The Anime Thread: It's not just for kids! It's deep! It's EMOTIONAL!!!


they did the 35mm dub of both Perfect Blue and Akira at the alamo in the past few months.

Did I mention I love this theater?


The only anime movies I were able to see in theaters are the first 3 Pokemon movies and that one Yu-Gi-Oh! movie. Not the recent one that was brought over but the one that was created to be shown in theaters in the west.


Oh man, so tonight I made the mistake of subjecting myself and @Dex01 to Digimon: The Movie . You know, the one that was cobbled together from the first three Digimon films and overlaid with a best-of-late-90s-pop-punk soundtrack. It’s…pretty agonising. The most interesting part of it is the first half, which is at times a shot-for-shot precursor to Summer Wars (which had the same director).


Summer Wars is on my To Watch list but I’ve never really had the time to watch it.


If you can find time to watch Summer Wars you absolutely should. Having watched the original Japanese Digimon movie and the weird, awful amalgam that is the english version, I can confidently say that Summer Wars is better.

And also, just in general, Hosoda’s work is just worth watching. If you haven’t seen The Girl Who Leapt Through Time or Wolf Children they’re definitely worth your time.

Also this just reminded me I’ve yet to see The Boy and the Beast which is his most recent film, so I guess I’m going to fix that soon!


The Digimon Movie rules, what are you all talking about.

The Barenaked Ladies’s One Week plays while a Digimon eats the Internet. Hell yeah.

EDIT: I’m not saying it’s good, per se, just that it rules. It doesn’t help that I legitimately love Digimon.


I agree that the US release of the Digimon Movie rules. I used to own it on VHS as a kid and I watched it so much that the tape wore out. It’s incredible because of how weird and awful it is.


Wolf Children and 5cm/s are two movies that wrecked my fucking emotions for weeks (the latter more than the former)


There’s a new Gundam anime coming and it’s gonna be a follow up to Unicorn based off a web novel. Probably going to be OVAs like Unicorn was but with that and Thunderbolt season 2 there’s some good ass UC content coming :allears:

I just wonder what the next TV series will be like if they’re only sticking to OVAs/movies for UC based stuff.


Speaking of Gundam, Crunchyroll just added Gundam Build Fighters and Gundam Build Fighters Try to their library.

If you haven’t watched these, stop what you’re doing and watch some fun Gunpla Fights.


I will recommend Build Fighters and Try even though I’ve never watched them because they introduce the best Mobile Suit, Beargguy-III.


In more Gundam related news, Crunchyroll added all of Gundam Wing to thei anime catalog.


Has anyone watched Cyber Formula? It’s no Initial D but the car designs are fantastic and by Shoji Kawamori to boot.


Semi-related: I just did a post in my Gravity Rush LP thread about the game’s composer: Kohei Tanaka.

It’s primarily links to other compositions he’s done, which includes probably some of the best anime music of the past 3 decades

It’s a post where I got to drop some of the best tracks in G Gundam, Gunbuster, One Piece and Dragon Ball, so it’s automatically one of my favorite posts ever


I know this is a general anime thread but there’s been a lot of Gundam related stuff that’s happened recently that I felt was worth mentioning. Like the fact that Gundam Thunderbolt Season 2 started and you can watch the first OVA on an official Gundam Youtube Channel run by Sunrise.

They also recently put out a PV for the next Universal Century OVA series called Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight Axis. It’s supposed to take place just a few years after Gundam Unicorn.


Gonna double down on this. Thunderbolt is dumb as hell, but it’s a fun watch especially if you like jazz.


Kemono Friends is over, the most popular and important full length CG anime of 2017, i’m not counting Forest Fairy Five because that show will never end


The first episode of Boku No Hero Academia Season 2 came out today. I’ve been a faithful manga reader for a while now, so I am super hype, and hope to drag more people into loving this series.


So Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans ended today. Its not perfect, but I feel comfortable recommending it to anyone wanting to try Gundam.


I can’t exactly recommend the early 2000’s parappa anime for much else but it’s commitment to doing anything but rapping at any point, one episode of meeting God, and one character I swear is just Waluigi as a rabbit who ditched his overalls

anyway Mind Games a trip and is getting a Blu-Ray release worldwide and

well, look at the trailer and see if you’d like it, the ending of the movie is visceral if i’d describe it as anything