The Anime Thread: It's not just for kids! It's deep! It's EMOTIONAL!!!


I just got around to watching the finale and I have to agree that it’s a pretty easy recommendation to make if someone is interested in mecha and also has a lot of time on their hands.


callin it now Warau Salesman New has the best OP of the season (and its all cg)


Yeah that OP is so good! I just hope the show itself gets a bit more interesting/better with its setups.


I am unsure if the stories being told in this new Laughing Salesman are brand new or if they are just more modern versions of the old show or manga. I don’t know anything about the source material other than it coming out at the end of the 60’s but these stories feel like they were made for that tie period.


you’d think asshole wizard who prays on the weak would be a more outlandish premise but it’s been very simple so far, I hope the stories get more complicated as it goes because I love the artstyle


Watched the first episode of Kabukibu, for an anime about a high school kabuki club it had more kabuki in it than I expected.


Just saw Your Name in a theater. I really enjoyed it, and it definitely wasn’t about what I expected. I’ve never seen anime in a theater before. It’s definitely a different experience from sitting in bed with the thing playing on my tablet.


did anyone else watching Alice to Zoroku OP notice she totally drops the old guy
should I call the police


PSA: Sucy Manbavaran is the best.


i wrote a short blurb on why alice to zouroku is the best actually


If you like Idol Boys~ as much as I do, Starmyu got a second season this season. It’s a decent show about a “musical” high school that has the boys warping time and space to sing at least 1 new song every episode. It is mandatory that you watch Season 1 though so only check it out if you have the time.


We’re watching Death Note and we haven’t seen it in ages and my god sometimes they just don’t stop over-explaining stuff.


Starmyu is fun and dumb, it is wonderful. That and Sakura Quest are the only shows I’m currently interested in this season, since everything else I’ve tried so far has either very boring or just outright awful. I was kinda excited for Anonymous Noise 'cause I like music stuff, but that confusing mess of a first episode made me drop it immediately, it was so bad. I have a few more shows I want to sample when I have time, but so far this is looking like a pretty uneventful season for me.


Anonymous Noise is extremely shoujo in everything it does. So much so that it’s “normal” is too outlandish and silly for most people, myself included.

The shows I am currently paying the most attention to are Tsuji ga Kirei, Sagrada Reset, and Re:Creators. There are some other shows but I’m expecting the most out of those 3 and Starmyu.


The only anime i’d safely recommend from this season are Grimoire of Zero and Alice to Zouroku.
Eccentric Family 2, Tsuki ga Kirei, Kado, and Sakura Quest are also strong, but they’re harder to suggest, and Anonymous Noise + twin angel BREAK require an appreciation of total garbage bin anime


Lately I’ve really been into SHOUWA GENROKU RAKUGO SHINJUU and this video clearly explains why this anime is so freaking fantastic in voice acting, direction and rakugo/storytelling.


between Rakugo Shinjuu and Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou, Studio DEEN really outdid themselves last year, we can’t call them the gutter studio anymore when they’re legitimately making the best anime
Rakugo in particular is such a crazy idea it should never have worked, but they took the risk and it paid off


Don’t forget that DEEN also made KonoSuba which people seem to enjoy. But they also made First Love Monster and Super Lovers. Both shows are about forbidden romances, First Love Monster is between a high school girl and an elementary school boy and Super Lovers is between (adopted)brothers. So while they have been putting out some great stuff recently they are also still churning out trash.


Well, you know…


Wait, the anime about ancient japanese standup has waifus now?