Hang on I Have to Eat: Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

Latest Update: The Black Sword Chapter Three

Odin Sphere

Odin Sphere is a 2D side scrolling RPG created by Vanillaware and published by Atlus back in 2007 on the PS2. Somewhat of a spiritual successor to Atlus’ game Princess Crown, Odin Sphere is a game that combines a wonderful fantasy story with stunning visuals, designs, music, and some pretty decent voice acting. Even if it can be a little over the top at times. It was one we fell in love with the moment we saw it. What we are actually playing is Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, an HD remake of the game that just came out on the PS4 and PS3 this year. It brought the already great visuals to the next level so expect a lot of mentions of it. The remake also fine tuned some of the design aspects of the game to make it a little more enjoyable. After a few videos I’ll bring in a list so everyone can see them.

The Let’s Play

Calli will be the one playing the game while I’ll be there to help commentate while she focuses on the fighting and where to go. We’ve already done a full play through of the game so there won’t be a lot of mucking about. So let’s keep this a casual thread. We’ll be filling the down time of commentary with just about everything. Until we get to some big plot points there isn’t much to talk about, we’ll keep the commentary focused on the game as much as we can and where possible. Otherwise, expect us to gush about things and being a general couple about life. But seriously? NO SPOILERS. None. Absolutely not. While the levels are simple, the story is what really gives this game it’s drive. So let’s keep that a surprise for when we get there.

Now you may be asking, “Michael, isn’t there a lot of eating in this game?” To which I say. Yes. Tons. A good chunk of this game is just watching the character stuff their mouth full of berries, fruits, and other foods that there is an abundance of. It’s how you level up and I’ll be cutting none of it out. It’s easy enough to skip, but it makes for good down time that is otherwise spent just running around beating up enemies. As for updates. We’re hoping to have at least one update out per week. If I get a really good backlog, I’ll increase this.

Also! As this game is just filled with food and eating, we’ve decided to get a little bit of thread participation. Submit a recipe and we’ll give it a go and tell you what we think of it. In most cases we’ll probably butcher it in some way, but I’m sure it’ll be fun. Make sure to keep the recipes rather cheap, we can’t afford to go spending a fortune on a meal sadly.

And Now The Videos

The Valkyrie
The soul shines poudly after falling in battle. The birds have a belief: This is the only method of earning an immortal soul.
The Prelude
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six

The Pooka Prince
Destiny can appear like a pitfall beneath one’s feet. Who can say that tomorrow will be just like today? Souls have been known to vanish as easily as a lost coin.
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six

Once upon a time, in a starlit forest far, far, away. Fairies live under the protection of a queen resembling flowers, like a fleeting fantasy.
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six

The Black Sword
Raise that sword and the shadows draw closer spreading the stench of death, but tenderness may exist in those inhabiting the darkness while distress envelops those who would oppose it.
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

The Eating Videos

Recipe Videos
Goofey Burger -Submitted by Scalding Coffee
Goofey Burger Redux Part 2 - Submitted by Scalding Coffee, Edited by Callifornia2 (Calli)
Pot Roast Minus the Vegetables - Originally Found Online (Michael Messes Up)

Simultaneous Let’s Plays
Because we are gluttons for punishment it seems, here’s some other Let’s Plays we are currently doing.
Every Mario Party - Both of us
No no Kuni: Wrath of the White Wtich - By Calli
Pokemon Snap - By Michael

Eating Habits

Gwendolyn: Valkyrie Princess: Ice Magic: Deserves a Better Father
Entrusted with a powerful spear topped with a psypher by her dying sister. All she wants is to receive her fathers love. But deep down inside, she knows this is unlikely even if she were to die for him and his cause. Perhaps she will one day find love from another source. The Valkyrie is known for mostly battles and not eating. But even a young Valkyrie princess is able to eat meals fit for an army within the span of a few minutes. The sheer vast amount of calories is then used to create the energy necessary to give ones life in battle.

Cornelius: Pooka Prince of Titania: Lightning Magic: Deserves a Nice Warm Bed
Prince of Titania and in love with Velvet, Cornelius soon finds himself mysteriously turned into a Pooka. All he wants to do is be with Velvet, much to the distaste of his father the current King. Apparently it’s a bad thing to want to be with a “commoner” or even the Princess of a destroy kingdom. Now he must return home and find his way back to his previous form. While Pooka look like rabbits, they are a different creature entirely. This is how they are able to eat vast amounts of fruit and vegetables and not die from the large amount of sugar.

Mercedes: Fairy Queen: Projectiles: Deserves some Respect
She can come across as very brash and sometimes foolish. But that is just her young heart showing. Losing her mother takes a huge blow on her, but it doesn’t stop her from stepping immediately in her mother’s shoes. Even if she doesn’t have all the tools to be queen, she won’t back down. Being a fairy requires a lot of energy. Flying around near constantly she burns through calories as fast as any buff warrior. Lots fine dining helps her keep her status and her strength.

Oswald: Shadow Night: Dark Magic: Deserves Freedom
Feeling an ungodly amount of obligation towards his adoptive father, Oswald has done many questionable things. Gaining an incredible power from Queen Odette, he will strike down whomever he is told. But, this is just a fate that has been given to him. His heart plays a role as well. Perhaps love is all this dark heart needs. True love. Fueling an inhuman power within himself, he needs to eat as much as he can whenever he can. Leaving little room for anything else in his stomach.

As I’ve just got this thread up now, I’d say it’s the perfect time to update!

Here comes Cornelius’ eating video much earlier than Gwendolyn’s. I’m getting the hang of making these now. I didn’t find as much relevant lore this time, but I make up for it by talking more about the game and the characters.

Eating Video

I’ve never heard of this title before, but I’m amidst the prelude video and enjoying it quite a lot already!

I was so, so, so happy that Vanillaware took pretty much everything they learned about how to program good juggling and fast-paced combat in Muramasa and Dragon’s Crown and just drop it in Leifthrasir. The PS2 version was so ambitious and beautiful but it had so many little annoying quirks that were fixed in this version (like not being able to store/release crystals, Gwen only having a 4-hit combo, and suuuuuuper lag and slowdown at times)

The PS2 version of this game was legit one of the most beautiful games I ever played, and i’m so happy this got an HD rerelease. I have it at home but only just got a PS4, so i haven’t really tried it out yet


This game is beautiful, and you guys are adorably enthusiastic! I will definitely be watching.

This series has always interested me, which game would be the best jumping off point? Or is there even one?

If you mean between the original and Leifthrasir, the latter is basically an expanded remake with a bunch of new content and reworked mechanics (and, well, beautiful HD)

also interestingly enough, if you want to try the game out with the old PS2 mechanics, the remake lets you do that (but I wouldn’t recommend it, the remake flows so much better)

Michael and I never played the original. When we got the ps4 and found out that there was a remake we started from there. I think starting from the newer one would be easier and makes it more enjoyable. It also has the original on it as well so if you want to compare you can.

Ah, I love this game! I recently just finished this version myself a couple weeks ago. I still need to catch up on the videos, but would anyone be interested in hearing about some of the differences between the original and remake? Admittedly, it’s been a while since I played the original, so I might forget some things, but they really changed a lot about the game’s mechanics, from minor to major.

Talking about the differences is fine. Just keep in mind not to spoil any story aspects! We will be playing the classic version for a bit later as well.

Okay, then! Here are some of the differences!

Combat got a complete overhaul. All of the abilities and most of the skills are completely brand new to the remake, and I want to say that aside from order, characters would often learn most of the same skills. On top of that, the POW meter got some nice changes. Now, it’s used for physical skills, but before, it was used for your basic attacks, which meant you couldn’t keep a good combo for very long. Oh, and there was no dodge button.

Alchemy got simplified and streamlined, and believe me, it’s all the better for it. In the original, material bottles had a grade from 0 to 99. To actually get a potion, you would need an even-numbered material, and materials ending in 0 yield different results than potions ending in 2, and so on and so forth. Successfully making a potion also yields phozons, and the higher the tens digit, the more phozons released. You couldn’t mix existing potions into new ones, either.

Cooking got some changes, too. You still had to find the recipes and gather ingredients yourself, but there was no Maury, so you took them to the Pooka Village restaurants instead. I will also note that each recipe would cost just one of the Valentinian coins, not several.

And speaking of the Valentinian coins, would you believe that even the money system was different? There were still five coins, but they could all be used as tender, and the game kept track of how much of each you collected. When you bought something, you would have to choose which coins to use to pay for it.

That’s it for the major things I can remember. There are some minor things that come to mind, like the inventory, a few changes to some of the potions, level layouts, and some overall rebalancing for enemies.

In short, pretty much everything aside from the story was touched up in some way, and all for the better.

That is a whole lot of changes. I can imagine most for the better. As it was said before, they definitely saw improvements that could be made from the original and just made them all. I really can’t think of any particular gripes I have with the game at all.

I just started watching this, and I love how gushy Calli gets about Oswald, I know I was the same way back when I played the original release, and it’s all coming back to me watching this. :allears: I was super crazy about this game for the longest time, I even own some of the ridiculously expensive figurines, it’s really great to come back to this game again after so long, and you’re doing a great job showing it off so far.

One thing RadicalEddie didn’t mention, and I’m not sure if it’s come up in any videos, but in the PS2 version inventory space was an even bigger issue. You had to find or buy bags to expand your inventory space, and I think you’d only start off with something like two bags of 8 spaces each on every character. Even with the maximum amount of biggest bags, I don’t think you’d have much more space than what you started off with in the HD version. I don’t think there was an item box either, but now that I started thinking about it I’m not 100% sure, it’s been forever.

I’m really itching to play the HD release watching these videos, but I haven’t had much money to throw around on games lately, and I can never decide if I should wait until I eventually get a PS4, or just screw it and get the PS3/Vita version.

Im not really able to make the decision for you on whether you should wait for the PS4 or just get the PS3. But i will say is that the game is stunning on the PS4. Im not the best at making videos, so i dont know if it comes across, but i cant stop looking at how beautiful and smooth the game is. Any screen could be desktop wallpaper or an amazing canvas print .

And Calli has absolutely adored Oswald since we first watched Kaz’s LP years ago. I love how much she gushes over him and Gwendolyn. It made our playthrough an amazing experience.

Oh, I had a feeling I was forgetting something, thanks for catching that!

Not only did you have to buy bags, but they were also technically items that you had to use from your inventory to equip them. After a little digging, I think you can only have four extra bags of any size, so your highest capacity was 48 items. On top of that, I’m pretty sure mandragora and seed stacks counted against the item limit, too. And if you wanted to replace a bag, you’d have to empty it out completely–plus another space in another bag–to convert it back into an item. Oh, and no, there was no item box.

I’m afraid I don’t know the differences between the PS3 and PS4 versions, though. I guess it comes down to how long you think it’ll take to get yourself a PS4.

Of course, it has cross-platform saving, so you could always just buy the PS3 version now and the PS4 version later! :V

I really can’t imagine having so little item space. It feels like we’re always at max even though we’re constantly using our potions and eating our food.

Oh! Oh! In my playthrough, I fused same type potions with the same type of potions so I get a higher strength potion. If that helps in keeping clutter down.

Aww thank you. I actually adore a lot of characters in this game. All of them are adorable in their own right. The pairing of Oswald and Gwendolyn though is something special to me and we will see why later on in this series. It also doesn’t help that I consider myself to be the harbor of ships. I ship a lot. :sweat_smile: