Pirate Land Part 1 Part 2
Western Land Part 1 Part 2
Mini-Game Stadium The Whole Dang Thing
Space Land Part 1 Part 2
Mystery Land Part 1 Part 2
Mini-Game Coaster OH BOY IS THIS GREAT
Horror Land Part 1 Part 2
Bowser Land Part 1 Part 2 & Credits

The Standings
Michael: 16 Stars | 541 Coins
Calli: 17 Stars | 362 Coins
Easy CPU: 7 Stars | 197 Coins
Hard/Normal CPU: 14 Stars | 273 Coins
Fefnir -

Story Mode Chilly Waters
Story Mode Gate Guy
Multiplayer - Chilly Waters Part 1 Part 2
Story Mode Deep Bloober Sea
Story Mode Arrowhead
Multiplayer - Deep Bloober Sea Part 1 Part 2
Story Mode Spiny Desert
Story Mode Pipesqueak
Multiplayer - Spiny Desert Part 1 Part 2
Story Mode Woody Woods
Story Mode Blowhard
Multiplayer - Woody Woods Part 1 Part 2
Story Mode - Creepy Caverns
Bonus - The Only Thing
Multiplayer - Creepy Cavern Part 1 Part 2
Story Mode - Mr. Mover
Story Mode - Backtrack
Multiplayer - Waluigi’s Island Part 1 Part 2
Story Mode - Waluigi’s Island & Stardust Battle
Finale - Our Final Duel & Credits

The Standings
Michael: 15 Star | 382 Coins
Calli: 19 Stars | 421 Coins
Normal CPU: 10 Stars | 336 Coins
Easy CPU: 8 Star | 267 Coins

Kilza -

The Best Mario Party on Wii U
See Mario is in this Afterall
It’s Sort of Animal Crossing Party

Story - Toad’s Midway Madness
Bonus - Mega Board Mayhem
Multiplayer - Toad’s Midway Madness Part 1 Part 2
Story - Shy Guy’s Jungle Jam
Bonus - Mini Board Mad Dash
Multiplayer - Shy Guy’s Jungle Jam Part 1 Part 2
Story - Goomba’s Greedy Gala
Bonus - Whomp’s Basement Brouhaha 1
Multiplayer - Goomba’s Greedy Gala Part 1 Part 2
Story - Boo’s Haunted Bash
Bonus - Thwomp and Zstar
Multiplayer - Part 1 The Power of Big Boo Part 2
Story - Koopa’s Seaside Soiree
Bonus - Mini-Game Mode
Multiplayer - Koopa’s Seaside Soiree Part 1 Part 2
Story - Bowser’s Gnarly Party
Bonus - Whomp’s Basement Brouhaha 2
Multiplayer - Bowser’s Gnarly Party Part 1 Part 2 & Credits

The Standings
Michael: 17 Stars | 461 Coins
Calli: 23 Stars | 796 Coins
Normal CPU: 8 Stars | 546 Coins
Easy CPU: 8 Stars | 167 Coins

RadicalEddie -

Story - Future Dream
Bonus - Mini-Game Battle
Multiplayer - Toy Dream Part 1 Part 2
Story - Pirate Dream
Bonus - Mini-Game Circuit
Multiplayer - Rainbow Dream Part 1 Part 2
Story - Undersea Dream
Bonus - SPORTS
Multiplayer - Pirate Dream Part 1 Part 2
Story - Sweet Dream
Bonus - Mini-Game Decathlon
Multiplayer - Undersea Dream Part1 Part 2
Story - Bowser Nightmare
Bonus - Mini-Game War
Multiplayer - Future Dream Part 1 Part 2
Story - Final Fight with Bowser
Bonus - Mini-Game Tournament
Multiplayer - Sweet Dream Part 1 Part 2
Bonus - Super Duel Mode
Bonus - Card Party
Multiplayer - Bowser Nightmare Part 1 Part 2 & Credits

The Standings
Michael: 29 Stars | 485 Coins
Calli: 27 Stars | 473 Coins
Normal CPU: 10 Stars | 416 Coins
Easy CPU: 16 Stars | 246 Coins

frozentreasure -

Multiplayer - Towering TreetopPart 1 Part 2
Solo - Thirsty Gulch
Bonus - Mic Mode
Multiplayer - E. Gadd’s Garage Part 1 Part 2
Solo - Astro Avenue
Bonus - Treetop Bingo
Multiplayer - Faire Square Part 1 Part 2
Solo - Infernal Tower
Bonus - Minigame Mode
Multiplayer - Snowflake Lake Part 1 Part 2

The Standings
Michael: 13 Stars | 135 Coins
Calli: 18 Stars | 110 Coins
Normal CPU 1: 9 Stars | 128 Coins
Normal CPU 2: 14 Stars | 157 Coins

CirclMastr -
Mateo360 -
Technowolf -
VerdanaGriffin -
Raddical Eddie -
Kilza -
Fefnir -
Senerio -
Rally Pigeon -

Slot Car Derby MLG Pro Strats
The Mario Party 2 Minigame Secrets Vault
The Mecha Decathlon
Minigame Coaster
Mario Party 3 - Point Shoot At The Buzzer
Mario Party Four Your Eyes Only


Simultaneous Let’s Plays
Because we are gluttons for punishment it seems, here’s some other Let’s Plays we are currently doing.
Giant Robots Surfing The Skies - Eureka seveN Vol. 2: The New Vision - By Michael
When Girl Meets Dating Sim - By Calli and Mel


The next update will be live early next week! Thus far we have not broken up.

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Congrats on the lack of divorce! This is gonna be an darned undertaking, hope y’all pull though.

Also 3 was my favourite, back in the day. Though I have a soft spot for the (first?) Wii one.

Aww. I can’t even tease the idea of playing these sort of party games with my boyfriend. Good luck you two!

Thanks. Lack of divorce is always a good start. It will be a bit of a challenge to complete each of the games since there are an average of 5 to 6 boards per game. The early ones have more boards plus the first mario party has a secret board we will need to unlock. We also want to try and show off some of the mini game extras. So this will be a bit of a long haul but isn’t that the point of marriage?

I hear Mario Party is a game of skill.

It’s both a game of skill and random dumb luck. If you’re good at either of those, then you’ll be good at Mario Party.

The first one kind of is, since none of the mini-games are really luck based. (Though you could make that argument for Pipe Maze.) 2 onwards added a ton of those to add to the chaos.

Time to kick this Mario Party into gear. We conclude the first board and the results may be surprising.

DK’s Jungle Adventure - Part 2

This really does show how quickly things can turn in a game. No one really knows who is going to win until the last few turns.


You guys honestly seem to be having fun! I like it!

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We are! We both have fond memories of Mario Party and both have a different experience with the franchise. Hopefully we will get more competitive later on but if not it will be interesting to see us work together as a team. It helps that we aren’t just husband and wife. We are each others best friends and enjoy being together as much as possible which adds to the fun.

Just a note here for you two, You can cheese the star counter. Set up a game, set all players handicap to max and then on the last round, make everyone a human player. All the stuff will be added to the bank. That should make getting the 100 star map reasonable.

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Already on that. Thanks for letting us know though, if I hadn’t have thought of it I would have needed this. It’s a nice little exploit that is totally in no way cheating the game. I’m also hoping to have enough coins to buy all the game items to really make the last 2 boards a fun time.

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I am totally okay with you guys working together and being cute for the entire LP.

Oh whoops I may have misspelled your name, sorry. I’m used to putting an E on the end.


I’m absolutely sure she would love a medal. Also,

This is pretty accurate to this series.

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That’s okay. No one has ever been able to spell or say my name correctly from the day it was given to me so the recognition is appreciated. The true question is how many people do you know named Callie because I’ve only met one in my hometown and heard of another.

I’m glad your okay with us working together but will you be okay once it all falls apart if it does?

Also thank you for the medal. I love it. :heart:

I should be clear that I’m referring to Giant Bomb’s playthroughs of the series. As for the actual games, I can see a reason to want to play any of the main games at any one time.

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I had context but i also feel like it summed up my feelings of the series. There are by far some games ill recommend over others.

As someone who never played any of the Mario Party games (for that record, not very many Nintendo games in general?), this will be pretty interesting? I know of the series’ perchance for ruining friendships,and it’s going to be interesting to see how much everyone dicks each other over. Which will definitely maybe happen.

Would anyone be interested if we upped these uodates to once a week? My thought process was that itd get repetetive and boring if people tried to watch mario party weekly. But if you dont think itd get burnt out we’ll update it more often.

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