The LP Zone 1st Birthdayversary Awards!

Hey everybody! Look at how time flies! Seems like just yesterday I was writing my version of the absurdly big LP guides that would never be actually maintained, and now we’re already just a week or so away from our first birthday at the Let’s Play Zone! With that in mind, I thought we could reminisce on some of our favourite memories from this exciting new time and make up some silly fake awards that mean about as much as a social media platform’s promise to crack down on harassment.


Whether it’s something in a thread on the forum here, or wild times on the Discord server, I’d love to hear some fond memories you’ve had with us here at the Zone. A personal standout for me was staying up into the dead of night during E3 and watching the various press conferences with a bunch of other peeps on Discord, leading to exhausted bewilderment at whatever you want to call Devolver Digital’s E3 showcase last year.

The Awards

These are the awards that came to mind for me. Nominate some potential winners in any of these that you have an opinion on, and if you have any other silly categories, feel free to suggest them!

Best LP Thread

I’m limiting this to the best LP thread, because we already know that the best thread overall is DRAW DOGS and it would win in a landslide. So what’s the best LP you’ve seen on the Zone this past year? Is something about the LP itself really special? Is it the interactions and extra posts on the thread that make you want to come back to it over and over? Of all the categories, I’d love if people could support the nominations for this one with a couple of sentences about why they like the thread they want to vote for. A lot of the time our favourite LPers are appreciated silently, so I think they could do with some vocal support here.


Best LP Friends

One of the most fun parts of Let’s Plays are the friends we make along the way. From high school best friends to couples spending quality time together talking over videogames to people who only met each other by chance through a Let’s Play and just wish they knew how to quit the other, who are the best LP friends?


Most Powerful Gay

This forum is pretty gay, if you weren’t aware. It might be a law of physics that gays are magnetically drawn to one another, I certainly haven’t seen proof otherwise. Somebody must be the most powerful of gays, though. Nominate them, and show proof of their power.


Best Dog

As I said, the best thread is obviously DRAW DOGS. rainbowfission has drawn many dogs in this thread and beyond. But which is the best dog? Look deep within yourself and find out which one beautiful, perfect dog you would raise above hundreds of others. No pressure.


Favourite Moderator (to win in a fight)

Now that we have fought within our souls to decide the most precious pup, some good, old-fashioned bloodsport to raise our spirits! Our beloved moderators are in a fighting pit for our amusement; who comes out on top, and why is it P’Zord?


  • Bob
  • dijondujour
  • ThatPazuzu
  • Word on the Wind
  • Law
  • Speedball
  • P’Zord

Best Splatfest

Is this related to the Zone? Nope, but let’s do it anyway! There have been 23 Splatfests across the two games so far, with some variance between regions. Some have been sponsored, some have been lacklustre, but most have been fierce debates on the turf war battlefield. Let’s choose which is the greatest Splatfest of all time (as of January 2018).


Again, if you have any suggestions for a category, I’d love to hear it. I think we’ll have

nominations and voting run for the next two weeks, until the 3rd of February, 2018

In the meantime, I’m gonna see if I can maybe make a banner and some fun award images for our winners so this whole thing actually has some minor tangible payoff at the end.

Have fun, and here’s to another great year of Let’s Plays, Gays, and Dogs!


Well, I’d like to nominate @ChorpSaway’s lp of Chulip. It’s such a weird little game that I’ve always wanted to play, but I always found myself bouncing off of it for one reason or another. Chorp does a great job of showing off everything of intrest, and thankfully skipping the copious amounts of tedious repetition. :+1:

Let the best dog win.

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Hello, yes, I am nominating myself for Most Powerful Gay, thanks.


Pretty sure P’zord is the best mod, because P’zord is a robot. Also, since it has zord in the name, it can obviously form a megazord with other, theoretical zords, meaning it can defeat all of the other mods.

I want to nominate @wottermelon’s Dark Souls 3 LP for some pretty excellent gameplay and commentary.

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I’m gonna nominate @RealSovietBear’s Typing of the Dead Overkill LP for its really good gimmick and execution. Modifying the in-game dictionary to be the game’s commentary is REAL GOOD.

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Just a reminder for everyone that you can just vote on an already nominated…nominee, if you want, instead of needing to suggest a new one yourself.


I vote for P’Zord for most powerful mod.

I met a lot of cool people, but I don’t know how many I can nominate for Best LP Friends, so I rolled a d20 to determine it. Came out as @Deathmaster780, so I nominate them.

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I vote @RealSovietBear 's Typing of the Dead LP,

P’Zord for the Best Mod

and @ElTipejoLoco for Best LP Friend


I’m voting for @Jenner as Most Powerful Gay. She has been an absolute workhorse, running two RPGs then participating in a third, running two liveblogging threads, and, to my knowledge, providing the most complete LP of the Utena Dating Sim.

I’d also like to nominate (and vote for) @Voidburger and @ChipCheezum as Best LP Friends, for their outstanding teamwork in their Overcooked LP and their unrelenting cuteness in general. May as well get the obvious pair out of the way now.


Just a few days left!

I suppose I should stop putting this off, what with it being the last day and all.

Best LP: @RagnarHomsar’s LP of Etrian Odyssey V was very well written and I enjoyed reading through it before trying EOU for myself.

Best LP Friends: Can I vote for more than just two people? Because if I can I’m voting for @Breadmaster, @heyboots, @Jenner and @LoakaMossi because I’m biased, fuckeeeeeeers.

Most Powerful Gay: @Danaru takes it at last second, because I can think of no phrase more powerful than “I would fuck Isaac Newton.”

Best Dog: All of these dogs were very good, so I used an RNG to pick one. I wound up with 422, so good job being the best dog, Space Dog.

Favorite Moderator: Sure, P’Zord would distract everyone with very good animal pictures, but I’m pretty sure @dijondujour knows where their off switch is. Provided this isn’t a Mettaton situation, I think dijon has the best advantage.

Best Splatfest: I’ll always remember Cats vs. Dogs, the first Splatfest. I could call myself Cat Queen for a night AND the game didn’t crash all that much. A good time, all in all.