Got That New World Feeling but with an Old World Taste - Monster Hunter: World


Monster Hunter: World is the latest game in Capcom’s long-running Monster Hunter series of games. Initially revealed at E3 2017, Monster Hunter: World eschews many of the limitations that hampered the games on handhelds while adding a whole lot of quality of life improvements and removing a lot of unnecessary cruft, all while maintaining the series’ outstanding core gameplay.

World is the start of the fifth generation of Monster Hunter games, bringing with it new locations, new monsters, but surprisingly, no new weapons. Instead, focus has been placed on making the existing 14 weapons more fluid and impactful without changing them too much.

I intend to go from the start of the game to the end of the story, potentially with some bonus missions following afterwards.

As far as weapons go, I will do a showcase video for each and every one, although I’m not fully practiced in all 14, so some weapons may get more love in actual missions than others. I’ll make my best effort at showing off what I can for weapons I use less frequently.

Updates will be weekly, provided all things go well. New updates will be uploaded to Youtube first on Saturdays, then come to Twitch on Sunday. If, at any point during this LP, Twitch decides to let us just upload videos without premiering them again, we’ll have updates go up on both sites on Saturdays.

Monster Hunter: World adds new ways to engage in co-op with buddies, both with the introduction of the SOS flare, and the addition of Squads, which are functionally guilds. During the LP, at certain times, I’ll be posting notices in this thread denoting settings to use for an SOS Flare search for short times. If you want to join in on the LP and have a PS4 copy of the game, these notices will let you help me out on certain quests. If you were able to get in on one of these flares, let me know and you’ll be credited in the video!

Also, at some point, there may be a squad made, but who knows!

I would appreciate it a lot if these rules were adhered to.

  1. No spoilers whatsoever. If we haven’t seen it yet, don’t discuss it in this thread. Naturally, this doesn’t mean don’t discuss anything here. Basically, if it’s plot related, or related to a monster or locale we haven’t seen, then don’t, but if it’s about weapons I haven’t shown off or mechanics-based (within reason), then go right ahead! If you’re not sure, shoot me a message!

  2. If you are in one of the SOS multiplayer sessions, do not mention what monster we fought. I may be recording quite a ways ahead of the LP’s most recent update. It’s fine to mention that you got in on one in here, and in fact, that’s encouraged, but don’t say “I had a load of fun fighting [monster] with you!” or “You really did awfully against [monster]”. This overlaps with 1, for sure, but I’m just covering my bases here.

  3. Don’t be Youtube Man. Monster Hunter can be played in many ways. Most people are fine with this. Youtube Man is not. Sometimes I will make mistakes with regards to information. Most people will offer a correction. Youtube Man will pair that correction with a backhanded “um, actually”. Basically, just don’t be a jerk like Youtube Man.

  4. ABP. Always Be Prancing.

The Episode list will link to the individual post containing the episode. From there you’ll be able to choose between the Youtube and Twitch version.

Episodes labeled with “#-S” are Supplemental videos that don’t need to be watched to keep up with the plot. These will be videos like the Weapon Showcases and the like.


Let’s get started, shall we?

Also, if you want to take a look at character creation, here’s a quickened video showing off the entire process of creating Torres and Meowrcutio!


Let’s Hunting Indefinitely, Baybee

also you know I’m gonna try and gate crash use the sos flare

I’m watching my own video and I swear to god I disabled resampling, but apparently Vegas ticked it back on, so if it’s looking blurry when things get hairy, that’s why. I’m gonna try and correct it and get a fixed version uploaded ASAP, but for now I’ll leave this version up so that people can watch it if they’d like. I’ll let you all know as soon as the fixed version is up and edit the post accordingly.

Cool way to start an LP, huh?

Yesss, looked forward to this! Actually just rewatched the 3U one yesterday so this’ll be fun. Feel free to do voiced videos if there’s no plot, you want to grind/showcase a specific monster/weapon more or you just want to stream or chill a bit.

Nice! Hopefully, I will be able to lend the strength of my fully-realized big fuck off katana Long Sword.

Yesss let’s get this rolling! Folks, you’re in for a treat, Bo’s a veteran at this and a great teacher too.

I should be able to join up in the future, if I can keep up with you. Unless I feel like changing it up I’ll bring my switch-axe. Let’s Exploding Indefinitely!

Very happy to see it up, I’ll get to watching it later, and maybe I’ll be able to help out if you ever need it(Though I doubt you’ll need it)

Grats on the new LP Bo, just got finished watching it a little bit ago! I really like what you have going on with it so far and can’t wait to see where you take it goes on.

Oh this should be fun, World is super good. I don’t get a lot of quality time with my PS4 but I’ll try to come and toot (am a Charge Blade main but Hunting Horn is my next favorite and it’s fun in a group) in an SOS if the stars align before I get passed up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, the fixed version of Episode 1 is uploading now. As soon as it’s up the old version will be going down.


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Playing Monster Hunter be like:


I am loving the resemblance between Torres and some of the villagers from Dragon’s Dogma. I have no idea how intentional it is, but considering how both games love to focus on murdering monsters much bigger and much angrier than you, it feels appropriate.

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What time is it? It’s :meat: UPDATE DAY :meat:

Today we go on our first expedition and wander around with no time limit or continue count. We are also made to commit a terrible crime.

Also, here’s a quick-and-dirty overview of the Smithy! It’s not exhaustive, but it should give those of you who haven’t played a Monster Hunter game an idea of how crafting and upgrading equipment works, while catching vets who haven’t played Monster Hunter: World up a little.


That poor, poor bird. It shall live in in our hearts.

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I kinda dropped the ball on getting them uploaded to Twitch in a timely manner, but the most recent update is now on Twitch for those disinclined towards Youtube.

Sorry about the delay! :meat:

Going on record saying I hate killing this precious bird friend. Seriously, this smart bird is out there surrounded by terrifying creatures, those weird big lizards we saw at the beginning for one, and they probably all have interesting gimmicks and nasty looking claws and teeth.

Bird friend? Bird friend has a rock. And that will have to do.

Good thing we won’t have to kill 'em ever again. … Right?

It is catch-and-release from here on out for Kulu-Ya-Ku

That Kulu-Ya-Ku wasn’t just digging up some old pottery. You just set back Kulu-Ya-Ku development for decades by killing what I presume is their first, and only, archeologist.


What’s that smell? It’s :meat: UPDATE DAY :meat:

So that Pukei-Pukei we saw earlier is in the way of our investigation of Zorah Magdaros. We’ve gotta do something about that.

I also took a bit of time to talk about my observations on how Greatsword plays in our first Weapon Showcase! I must stress that these are just observations on the playstyle of the weapon, and not a full tutorial. When it comes to Monster Hunter, I’m an advocate for just picking up a weapon and putzing about with it until you have a good grip on it, so if you’re curious about Greatsword, pick it up and give it a try!