Three Heart Blind Guide - Let's Play Ocarina of Time

Do we really need to explain this? Well yes, because it’s worth it. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time was the beginning of something new. Taking one of biggest adventure games of all time and putting it into three dimensional space. No matter whether you think it’s good, over rated, or just meh, you cannot deny what this game did for gamers of the generation as well as the video game industry. It was many people’s very first Legend of Zelda, and possibly still the most popular in the 3D Zelda set.

Released in late 1998 on the Nintendo 64, it gained near perfect scores across the board and has been re-released a number of times. It is also possibly the most debated game in the industry(?) mostly on whether it is actually a good game or not. While it might not be the best 3D Zelda in my opinion, it is my favourite. Is that weird? Oh well.

Also. Almost everyone’s played this game right?

The Let’s Play

No. There’s quite a few who have not. One person who fits this category is my friend, Mel. She will actually be guiding me on this adventure. After we reach a certain point in the game and we are able to go wherever we want, she will tell me where she wants us to go. Will we do things in the completely wrong order, or go where the game wants us? I don’t know. She doesn’t either. But when we get there I have to try to do something to progress. Unless it’s 100% impossible to do so.

Aside from that, this is also a 3 heart run. There will be no increasing our hearts. We will stick with three and not pick up any heart pieces or heart containers. Aside from that, we are free to do what we want. Specifically potions, fairies, and magic are allowed to help.

We will be aiming for an update each week. But we are two people with two different schedules so that might get difficult. Also, we aren’t emulating this so we don’t need to worry about Project 64 problems.

Please put all spoilers in spoiler tags as Mel hasn’t played and we should keep her in the dark about upcoming things.

And if you’re interested in other things I’m doing, I’m doing an LP of every Mario Party with my wife.


The actual Blind Guide portion will begin after Episode Three when the game finally opens to us.

I can’t wait for the crossover episode where both Mel and Calli spend an hour just dunking on Michael apparently.

Don’t forget to go into Mido’s house and steal all his money before leaving your home town forever and ever.

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Apparently Im just really dunkable. Also dont worry. Mido will get whats coming yo him.

Lots of people have never played Ocarina of Time, like me for instance (that’s a lie but I never got past the third dungeon because this game wasn’t nearly as world-shattering as a 21 year old man playing on Virtual Console and I’ll never see it through the nostalgia lenses that other people do so frankly it’s never impressed me)!

I love these kinds of LPs.

I do too. I really wanted to play one of my favourite games, but I wanted to do it in a cool way. This seemed really fitting.

OOOOh, this seems like it will be a lot of fun.

“Super Mario 69” the R-rated edition.

And now we must venture into our Tree Guardian in order to break the curse put upon him.

If it seems like the video is really dark, thats because it rather is. Its the recording itself from the N64 rather than something I"ve done in editing. I’ve actually tried a lot of things to fix this and only really have one more idea before it becomes, “that’s just how it is.”


You can shoot the eggs on the ceiling, it’s just a bad hitbox; you have to hit them a little bit above where the egg is, as if you were shooting a thread holding them up or something.

Fortunate for you that you weren’t playing Master Quest: that one room you skipped is where the slingshot ends up in that version of the game.

Other things that later editions of the game changed: not making the Great Deku Tree so insufferable with his Ye Olde English, like the PSX/DS versions of Chrono Trigger with Frog.

I really wish I made the title of this episode just a bunch of ellipse.

Time for us to finish off the introduction. We make it to the princess, and grab a bag of seeds along the way. Also, we meet an owl, which Mel is very happy about.

This is the final episode with the darkness issue, and next time we will be open to explore and Mel will take most of the reins.


Maybe the guards just wanted to hold hands and walk together instead of being all by their lonesome all the time.

I forgot to mention about the last episode that the deku nuts actually stun Gohma for way less time than shooting her in the eye. I only learned this after watching a casual race because shooting her in the eye barely seemed like enough trouble to want to find a shortcut, but there ya go.

My favourite file name as a kid was Obi-Wan, since a later conversation with a character literally includes the line “We meet again, Obi-Wan…”

I think the idea behind those bottom-right item slots that keep getting overwritten is to give the player agency over actually taking out the quest items and showing them to people, as well as saving menu space on single-use quest items.

Also as much as I love Ocarina of TIme, good lord does it frontload its story in just the most mind-numbing way.

It does really front load it’s story. But then you can really explore as much as you want. And you can actually start exploring before hand, it just forces you through the story stuff before any real progress can be made. Though, the extremely long cutscenes with the Deku Tree followed by Zelda is a little too much. Especially if you had to redo it all over again for whatever reason.

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And now we let Mel tell us where to go and we start with checking up on a girl we met up with in town. I totally missed a gold skulltula because I didn’t hear the little jingle that I had found something. Oh well. We’ll either be back or I won’t need it.

I hope the video quality is much better for everyone now, and I hope the sounds is a lot better too. A lot of new things this time around.


Wow, I never knew you could cheat like that in the Cucco minigame. I wonder if you can do that in the 3DS version; as far as I remember, they still don’t rearrange the Cuccos beforehand to prevent that.

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From what I remember of my practice run on the 3DS version you could. They didn’t really change much in that version.

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C for Camera. But really it’s because it’s the next letter down after the A and B buttons, same reason why they put a Z button on their controllers. It was all based on the Super Nintendo controller’s A/B and X/Y button pairs.

Time passes incredibly quickly on the NTSC version. Something I never found out for years is that staying on the path at night stops the stalchildren from spawning, too.

I remember spending a lot of time trying to find something to do at Lake Hylia at roughly this exact point of the game, when I didn’t know where I was supposed to go. I somehow missed the actual Zora and assumed the octorok I was encountering were the Zora that Kaepora talked about and that they did not like me. This was coming off the upsetting discovery that I couldn’t ride a horse yet. A startling amount of stuff in the game, while you can get to the areas that contain them, is pretty much locked off as a child, sadly.

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It is much easier to run into the oktoroks since I think they spawn in a lot farther away than the actual zora. And since they’re a similar design to previous zoras. I believe this was the first time the zora were depicted like this.

Also, I totally mentioned the stalchildren not spawning when on the path in our original take of episode 3 and forgot to mention it again on the retake.