Dark Cloud is nice. Let's play it??

Newest videos (July 11th):
7. 「Hot Dog Crisis」

Hello!!! Welcome to one of my all-time favorite games, Dark Cloud. It’s a very sparse and charming action RPG cooked up by Level-5 (Layton, Yokai Watch, Ni No Kuni) way back in 2000, shortly after the PS2’s launch. It’s Level-5’s first game, in fact, so it’s kinda rough around the edges (please be nice to them!!), but when I played it when I was like 11 years old I didn’t understand what “flaws” were, so it’s always been one of my favorite games.

What’s it about!?

I wasn’t done??? I’m getting there??? Dark Cloud is about this kid named Toan waking up from a brutal nap to learn that a Majin Buu-lookin’ dude has basically razed his entire planet, and everyone would’ve been killed if it weren’t for the efforts of a fancy old man named The Fairy King. At the last moment, he sealed everyone and everything into a bunch of orbs and just kinda tossed them deep into nearby dungeons instead of, like, some centralized fairy vault, so now Toan has to go on an adventure to collect them all up and rebuild everything. It’s kind of overwhelming, but fortunately the Fairy King made a bunch of Powerpoints about how to save the world, so with his help and 5 friends he’ll meet along the way, Toan’s gonna try to fix everything and defeat the Dark Genie.

It’s kinda like Soul Blazer or ActRaiser, if you’ve heard of those.

Do I know you? You sound pretty familiar!

You might!! My name is Eliza, but if you’re terrified of real names then a tiny empress (or just empress) is fine. I used to go by the name A Wooden Palisade, back when I still made (primarily Zelda) LPs with a buddy under the joint moniker Palisagrus. I’m also the same Eliza that’s a part of Six Feats Under, where I played Bella Canto in Let’s Play The 13th Age and, currently, Lily in Let’s Play Mouse Guard. These days, I’m just a gal on my own (except when I’m a mouse in a guard), but maybe I’ll invite some friends to join me every once in awhile??? Who can say!!

So tell me about the LP!

Oh, right! This is a live, solo commentary LP with a chill vibe; just me on my lonesome goofin’ around with one of my favorite games. It’s funny, but it’s also not?? Or wait I mean it is funny but it’s also very informative, so idk maybe you’ll learn somethin’ while you laugh!! Videos are usually like 15-30 minutes long - however they need to be, really - and as I get deeper into each dungeon there’ll be more and more editing to trim out the repetitious parts.

I’m really tryin’ my best NOT to be a tremendous perfectionist for once, so it might be kinda rough around the edges at times (please be nice to me!!). I just wanna have a good time and make something that’s fun for everyone!

There isn’t a lot that can be spoiled in this game, but try not to talk too much about future areas / characters we haven’t met yet. We’ll get there! Otherwise, anything goes, as long as it’s fun!

Lastly, you can follow me on twitter @atinyempress if you wanna like, talk to me or get updates or whatever??

Table of Contents

  1. 「Impervious to Genie Attacks」
  2. 「Like, It’s Fine, I’m Not Mad」
  3. 「Pride Themselves On a Lack of Runes」
  4. 「Does This Happen to You?」
  5. 「She’s a Cat Girl」
  6. 「We Need to Talk About Something」
  7. 「Hot Dog Crisis」

I think I watched you stream this in like 2012. Looking forward to it.

I’ve already been watching your updates as they came out cause i’m subscribed on youtube since like, i dunno years ago i guess???

Anyway it’s a cool chill LP so far and i appreciate it.

Nice hell yea I’m glad you’re enjoying it. You can’t be subscribed from years ago though, I made this new youtube account like, last month I think.

@Micolithe Whoa I didn’t think anyone would remember those streams, but yea, they were fun! I’m better at solo commentary now I think. Thanks for watchin!!

I’m diggity dag down for this adventure of a travelling hat and the boy he possesses.

oh i must have like saw you teasing something new on twitter or somethin last month and subscribed then i got a memory like a sieve lately.

I usually hear about Dark Cloud 2, but this game seems pretty cute as well. In general, while I haven’t played the games, I like the rebuilding aspect. It’s fairly unique.
I’m guessing Toan survived the apocalypse because of his hat/helmet. No other hat has genie resistance on it.

I had a similar experience of unexpectedly falling in love with the sequel when it was totally not my kind of game, so I’ve always been curious about the first Dark Cloud. Seeing the old formula I remember, I realize DC2 was quenching my roguelike thirst long before Steam made it east to throw down $10-$15 for a hit of the good stuff.

HONESTLY YEAH I joked but it really does scratch a roguelite-y itch… that good procedural dungeon crawl with permanent progression between runs. The first game hits it moreso for me because of its very like… bare atmosphere, but DC2 has A LOT MORE dungeon crawling to make up for it.

@heyboots Yea I think that’s what it was. Well thanks for subscribin’ preemptively!!

IT’S BEEN A HECTIC WEEK but I’m back with two new videos!! Wow!!! These are good ones and a lot happens probably. We open up the gaffer’s buggy, learn about duels, and make a new friend who gives us a cool potion.

3.「Pride Themselves On a Lack of Runes」
4.「Does This Happen to You?」


Oh a Dark Cloud LP! I’m so glad to see other people who like this game, it’s one of my favorites for sure. There are a lot of ways i feel the second game improves on the formula but this game will always hold a very special charming, nostalgic place in my heart

Yeah, that’s how I feel too! The second game iterates on it in almost every single way, but part of what I like about this game is its simplicity and sparseness, so I’ve come to love both games equally for different reasons.

I think I stopped playing my copy shortly after you lose access to those free free repair powders. My brother got way further tho… I think???

My brother always played more of the games than I did.

Are you considering tackling Dark Cloud 2 after this?


5.「She’s a Cat Girl」

@ScurvyKip yes probably if I feel like it


I love this game, it is a very good game. One of my favorites. I’ll be enjoying this ride. :3

Thank you so much for this latest update, from the bottom of my heart.

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Thank you for encouraging my bullshit




it is with a heavy heart that i must issue this formal apology. friends… I have made a mistake

6.「We Need to Talk About Something」