Here There Be Dragons: Let's Play Ryuutama (Anime is Real Edition)

The ancient dragon speaks in a grizzled voice with a thick Breton accent,
“In the beginning of the world there were four types of dragons
from the four dragons were born the seasons
from the seasons were born the seven dragons of weather
from the weather were born the thirteen dragons of earth
the wind blowing out of the grasslands, the soft sunlight,
pairs of beasts, lively castle towns
all is given life by the long breath of the dragons
from the 24 dragons, innumerable more are born into the world
they wait for the time to awaken
the time has not yet come
the world is a Dragon’s Egg
with the Travelers and Ryuujin warming it
what sort of dragon will hatch into this world…?”

Ryuutama is a game setting which allows its players a form of cooperative control over its world and happenings. It also allows for the unique element of the Game Master (me) to have a minor character in the campaign in the form of the Ryuujin. You can read all about Ryuutama: Here

I’m looking for four young people who have whatever drives they desire to set off on an adventure. Pick a role, give me your name and then tell me about your drives and reasons for going on an adventure. Then give me a bit of backstory (200 words max) and give me a vulnerability you have. Examples: A fear of lightning, a bum knee, allergic to bees, dangerously oblivious, etc. Feel free to include character art because it might bias me.
:siren: Applications are now closed! :siren:

Hello world:

Our World is named: Theras (AKA: The Ryutama Adventure Setting)
The Major Players are:
The Exalted Theocracy of Etru: The Exalted Theocracy of Etru (ETE) has been around for a little over a hundred years, its leader is chosen by the people from among the people. Candidates are always individuals who feel they best express the will of the Great Dragons. The current Exalt, Wyserias Threspiel, claims he has been personally blessed by a dragon.
The Barony of Pendel: Ruled by Baroness Janice Pendel and her consort Lord Owen Pendel the Barony of Pendel is a thriving trading domain which tolerates (sometimes begrudgingly) all manner of visitors.
The Barony of Arbor: Baron Sedwick Arbor and his lover Julian Gusre hold dominion over almost the whole of the island, though the ETE has made headway in and has been slowly extending its influence and evangelizing to the people. Baron Arbor is quite stressed, as his domain is fraught with contentious mayors, bickering minor lords, and one of his best trading towns has been endlessly beset by destructive forces for almost three decades now. He ails for he has little means to assist them, and struggles to keep the peace between the endless warring of egos. The ETE has arrived and set up at quite the opportune time indeed.
The Flamewrought Vigil: The Duchy of Flamewrought, overseen by Grand Duchess Cecile Oslam, houses the Flamewrought Vigil. An elite mercenary unit which spends its time fighting back the perpetual brushfire which burns to the northwest. They also travel out to “fight fires” (aka, act as assassins) elsewhere.
The Sunset Sentinels: All across the world a call is sent, to the elders of the world of Theras, those in the twilight of their lives to take up the cause of the Sunset Sentinel. Deep within the mountains, a terrible evil is contained, and these hardened warriors have sworn their life in service to its continued imprisonment.
The Earldom of Decent: Headed by Earl Esse Stayborn and their partner Yuri Stayborn, the Earldom of Decent is a smallish domain known for its cattle and milk. The people are largely happy, the Earldom of Decent welcomes all within their domain and they maintain only the barest of armies. It is a place without gender and a functioning democracy within a largely monarchical structure so they just humor being called Earls.
The Fisher Fiefdom: Oswald Fisher spent almost 30 years building fishing ships by hand, crewing them, bringing in the fish and selling them before making enough wealth to hire folks to do it for him. As an older gentleman now, Oswald built himself a fishing empire and styles himself as a Lord (few in his domain disagree, he’s certainly wealthy enough.) He has nany children he wants to see married off.
The Usagi-Taguel: Scattered about the world of Theras are the highly adaptive Usagi-Taguel, settling in in human cities or living in their own. When in the domain of human monarchs they honor the authority of them well enough (so long as the monarch does not ask too much) but they actually have their own leader, as each city is run by a mayor and they all answer to the Shogun Subaru Nobunga. They’ve been having citizens and soldiers kidnapped lately.
The Fairy Kingdoms: Nobody can really tell who rules the fairies to the southwest, they seem to arbitrarily change leadership on a whim. They tolerate the presence of humans and Taguel in their domain so long as they are just towns, villages, cities, and the like. They do not take kindly to any attempts at foreign powers laying claim to their territory.
The Couriers Collective: The Couriers in Theras are renowned for their ability to get a letter or parcel from any one to any one any where. The Couriers Collective is situated in the western desert where they train and recruit. Couriers are well paid and live quite the lavish lifestyle when they’re not out delivering messages and packages.
The Guardians: Once called the Nimish before we knew better the Guardians watch over the eggs of sleeping great dragons that travelers feed their travelogues to. Now they’re sending an army to Pendel in alliance with the Usagi-Taguel.

Special House Rules:

1.) You can always choose to fail: If you feel it is not appropriate for your character to succeed a test or check because it is unlike them to do so, or you feel it would be more beneficial to the story, or whatever other reason you can choose to forego rolling the test/check and simply fail.
2.) You can sometimes be determined: You bring up incidences where you’ve chosen to fail to explain why your character might be more determined to succeed on a specific test or check. Depending on how you sell it you may or may not get a bonus. (You do not have to have previously chosen to fail to argue for a buff to succeed but it does help your case.)
3.) Communal Critical Failures: When A player critically fails (hereafter referred to as the Failing Player) they may determine how they critically fail, ex: “I step right into the bee nest!” Then other players can suggest ways that the Failing Player fails so long as they also explain how that failure effects/affects them, ex: “They step into the bees’ nest and the bees go everywhere! I’m afraid of bees!” This may or may not give deductions to the suggesting player. This is optional and players can forego making a suggestion. At the end of going around the table the critical failure is resolved and the GM and the Failing Player decide how much they fail based on the player input. The FP always gets the final say.
4.) Communal Critical Successes: Same as failures because it is just fun to make critical happenings silly/ridiculous/absurd. May or may not give bonuses.
5.) Bonds and Bond Bonuses: The GM may choose to assign a Bond to any number of characters who are interacting well and have good comradeship (or other reasons). The characters can then, once daily, invoke their Bond when acting together to get a bonus towards success/damage/etc.

I look forward to playing with you! :dragon:



First Ryuujin: The Young Green Dragon, Caper. Artefact: Sextant, Benediction: The Tale of the Traveler's Journal. (Click to read her introduction!)

“Call me Caper.” The young Midori-Ryuu says. She stands before you in the form of a pre-adolescent girl dressed up in the most outrageous attire. Her horns and wings are visible (her horns protruding from her forehead and her wings, covered in moss, hanging from her shoulders like a cloak.)
“Impressed?” She spins around for you with a gleeful giggle. “This is just one of my many forms!” She declares, thrusting a single finger into the air. “The second is of a dragon, because I am a dragon you see.” She nods to herself and looks to you, “A big dragon.” Her tone is quite serious and she spreads her arms wide to emphasize the size of dragon. “With scales of an earthen color from which moss and small sprouts grow!” She rests her hands on her hips and grins. “Of course, that’s just too bulky to keep an eye on you lot, and tagging along with you in my human form is just too intrusive. So I’m gonna use my third form to keep tabs on you.” She grins wider, “It’s a bird. A greenfinch, to be precise. Small enough to be unobtrusive and easily put out of mind but still present to help you when you need it.” Her grin shifts to an assuring smile. “Don’t worry, you’ll be just fine under my care. This isn’t my first time!”
(GMs note: It’s totally her first time.)

About Caper: While she has just done so now Caper actually isn’t especially prone to making herself visible and is largely hands off. She is a young dragon, but she likes to act like she is much older and wiser than she really is. Personality wise she is energetic, enthusiastic, and excitable and her vulnerability is that she is easily prone to distraction. Caper wants to tell a story about her travelers’ struggles and ordeals as they seek out to discover some manner of magnificent landmark (and find some cool treasures.) She expects the story to be great and perilous as nothing less is good enough to feed to her seasonal dragon, Travien (the big guy seen in the OP), as a Travelogue. She wants an epic story more than anything else and because of this she’s chosen the Sextant as her Artefact and The Tale of the Traveler’s Journal as her Benediction. She lives in a cave beneath the roots of some mangrove trees along a lazy river’s path.

Pictured: Caper

Second Ryuujin: The Adolescent Blue Dragon, Pash. Artefact: Crystal, Benediction: The Tale of Kindness and the Tale of Love. (Click here to view his introduction!)

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no!” A young man who literally looks just like Balthier from Final Fantasy 12 bursts out of seemingly nowhere and starts swatting and shooing at the tiny bird that is Caper. “This is atrocious! Utterly awful! Completely banal! This is simply not how things are done!” The young man exclaims and turns to face you, his hands resting over his heart. “A story needs romance! It needs interpersonal drama!” He pleads. He scowls over his shoulder at Caper, “Any dragon you feed this trash to is going to vomit it right back up again!” The young man declares. Caper shimmers into her human form, her hands planted on her hips. “Our story has that!” She contests. The young man turns up his nose, “No, no, absolutely not. This is garbage!” He says. Now it is Caper’s turn to scowl, “Oh, and I suppose you can do better?” She challenges. The young man lights up, “Oh yes I can!” He reaches into his overstuffed backpack and draws out a series of scrolls and parchments covered in relationship charts and shipping diagrams. The young man begins rattling off his fan theories passionately as you all just stand there, gaping at him. Eventually, after an impassioned speech about how Koal just needs to find someone who truly understands him but how can he pick between Alice and Deneb, the young man realizes he’s been carrying on and turns to you as he rolls up his documents. “Oh, I’m sorry. My name is Pash, and I’m a Blue Dragon.” He says. “If you’ll have me, I’d love to make your story really something!”

About Pash: Unlike Caper, Pash is incredibly meddlesome. He always has a plan and he has a taste for the dramatic. He doesn’t always want things to work out the way Caper did. As an adolescent dragon he has a romantic mind and he wants to tell a story of deep human drama that will be appropriate for the seasonal dragons. His dragon form is a lung dragon covered in bluish kelp and coral, his human form looks just like Balthier from FF12 except he has a big overstuffed backpack and his final form is that of, appropriately, a blue lovebird. He has chosen, begrudgingly, The Crystal as his Artefact and The Tale of Kindness and the Tale of Love as his Benedictions.

Pictured: Pash

The Third Ryuujin: Mature Black Dragon, Shrike. Artefact: The Dagger, Benedictions: Lots (Click to read his introduction!)

“So you picked me.” The dark man smiles broadly, "I’m honored and you won’t regret it. Rushing into war without securing allies and establishing commanders would have been foolish indeed. I’ll do everything I can to make sure this all goes smoothly for you, you’ll not regret it and you have my gratitude.

Shrike immediately sets upon Grand Duchess Cecile, trying to pry assistance in the upcoming war out of her, she blanches, bound by her alliance with the ETE. But, as Shrike says, does she not also have a marriage alliance with Pendel? Cecile claims that she just can’t and Shrike turns to Ryyan, “Your sister inherits, does she not? And she would be a much more stalwart ally to Pendel than this woman.” Before Ryyan can even really answer Shrike turns back to Cecile and with a snap of his fingers Archie plunges a dagger viciously into Cecile’s chest, assassinating her. The felled duchess crumples to the ground, her final words, “Why… why… I only… wanted peace.” Within moments, Shrike has installed Katrina Pendel Oslam as Grand Duchess and she immediately sets to assisting Pendel. She promises what aid she can offer to the Isle of Calamity as well. Shrike gives the party a bow, “Shrike at your service, slayer of bureaucracy. I open ways.” He says smoothly as he retrieves his dagger from the weeping Archie.

About Shrike: Shrike is here to get things done no matter the cost, the only exception to that is if it comes to risking the lives of his past travelers or present travelers. All other factors mean next to nothing to him. Shrike wants to hear your goals, wants to know what ambitions and shameful dark dreams you have and see them happen. Shrike has a personal grudge against the ETE and will not stop until they are destroyed. You’re not the perfect travelers for this task but you’re his travelers and he’ll do everything he can to support you. As he says, “You’ll do just fine.” Shrike has picked The Dagger as his Artefact and as a mature black dragon he has a whole host of powers and benedictions that you can read below. He’s always plotting and always prepared, its a good thing he’s on your side.

Pictured: Shrike

The Fourth Ryuujin: Adult Red Dragon, Choler. Artefact: The Greatsword, Benedictions: LOTS (Click to read her introduction!)

The red Dragon has a glint in her eyes as she sizes the party up on the ship. “No taste for war, eh great leader?” She grunts to Ryyan. “Conflict finds you, whether you want it or not.” She sighs and stretches her massive wings. “I’m going to do my very best to keep you and all those you care about alive, I will expend all the powers I have to that end. You have my word.”

About Choler: A dragon of conflict, Choler has long become numb to the traumas and horrors of war and strife. But, despite her bloodlust, she is not unsympathetic to the sentiments of others. She is a pragmatic and devoted dragon who seeks the most efficient solution to any challenge.

Pictured: Choler

About the Travelers:
Lord Ryyan Pendel is the youngest child and only son of the local baron who rules in Pendel Town, he grew up there and rarely ventured far from it. He has never left his family’s domain. He’s the Leader of the group.
Ryyan’s Journal: Entry 1 (session 2)
Ryyan’s Journal: Entry 2 (Session 5)
Ryyan’s Journal: Entry 3 (Session 6)
Ryyan’s Journal: Entry 4 (Session 7)
Ryyan’s Journal: Entry 5 (Session 8)
Ryyan’s Journal: Entry 6 (Session 9)
Ryyan’s Journal: Entry 6 (Session 10)
Ryyan’s Journal: Entry 7 (Session 11)
Ryyan’s Journal Entry 8 (Session 12 plus Epilogue)

Mayor Koal Maeror hails from what is currently called Windswept, though the town changes its name every time it rebuilds from a disaster. The Barony of Arbor rules over his island. He and his pack llama Snickerdoodle travel together. He is the Quartermaster for the party.
Koal’s Journal: Entry 1 (Session 7)
Koal’s Journal: Entry 2 (Session 8)
Koal’s Journal: Entry 3 (Session 9)
Koal’s Journal: Entry 4 (Session 10)
Koal’s Journal: Entry 5 (Session 11)
Koal’s Journal Entry 6 (Session 12 plus Epilogue)

Deneb is a witch who grew up in the witch hunt not far from Pendel Town. Witches are often regarded with suspicion, especially in places where the ETE has influence. Deneb is the Mapper for the group.
Deneb’s Journal: Entry 1
Deneb’s Journal: Entry 2
Deneb’s Notes (bonus journal)
Deneb’s Journal: Entry 3 (Session 9)

Alice comes from Obsidian, where fairies are not uncommon, she is very attached to her personal supply of spices. Alice is the Journal Keeper for the group.
Alice’s Journal: Entry 1
Alice’s Journal: Entry 2
Alice’s Journal: Entry 3
Alice’s Journal: Entry 4
Alice’s Journal: Entry 5
Alice’s Journal: Entry 6
Alice’s Journal: Entry 7
Alice’s Journal: Entry 8
Alice’s Journal: Entry 9
Alice’s Journal: Entry 10
Alice’s Journal: Entry 11
Alice’s Journal: Entry 12 (Plus Epilogue)

Courier Missives:
-Letters to Baroness Janice Pendel and Grand Duchess Cecile Oslam

-Letters to his family and to Lord Ahn-So of Dacafe

-Letters to Warden Ivan Trek, overseer of the Flamewrought Duchy’s prison and to her father, Frederick Northwoods.
-A letter to her mother, Katherine Northwoods

-Letters to the Hunter Annabelle and to her grandmother, the Witch of the East Wood.
-Another letter to her grandmother

About the World:

Peace in our time. :dragon:

Travelogue History:
Session 1 Summary.
Session 2 Summary.
Session 3 Summary.
Session 4 Summary.
Session 5 Summary.
Session 6 Summary.
Session 7 Summary.
Dragon Recaps (Sorry, I got lazy!)

Shit I guess I gotta make a character now soon as I’m not busy at work.


Oh man oh man, I’ve wanted to play this since I backed the kickstarter, but never got a group together long enough to get anywhere.

My name is Ryyan, and I am a Noble. I am the third son of a Baron, which means that my older sisters got all the responsibilities that come from that. Instead of being groomed for the succession, I spent my time in the library. I left home when I came of age because I didn’t want to take part in the political bickering concerning my extended family. That decision was pretty impulsive, as I had never gone farther than the border of the barony until that day. I’m determined to make the most of it, however, and I won’t return until I find the Grand Library, which has been lost for centuries. My vulnerability: I am cowardly, and never did well in the martial lessons.

Character Sheet

This sounds really interesting, I’ll try to have a character up here soon.

My name is Dorian, and I am a hunter. I know the wilderness around my home like the back of my hand and I’ve always felt more comfortable out there than I did hanging around town. At least that was the case up until I slipped and broke my leg, after that it felt almost like I’d been betrayed. Now with my head full stories of the wider world I picked up from passing travelers, and with several months of restlessness built up, I think its time I saw some of the wonders of the world outside my home. I won’t stop searching until I’ve found something truly wild and beautiful. My vulnerability: I’m afraid of heights, and lately when I get too high up I can’t seem to keep my legs from shaking.

My name is Jacob and I am a Minstrel. For as long as I can remember I have loved stories. Everyone knew that I was going to be a minstrel when I grew up. Telling them, learning them, finding the beats and rhythms of them there is nothing about stories that I don’t like. It probably helps that I only ever felt comfortable talking to people when I tell stories. My love of stories has driven me to leave my home in search of new tales even if it means that I have to talk to people. My vulnerability: I am only able to feel confident about myself when I am telling a story and as such I find it very difficult to get through social interactions.

My name is Koal and I am a Merchant. Not long after I came of age, I inherited my family’s construction business. Since we were based in a town plagued by natural disasters, we always had plenty of work. But one day, a stroke of bad luck led to a storm destroying most of the town; far more than we could afford to rebuild. With no one in town capable of paying for our services, I decided we need to bring in money from other towns. I gathered up some of our excess inventory, slapped it on a pack mule, and set out in an attempt to sell to whoever would buy it. With my siblings rebuilding the town pro bono, it was up to me to cover our expenses. My vulnerability: growing up surrounded by natural disasters has not desensitized me to them. Instead, it has granted me a crippling fear of all of them. Dark clouds? Strong vibrations? Faster than average winds? All of them will put me on edge for the rest of the day.

EDIT: I forgot to talk about schedules!

If we do 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, I’ll only be able to meet for 2 and a half hours. If we met on Tuesday, I’d be able to play for the full three hours.

Character Sheet

Let me know if I left out something important!

My name is Deneb and I am a Healer. At a young child I was adopted by an old crone in the forest who taught me herbalism and the ways of magic. She wasn’t a very friendly woman to outsiders, the locals considered her something of a spooky witch, but she was kind enough to me. Because of this I didn’t really meet a lot of people as I was growing up. One day she found me looking wistfully into the forest and told me I’ve learned all she could teach and I could either stay here and live the same life she did, or strike out on my own.

So I left.

My vulnerability: I lived an extremely sheltered life in the woods and do not understand society at large. Also I’m literally a witch.

I’ve never played a tabletop game myself before, but the rules don’t look too complex and I’ve listened to basically one million tabletop podcasts, so I’ll give it a try.
I’m Alice, an artisan. I’m the daughter of a famous cook, who wrote the highly used cookbook “Anaconda to Zordfish: A Recipe Book for Adventurers and Restaurateurs Alike.” I wanna travel the world to develop my skills enough to open my own restaurant, and maybe make some recipes of my own.
Vulnerability: I’m fairly excitable; I see monsters as meals long before I see them as dangerous creatures that could kill me.

[details=Character Sheet]

Got most of this filled out, except for initiative, which can’t be changed for some reason. It should be 14.[/details]

[quote=“Fefnir, post:10, topic:2108”]
Vulnerability: I’m fairly excitable; I see monsters as meals long before I see them as dangerous creatures that could kill me.

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I would have loved to join this, but since it would mean I would have to be available at 02.30 in the morning my time I am afraid I can’t. So, fuck you Jenner and all you US people with your timezones :wink:

Oh nooo! I would have loved to have had you. I’m sorry about time zones! If enough folks from the far off timezones are interested I may run a second INSOMNIA GAME after this one where I stay up until 3 AM while everyone else is on a normal schedule.

Since I’m here I should take the opportunity to let everyone know that I’m gonna close applications on Wednesday and make my selections so if anyone else is considering applying please do so (spread the word, or whatever.)

Additionally I wanted to explain how this was going to go a bit. Each Ryuujin has a type of story they tell, and adventure travelers undertake while in their care. I would like to cycle through each Ryuujin, starting with Green but then voting on the next cycle until we’ve done all the dragons. Then, if you all want, we can do the Big Adventure (it has a specific name but I’m on my phone right now. I’ll edit this when I get to my laptop.)

For those who are too lazy to read up on the Ryuujin here’s a TL;DR: (I’m gonna edit this when I get to my laptop too.)
Green Ryuujin: Largely interested in adventure and discovery. Not prone to much combat, a lot of exploring and environmental hazards.
Blue Ryuujin: Likes romance subplots and character bonds, a very roleplay centric campaign with lots of NPCs. Personality conflicts abound.
Red Ryuujin: All about combat, conflict, and strife. Expect a typical dungeon crawl with lots of monsters and some traps. There might be some NPC diplomacy and military drama.
Black Ryuujin: Backstabbing, intrigue, huge jerks being huge jerks, shitty politics, bureaucracy for miles. Fun fun fun!

When I make my selections I’ll be introducing the players to their first dragon and we’ll be moving on from there. I have a rough idea of what I want to achieve and a loose storyline in mind already for each dragon. But it’s up to us to get there together!

Hype hype hype?


There’s also the fact that Ryuujin are caretakers of dragon eggs, and that they follow travelers to write down their story to ‘feed’ the new dragons. So if we are to have four Ryuujin following the same party around, it sounds like these four have been given the task of caring for one egg. Sort of like four writers/editors being forced to work together on one manuscript.
Regardless, I would vote for our first Ryuujin to be Green.

Hey I know it’s a day early but I don’t think I’m going to get any more applications so I’m just gonna announce who I’ve picked today okay?

Our party will consist of:

@Breadmaster as Ryyan the Noble.
@LoakaMossi as Koal the Merchant.
@heyboots as Deneb the Healer.
@Fefnir as Alice the Artisan.
Congratulations! (I’m sorry @IFS and @Raptor-Senpai, your applications were both good too and I waffled a lot!)

Each of you please look through the Ryuutama playbook I linked, and select your stats and role. The resources @heyboots provided have a character sheet which is a fillable pdf that you can use. I’d like it if you edited your original post with a link to your sheet and this info but I’m not going to be a huge jerk about it.

Additionally I need each of you to draw a map in a 300x300 area and email it with the subject line Ryuutama Map Piece to as soon as you can so we can get started. The first session will be us establishing characters, building the world, explaining the system with a couple example encounters and then (if all that doesn’t take too long) starting out on the adventure.

Finally, when should we do this thing? Weekends are, unfortunately, not going to be good for me so that leaves us with weekdays. I was tentatively scheduling it for Wednesday at 8:30 PM EST but LoakaMossi would have to quit early. We could start at 8? Let’s spend this week getting maps done and characters done and hammering out a time, okay? I’m gonna update the OP and the 2nd post now.

I’m excited to play with you all!


Wednesday should be fine for me, but I don’t know if I’ll quite be able to make 8 precisely. Dinner can be late at times.

Okay let’s just do Wednesday at 8:30 PM EST and we’ll just stop when @LoakaMossi has to duck out and only play 2ish hours.

Can @Fefnir, @heyboots, and @LoakaMossi try to get your map pieces to me before Wednesday? I’d like to play this Wednesday if possible. We can work everything else out in session.

I’ll get to it eventually.

I think I can get it in either today or tomorrow, depending on how soon I can finish up thread stuff. I’ve got a pretty good idea of what I’ll be drawing out, at least.

Got all the map pieces. Piecing them together now and will be updating the OP when done. Get familiar with the rules, roles, etc the first session is Wednesday, Jun 21st, at 8:30 PM EST. I’m hype! :dragon:


I’ve taken the liberty of drawing a bit on some of your map pieces, I hope you don’t mind. I did so to add ETE hubs in an vain attempt to keep one of my planned storylines viable. But it’s going to be cooperative so if none of you want anything to do with the ETE you’ll never encounter them. I’m not going to ram them down your throat.

We need more towns and outposts and empires so after we make our characters on Wednesday we’ll be adding those together using the Draw Tool in Roll20 and then I’ll be manually approximating them into the map. Ryyan’s gonna need a barony somewhere, we’re gonna want some other factions, and we’re gonna wanna establish borders/etc and name the world as well as all the places that weren’t already named! (Or are vaguely named, like the ETE hubs, those are placeholders.)

See you Wednesday, Jun 21st , at 8:30 PM EST.
Here’s a Link to the Roll20 campaign I created: JOIN UP!