The Anime Thread: It's not just for kids! It's deep! It's EMOTIONAL!!!


Ah, I see. Yeah, distance shots can be difficult even in the best of anime. And even in shows where they draw full scale characters and shrink them to fit the perspective, like Dragon Ball Super, end up creating these really weird and distracting background shots. There’s just no good way.

ACCA is still one of the better shows of the season, I think, starting with a very basic premise and slowly building up intrigue and mystery to create a very interesting political thriller, though one that might be hard to place stakes in for how long it takes to really start moving the plot forward once all of the major pieces are in play. It’s probably got the best opening song of the season as well.


Some more mecha talk: I finished all of VOTOMS a while back and it was great, loved how Chirico played along with Wiseman promising to make him a “disciple” up until the last moment where he shoots him and starts disabling the computer while it dies HAL-9000 style. Too bad the OVAs (aside from Mellowlink) seem to not be so hot. Finder in particular seems baffling.

Takahashi seemed to have bad luck after that with mecha series since the two he created afterward got canceled before they could get good (Layzner and Galient) and the compilation OVAs those got didn’t even do anything to help. Kinda sucks, it seems like Dougram and VOTOMS were his two hits and then somehow the next two just floundered.

Also been sampling Brave series entries, mostly Goldran, Might Gaine and J-Decker (the latter has full subs and the others…don’t, aside from HK ones for Might Gaine that are not very good) as well as, of course, GaoGaiGar, which is as fantastic as everyone says. Not planning on seeing FINAL though and I’m probably one of the few people sad that dub with Dean Venture’s VA as Gai never got finished (not to say his JP VA isn’t great, he totally is and I can imagine he blew out a mic or two with all that yelling)


I haven’t watched any anime in a long while, but I’ve recently finally started watching Monster. 2/3 eps in and it’s a preeeeeetty strong start. Though I’m sttill shocked at how long it is??? 74 episodes for a horror/thriller seems like so much???


Saint Young Men: anime jesus and buddha are best buds living in japan and have fun, it also doubles as a good christmas special if you want it to

observe, Jesus matching wits with a yakuza


I got reminded of the OVAs for Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku, from a discussion of anime that are explicitly political in nature or reference. Besides that one, I couldn’t actually come up with another example of a modern politically charged anime, and from what I’ve seen of Idol Jihen that one definitely doesn’t count. Hetalia’s also not really passing judgement or crossing the line of satire. Does anyone remember something that comes to mind?
also hi i talk to half of you in the thread already


Makato Shinkai’s Your Name (the highest grossing anime feature of all time in Japan) is coming to US theaters next month, and its official site lists where it’ll be playing.


Hey this is actually playing pretty close to me. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the heads up.


I’m very excited about theatre releases of anime movies coming back in the West, and I hope A Silent Voice and In This Corner of the World are announced sooner rather than later.


Be sure to also look at local film festivals because sometimes anime films that don’t get proper theatrical runs in the US will get play at those.

Also it seems like anime features (especially ones from the early 2000s) are getting midnight screenings across the country.

Oh, and Masaki Yuasa is directing a Devilman series for Netflix that comes out next year.


Saint Young Men is some incredible shit and probably one of my favorite series of all time.


I’m probably going to see Your Name when it rolls around, watching anime in a theater is always fun even if the movie sucks


Your Name had a bunch of screenings here in the UK last month, but I was too busy to go to any of them. I’m going to see A Silent Voice later tonight though and I’m excited for that because I’ve never seen anime in a theatre before! And also because the movie looks really good.


I can agree on this, last year I went to see Digimon Adventure Tri and the audience reactions to basically everything made it a fun experience.


I’ll always remember watching Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods, because the audience cheered harder for Krillin than Goku


Well yeah, when the titular god in the battle of the gods appears you’d expect big cheers.


I saw the long preview for Re:Creators, it seems a whole lot like Concrete Revolutio, still no idea what to think of it but it looks nice
I think talking about the new season in detail made me less excited for it in general actually
except for slam dunks like On a Lustful Night Mingling with a Priest… of course


The best anime movie theater experience was seeing the Love Live movie at an alamo drafthouse. Me and my friend ordered a pitcher of beer apiece, got the audience to chant “MOMS, MOMS, MOMS” at the end of the movie, ended up using a Nico shikishi as a beer coaster which got me death threats on twitter…and literally the theater next to us was screening “The Room”, so when we left the theater we had one room with Tommy Wiseau, Greg Sestero, and about 300 rabid love live fans

Best day of my life


“On a Lustful Night Mingling with a Priest…” is the only anime I am excited for next season. A few others stand out as being possibly good but none of them sound as good as Sexy Priest anime.


Just finished my rewatch of Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex. The second season’s main storyarc was really creepy. I mean, a nationalist movement plotting against war refugees by `framing them as a terrorist threat hit rather close to home. Still one of my favorite anime of all time, but damn…


Y’all are making me feel old here. I’ve been seeing anime in movie theaters since 1999! That fall the US release for both the first Pokemon movie and Princess Mononoke happened (saw the former once, and the latter three times on the big screen). In the next few years I saw Metropolis, Spirited Away, Millennium Actress, Cowboy Bebop, Tokyo Godfathers, Innocence, Steamboy, Howl’s Moving Castle, Paprika… And back then everything was still 35mm.

I’ve tapered off in the last few years on seeing NEW anime on the big screen, but I’m always up for seeing some of the older stuff, especially with an audience. It was especially fun to watch the confusion and disbelief on a friends face during a midnight screening of the old Vampire Hunter D OVA.

So glad there’s a trend now of theaters playing older anime movies as midnight screenings. There’s even a 35mm print of the old early AKIRA dub floating around that I’ve been trying to get to.