Demonblight - A Six Feats Under Campaign

Six Feats Under is an actual play podcast, and we’ve just begun another long-running campaign!

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(All art is a work in progress. Finalized art coming soon, hopefully).

Welcome to Sybilsburg, home to the only known cure for the Demonblight plague. Here you will find terrible people forced to do terrible things to survive a terrible curse.

This is the story of a small group who would never ordinarily meet one another, but due to their shared curse and the Academy’s group treatment schedules, have been thrust into one another’s lives. For good or for ill, they’re in this together.

For this campaign, we are playing Shadow of the Demon Lord by Robert Schwalb. It is a dark horror fantasy game, inspired heavily by games like Dark Souls and Warhammer Fantasy 3e. It features some very cool and inspired rules, alongside some kinda bad core setting material we’re mildly brushing aside in favor of doing our own thing. The core concept is still here, we’re just playing within the space a bit.

We’re Six Feats Under, an actual play podcast group specializing in tabletop games other than That One. We play a lot of one shots of various systems, known as our Bonus Feats, and we also play some longer running campaigns. Our first campaign, Let’s Play The 13th Age, took 5 years and 89 episodes. Hopefully, Mouse Guard and Fellowship: To Winter’s End will take a little less time than that.

(all art is WIPs, finalized art hopefully coming soon)

Aesma Relicary
Aesma is a 12 year old ball of pointy things. A goblin orphan who grew up on the streets, she learned to act tough and be loud if you want to get things your way. She is a trouble maker who doesn’t realize just how much trouble she is in. Her dreams are the dreams of a madman.

Aesma Relicary is played by Gnome.

Bartleby Otto Clarke

A strange and whimsical clockwork creature, Bartleby is a puppeteer, politician, philanthropist, and socialist agitator who keeps their own agenda. They are entirely made up of replacement parts, and it is unlikely any of them is still from whatever original machine Bartleby was built to be. This gives them a very unusual view of the world.

Bartleby Otto Clarke is played by Thyl.

Claude Caligari

Claude is a second year college student at the Academy, and has basic knowledge of medicine and surgical technique. Although they are technically in charge of overseeing this group of weirdos, it turns out Claude also has the Demonblight, and must seek treatment alongside them. How and when he was exposed to demonic influence is unknown.

Claude Caligari is played by Arden.

Seven Eight

An immortal temple guardian built for some unknown purpose. They are a construct of copper and stone, vaguely shaped like a lion. Seven Eight is a soft spoken, gentle giant type, capping out at 12 feet tall when standing up on their hind legs. Their front paws do have thumbs and work as hands, which surprises many folks the first time they see it.

Seven Eight is played by Yao.

Zara is a mysterious bug person from a far off land. She is skilled with weapons and is probably taking care of Aesma? It’s hard to say. She doesn’t talk too much. One thing we do know is she spent the last several years living in the woods, so this big city business is all new to her.

Zara the Exile is played by Drakkel.

Demonblight Episodes

Episode 01: Waiting Room
In a small waiting room in The Academy are five entities.
A human in college. A goblin child. An exiled queen. A robotic puppeteer. An immortal centurion.
They have an appointment in 15 minutes.

Crimes: Vandalism, Petty Theft (2 Counts)

Episode 02: Hunting The Hunter
A monster is loose in the streets of Wernicke-On-Highfallow. The Academy put it there.It injured a child. The Academy has sent expendable goons to take it out.
The goons are us, by the way.

Crimes: Breaking and Entering, Murder

Episode 03: Old Fashioned Pig Farming
Our Shadow of the Demon Lord campaign continues! To afford our party’s treatment of Demonblight, a medic shirking her duties sends us to make sure a fungal infection at a pig farm isn’t anything serious. Obviously, it turns out to be something serious.

Crimes: Slaughter, Professional Negligence (x2), Inhumane Treatment of Animals

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this podcast is certifiably dis-gruntled

maddi site color wip
Demonblight 4: Rotten Basement Mold

As the mold investigation continues, our indentured investigators comes across an abandoned house that seems to be the source of the infection. What lies within? Only crime will tell.

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Demonblight 5: Spending Time in Town

With a couple missions under our belts, the gang goes their separate ways. In this episode, we get to see what kind of crimes everyone does when they’re all by themselves.